Small and big business ideas to get you started with your finite capital. For those of you who want to invest in large capital, swiftblogging also analyzes more ways to start a business on a larger scale.

Many business ideas will be followed by swiftblogging detailing how to prepare capital investments, labor costs, materials, and profit-revenue.

Real Ways To Make Money

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1. Tofu Business

Tofu is one of the indispensable foods in daily life, so the number of people using this food is very large, even people can stop eating pork and chicken to eat vegetarian with tofu. for months, the reason it’s cheap, it’s good for the body and easy to eat.

2. Selling Eyeglasses

India has about 95 million people, the majority of whom are concentrated in three large cities: Mumbai, Bihar, and Haryana, and in these three cities, the number of people with myopia is many times higher than in other areas.

Other rural areas – especially for students (about 40% of students have nearsightedness), and not to mention every year the proportion of people with myopia as well as the demand for fashion glasses is increasing. Therefore a huge market for eyeglasses in these cities is obvious.

3. Wedding Photography Services

Wedding photography is one of the very developed careers in India, the future of this profession is constantly developing.

Today’s wedding photos are not only taken for first-time couples, but there’s also always a second and third-year wedding couple (customers want to celebrate their wedding, or for any other reason).

However, the wedding season in India usually takes place in July to January of the lunar calendar of the following year, you need to take advantage of this time of year.

On-demand. Statistics in India today every ordinary photo album has an average price of 3 million, of course, many different prices are depending on the high and low demand of the rich or ordinary people.

Every couple usually needs 2-3 albums, so the amount you can collect is up to 6-9 million / time. These are simple mathematical operations to give you an initial picture of this service.

If you choose wedding photography service as a “chess”  of business ideas, you need to learn more about equipment, photo editing software, or a studio …

4. Rent Love Service

It sounds crazy and hard to imagine, but this type of service is one of the fastest ways to make money, bringing huge profits.

Understand simply those lonely people, the elderly need love, want to share their feelings, emotions, … You need to provide these emotional values ​​to customers (hire people or yourself to perform the service. ).

However, in this respect, you are not as usual. You need to have offices, phones, books, people, and compassionate service catalogs

Your job is to manage the people who will interact directly with customers. But make sure you have fully trained the skills and skills for your employees and employees before appointing them to perform the task.

5. Open Pharmacies

If you have purchased a prescription somewhere from 30-40 thousand, the fact that they are only imported with prices around 10 thousand, a large number of exorbitant profits. And this is the reason why the medical practitioners and doctors are so rich so quickly.

That’s not to mention for large orders, you can get a discount of 30% -40% of the value of that shipment. This is really a way to make money with huge profits thanks to the specificity related to health and human life.

Nowadays, the intellectual standard of the people increases, more and more people know and need medicine to prevent and treat diseases.

So if investing in this way, the future can expand even more branches. But this is one of the conditional business lines, you need a certain degree, degree, practice certificate to open a pharmacy.

6. Trading Baby Furniture

Each year, thousands of babies are born, the number of babies will continue to increase in the future, so the demand for baby items exceeds the degree. If you make good use of this population advantage in India, with the strategy of selling babies and toys, your baby will be successful.

7. Trading Fresh Milk

The smoothies, refreshing drinks, scrub milk, milk coffee, … all need to use fresh milk, that is not to mention the need to use milk directly of people.

You can slip into this market by selling fresh milk to milk tea shops or opening a store in a place that catches people’s attention. With this model, you need an estimated amount of 120 million.

8. Breakfast Food Business

At places, many people pass by, schools. Rent a small stall so guests can sit and eat. The dish will bring high profits: noodles, crab, fish noodles, … Sticky rice. Boiled duck eggs, meat soup, hot fish soup suitable for eating in the evening. Every morning is a dish that will help you to make a big profit without spending too much money.

9. Toy Business

The demand survey in big cities often buy toys for children, if each family is expected to have at least one child, the number is tens of thousands, millions of people. How many toys, souvenirs for children?

The need to buy baby picture frames, small pictures depicting children, frames for toys, small glass shoes, necklaces, and arms … All are very potential items.

To open this store, the budget is estimated to be 100 million. Places to do business: near hospitals, childcare facilities, or maternity check-ups.

10. Trading Men’s Underwear

Items such as transparent men’s underwear or men ‘s pants belong to the type of poison, which is becoming popular underwear for men.

In the past, people used to focus on women’s underwear, with items for men only belts, eyeglasses, casual clothes. If you make a difference in the men’s underwear business to become a brand, the profits are invaluable.

Always remember, when the fashion business needs to focus on the trend. Keep updated with new fashions to polish your brand and store. To trade in this item requires an average capital of 100 million.

11. Open Rice Shops

An idea to develop is not new, but they help you earn new money. There are many delicious restaurants in big cities the central region grows and grows from small rice shops.

The restaurant business needs to choose a location, available food ingredients at affordable prices. And always remember to make small until you are really strong enough to expand your range of stores. With this idea, it is estimated at 50 million or less.

12. Children’s Book Store

Somewhere there are ideas like buying books online, buying books online for everyone. But in fact, a traditional bookstore sold to the object of children is extremely profitable.

Business children’s books should choose a location near the elementary school, secondary school. The area of ​​the stall should be from 20-25 m². To do this, you need to work with major publishers or bookstores. Usually, publishers discount 4/6 or 5/5 of book value.

Recommendations business picture books for children. Young children do not like too many books, so the children’s stories of the country of the rising sun are very popular with children. Moreover, picture books are usually of high value, so the profits are also much higher.

13, Educational Equipment

The educational equipment, smart toys for children aged 6-15 today are especially focused on their ability to stimulate creativity, eagerness to learn, and learn. Items such as smart spreadsheets, smart toy cars, smart alphabets, etc. are used by many parents for their children.

Note before implementing this plan: Study the neighborhood where you want to set up a store, make sure it is a neighborhood with many children, near the secondary school. Otherwise, your strategy will fail.

Sales of smart educational products can be considered as one of the directions for the long-term future of development. If the socio-economic development, the more your small business will grow, the more parents and grandparents buy smart development equipment for children.

14. Food Store

This means that the market for agricultural products and agricultural products is chosen by consumers as the main food. Foods such as green vegetables, natural fruits, processed foods with natural green color such as green cake, nuggets, fruit smoothies, bananas, etc. are all close-colored foods. nature.

Choosing green food as the main business product is the right direction with a long-term future when the whole world is dealing with environmental issues, chemicals in meat-made foods, ready-to-eat food, etc.

However, to survive not just based on such “green products” factors such as strategy, type of goods, capital, and deployment plan are very important. Always remember that ” a good stallion will not be able to walk if the two flat cakes are out of breath”

15. Trading Hand-Woven Items

In this way, we assume you hand-knit bracelets with the cost of a person making 15,000/2 bracelets, except for other expenses and you sell the bracelet for 30,000/1 piece, you can still earn about 40,000- 50,000, so in a month the number of profits is too great. But to sell at that price, you need to be sure of the trend, the need to use accessories of women-girlfriends.

Although small, these items can bring a big benefit if you calculate carefully and go in the right direction. Tet products made from silk thread, parachute cord, rush, tape, wool, etc. are no longer new, but the market is too big for buyers and fewer resellers are true “pieces of cheese.” cool ”too bargain.

16. Fashion Shop

Clothing is not a new idea, but it is one of 65 ideas that can make you money fast. The problem is how to sell clothes successfully when there are too many fashion shops like mushrooms.

Instead of spending a lot of money on imports, all you need to do is become a wholesale dealer of clothes and fashion. Must do well in the stage of distribution to the market and retain the customer list.

Once there is good supply and output, the next thing to do is to capture the most responsive fashion models and fashions. Fashion is always like that if your brand-name faults will disappear and no one wants to ignore it.

17. Opening Traditional Medicine

If in urban areas people use the medicine the most, rural areas are fertile marketplaces for you to exploit traditional medicines and traditional medicines.

To open a traditional medicine store, you first need to have a business license, but to be licensed, you need to have certain conditions such as having a practicing certificate, having to ensure personnel and technology. …

If you choose this idea, be prepared with professional skills, or have an advocate to help you implement a business plan.

18. Opening A Tailor Shop

It seems that in modern society, people prefer things woven by hand or in the form of craft. So the idea of ​​opening a beautiful tailor shop, home wear, etc. would be a pretty creative start.

If you are skillful, this is a very suitable form, you can sew the office dresses, or follow your customers’ orders with different sizes, big and small, fat and thin.

The advice for you is to introduce your service to your friends and ask them to spread the word to you, there will be a lot of people like the items you sew, but it is up to you to retain those valuable guests. into the boss’s sewing skills.

19.  Civil-Business

People’s living standards are increasing day by day, the housing is more stringent and requires beautiful aesthetics, resulting in the need for unique home designs only in each person’s home space.

Especially designs in rural areas often differ from the style of townhouses, so it is necessary to design like you to create the perfect house.

To do this well, you must not only be a designer but also a person who has deep and profound risks about feng shui, housing trends, …

20. Motorcycle Repair Shop.

Estimated funding for opening a motorbike repair shop is about 120 million, which will be allocated to repairing tools and machines such as air compressors, shaft grinders, toolsets, inner tubes, etc.

India is one of the countries with great demand for motorbikes in the world, and in big urban cities, many auto repair shops have sprung up, so it is not easy to compete for customers. If you build this idea in the countryside, it is more reasonable and can save a large amount of space for rent.

Advice:  Lowering the price per repair will help you gain more loyal customers than getting high profits and losing customers.

21 Home Accessories

Home accessories such as electrical wires, locks mounted on the door of water pipes, showers, toilets, etc. have been considered as a separate business equivalent to the interior and exterior.

These housing accessories and auxiliary works are contributing a large part of GDP so it becomes a key business sector of the economy.

If you choose this idea, you will not need to worry about the future or long-term direction because the state has helped you with that problem.

You will have to manage in this plan in three directions, either to become an official dealer, or a retailer to get goods from genuine agents, or foreign imports.

If you do not have any business in the field, the second option to become a retailer is the best, over time when you reach a big enough sales you can completely register as a level 2 agent, level 1 of the total companies, and growing, even more, are importing self-trading products. You can skip steps 1, and 2 to go to step 3 if you have enough financial potential and market experience.

22. Open Secondhand Book Store.

No need for big capital, you only need 90-100 million to open the store already. Shop at your door will let customers read freely, and if customers like books you can buy. In terms of the usual layout, space will need 2-3 doors and do not forget to decorate the lighting system on the ceiling, while decorating the pattern looks more beautiful.

Also need to prepare 4-5 large bookshelves (if more is possible depending on the area of ​​the store), try to make full use of the empty space in the house. In this way of starting a business, the key is the business location, and the best place to generate revenue is around schools and educational institutions with a radius of 200-400m.

23. Countryside Appliances

Not everyone in the countryside has all the appliances for business and life if you are a person with conditions so why not try to invest and profit with this rural model.

There are three types of gadgets that can be rented in the countryside without the fear that your “neighbors” have a bad taste for money, and are also more effective for business:

  • Firstly, wedding dresses:  Caskets for engagement, wedding fonts, and canvas, tables and chairs, pots and pans, chopsticks and bowls, etc.
  • Second constructional equipment:  Reinforced form, trolley, large water tank
  • The third is small-sized farming machines: tillage, sowing machine, rice transplanting machine, etc.

To do one of these business projects, you will need a capital of 30 million- 100 million.

24. Department Stores

Another way of doing business in rural areas is to open a store with an area of ​​about 20-30m² and sell all kinds of dairy products, diapers, confectionery, school supplies, household appliances, … This is a form of business growth in rural areas today due to rising unemployment, business, trading is the best way for farmers to earn a living unless they are workers.

25. Car Maintenance Shop

Investing in an automobile maintenance workshop requires a large amount of capital, but when it is successfully invested, the profit gained is only limited to the grains of sand in the desert.

Also, you also need to pay attention to the purchase and use of car accessories, because in the automotive auxiliary market, there is no standard of these accessories so the field becomes chaotic and ambiguous.

26. Hair Salon

The first concern for the owner/business owner of a hair salon is a difficult one. In sequence, the business model will look like this: Go to school

The beauty industry is one of the most lucrative professions today, this fact is demonstrated by the fact that women can abstain from eating meat for a few meals and save money for beauty.

Especially in recent years, the beauty industry has flourished dramatically, which has changed the aesthetic thinking of Indian people. It is an attractive and highly profitable market, but it is also a risk that you may encounter due to fierce competition.

27. Earphones For Pregnant Women

As more and more fathers and mothers focus on the future of their children’s brain development, the more foods and brain-stimulating products become more prevalent. One of them is pregnancy earphones or fetal music player.

There are many models of headphones and music players used exclusively for pregnant mothers, popular are the type of hugging around the abdomen, or the type of ear-holding and ear-holding.

In the process of developing this mainstream product you can also sell other accessories such as music headphones for young people, micro-phones, phone covers, …

28. Rental Toys

Buying toys for children is a problem for parents, children are always eager to explore and discover new toys but have not played with them for more than a week, and this has opened a chance. nonprofit business association for us.

Rental of toys has grown well over the past 2-3 years and is now a lucrative business. In the big cities toy rental is very popular because consumers can afford to meet the “sunsets” of their children.

29. Gift Box Store

When living standards improved, income was richer than people thought of the spiritual values ​​, and giving gifts to each other embodied those prices, gift packaging suddenly became a bright spot in the business profession.

A beautiful gift package will honor the value of the giver, and the recipient will feel happy even if the gift inside is not very expensive.

The capital is expected to open a gift box business from 70-100 million, the money will be divided by the items such as the location (should choose the location next to the school, where the cultural activities often happen, theaters film screenings, etc.), labor costs, input materials, PR costs, advertising on various media.

30. Banana Trading

Bananas are the fruit that is replacing many vegetables on the market today because green vegetables are injected with chemicals to poison the user, so a ripe banana business can eat sweet or green bananas as well. are all very good ideas to help you make a profit.

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31. Portrait Shop

With a computer, a color printer, a scanner you can practice, of course, there will be many other small things missing but you can add them after you have several close customers, good acquaintance.

The area of ​​the store can be from 20-25m² and you also need to hire an additional shop manager who is quite risky in the field of photo printing.

32. Rent Big Balloon

Unlike balloons, you still see them flying high in the sky, with this type of balloon you can use them to make money, they are usually filled with gas and the gas contains inside (Hidro gas, …) Help the ball tied to the bottom to be suspended.

The type of balloon you rent is usually available in a variety of colors (blue, red, purple, yellow, or a combination of colors). They are often used at weddings, birthday parties, or hired by government agencies. Colorful balloons make the ceremony atmosphere more colorful and colorful.

Of course, you can rent a balloon, you should combine it with some other equipment such as sunny bamboo umbrellas (for outdoor parties), steam houses or steam gates, etc. To have these “sweet broth-like” contracts, you have to roll 1-2 years to build relationships.

33. Open Repair Shop

A shop that repairs clothing mistakes, or enlarges small pants into larger ones, fixes a hole, sews an extra pocket at the customer’s request. Just as simple as that, you already have income, right?

Also, you can use your small pieces of fabric to make a hat for children, or a bow and display at your store. If the customers are mothers of 1-2 girls, they will not spare a few pennies to buy the lovely things you have made there.

34. Open Barbecue Shop

Simple, easy, you can completely spice up the meat, prepare little embers so you can start a business. Rent a small shop with an area of ​​about 20-30m2 and invest some sets, tables, and chairs for customers to eat.

Grilled meat is a favorite dish of many people, especially young people. You should put your store in places where young people like school, in front of the cinema, …

35. Pregnancy Care

As society grows, people pay more attention to the future of children even though they have to take 5-6 months to come to life. So offering a fetus health advice is a pretty smart way to start a business.

The services that you can advise such as what to eat to help a smart fetus, how much the intensity of the mother is enough, what the mother needs to do to make both mother and child healthy …

36. Decoration Of Cars

Cars are gradually becoming the main vehicle of middle-class, upper-class families, and in the future cars will replace motorcycles, so developing a car installation and an interior decoration shop is an option. very potential.

Investing in an installation and decoration store doesn’t require much capital, initially, you may need only 5-10 customers, then we grow bigger over time. By time you can fully develop your installation and decoration facility into a big company.

37. Photographing

Whether you know it or not, there is a way to make money like that, this way you can hire a shop with an area of ​​20-40m² as a place to take photos and communicate with customers, and at this store, you can shop An automatic camera that can print photos instantly. Your main job will be to recommend shooting and shooting locations for parents’ children.

To increase the number of customers, you need to build a reputation through the quality of each picture and video of you, when you’ve taken the trust of the customers, these customers will be very enthusiastic to PR your store. others.

38. Online Business Office Food

This is one of the popular ways to make money at home, introduced from the West through fast food delivery methods, but online food is gradually gaining a very good market in big cities and other countries.

Our clients will be 8X, 9X year-old office girls, or pregnant women. Women in this age group have a high demand for online food due to exposure to many technologies such as Facebook, zalo, and other social networks.

So taking advantage of this opportunity will help you earn enough money. quite a bit before retiring to another career such as opening a restaurant, opening a professional rice delivery service.

39. Wedding And Marriage Service

The elites, the rich, the conditional are very fond of posting photos and wedding information on family magazines to save memories or satisfy spiritual needs. This is one of the new business models, so to do well, you will need quite a lot of information about the needs, relationships with the printing press companies (this, of course, you can set up and not difficult as thought).

Today the demand for posting PR photos and personal information, wedding weddings, etc. is increasing due to the increase in living standards and the increase in the intellectual level, so people tend to use high-frequency services. than. And so that way this small business will have the potential for long-term development in the future.

40. Organic Food

Products such as organic rice, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, fruits, organic tea, etc. are increasingly being used by users, especially in big cities. And in rural areas, if you deploy  this small way of small capital business, you will probably fail because of the following characteristics:

Organic food means clean food, which meets the standards set by the Food Safety Authority. In the current big cities, the amount of food and vegetables that come from different regions is unknown.

Origin, even toxic food imported from China is widely sold in markets, while consumers are afraid of “dying”, then organic food is the lifeline to help consumers peace of mind. use.

During this period, organic food becomes the king of all kinds of food and drink, so if you take advantage of it and implement it in the right direction, you will win a great deal in this plan.

To trade in organic food, you may need to contact and apply for a business license from the authorities, high-quality food-management agencies will confirm and label the product. safety before being sold to dealers, mini supermarkets, or sold directly at the market.

41. Trading Taverns And Cigarettes

Perhaps you have never heard of this effective way of doing business, but it is a very potential model in the future and you will be the biggest profit leader if you implement it from today. As a new business model, you will have to cultivate a lot of knowledge about methods of smoking cessation, alcohol withdrawal, …

The more society develops, the greater the need to use high-value services, and the opening of a drugstore, etc. is an idea that will bring those enhanced values ​​to users.

If understood properly, this service will be for people who want to quit smoking and alcohol but have no energy, when they come to the bar and want to use your service, those people will be more motivated because many people are working together.

42. Personal Finance Management

Before going into this problem I will tell you that, if you can not be a teacher, you can hire people. You get it, let’s continue this idea.

Finance and money are always important issues, so it is also the most difficult content of all other management issues of life. The money will not leave life, so this investment idea will last forever without fear of disappearance.

Currently, there are courses in financial management and business planning for individuals, but individual financial management courses are limited due to low demand, but it is an opportunity for you. Be the first. If you research your customers well, you can be sure that this idea will help you to make money.

43. Open Translator Company

Products provided to customers will be economic translations, foreign trade contracts, or short-term interpretation trips in another province or country. What you need to do is hire really qualified staff, but if you know a common foreign language, do it yourself for 1 year before starting the company.

44. Open Nutrition Insect Eateries

It may be a bad idea for women, but a nutritious insect has become a culinary delicacy on the tables nowadays, and insects have become a nutritious specialty for centuries.

The reason this investment is so popular is thanks to the nutrition and the great effects of beneficial insects such as sleep yawning, anti-aging skin, fat reduction, cancer prevention, etc. Insects are very natural food so users prefer it.

Some typical dishes from insects such as grasshoppers, stink bugs, scorpions, pupae, crickets, worm powder,… These insects are often seen in the countryside, but you can absolutely raise them in the countryside and transport them to the business town. It can be said that this is a  very effective and potential business plan in the future.

45. Invitation Cards, Birthday Cards, Wedding Cards

You can consult card templates online and create your own card design products. If you know a little art, then really good, that knowledge will help you have a masterpiece in each set of customer cards.

Although only an amateur, but at least this job will help you earn a small sum of money after office hours.

You will need a computer to edit card designs, a specialized photo design software (photoshop or other specialized software), and a small stall to receive customers, that’s it. Possible career.

46. Washing Clothes Manually

The development of machinery has formed washing machines using electricity and water. However, these devices consume a large amount of electricity, so taking advantage of the mechanical labor of humans to save electricity and save water will bring you higher profits.

This is a job that is quite suitable for female workers, and this is a job that is suitable for women farmers while saving electricity and water costs and hiring cheap and quality labor. High quality of finished products, what crime?

47. Sell Wool Products

Many people buy products made from wool, especially in the winter, so you can take advantage of this mentality of customers to provide products for them. The products you can make and sell such as Carpet made from blankets and other accessories, foot mats, wool gloves, even wool towels … There are many products you can make and sell.

Maybe your home will not have enough old sweater, wool fabric to make a new product, but it is completely possible to buy from friends, colleagues, or invest in buying new fabric if you find a positive business situation.

Trading in products made from wool is very popular, favored by many women because the characteristics and materials of wool are very soft, which can be considered as a long-term startup in the future.

48. Renting And Selling Flower Pots

In India, the number of people in need of using flowerpots is very high (wedding flower pots) at weddings, meetings, exhibitions, groundbreaking, etc.

This is due to the unique need to use a flower pot only once, and so the meeting host, the wedding will want to hire about 40-100 flower pots arranged in different shapes ( doves, corporate-corporation brand logos, etc.) or can be used to hang in the ceremony space.

To do a good job of this service, your advice is to sign a long-term contract with the event organizers who will be your customers and pay you, not the people who need to hire flower pots. final.

Event companies often have a lot of contracts with customers, and thus your flowerpot will be removed from the garden regularly, increasing sales more.

49. Trading Natural Clean Rice

Currently, India has about 90 million people, the demand for rice is absolutely high, the majority of the delicious, clean rice is concentrated and imported the people here have a high educational level, they beat the price of the rice is very safe, so the supply of naturally clean rice is indispensable and will not stop growing in the future.

50. Body Paint Business

In India at present, the service of painting on the body is usually for artists, performers, … Your job will be to use the colored dots and brushes on customers’ bodies to form the Shape right theme is required.

Body painting is a  new form of business because it has not been developed in daily life, but you can contact the performing arts companies to sign a contract.

Maybe you will be able to tour for a few days with these bands, or it could be a drawing in a half-day show, the amount earned per drawing can be from 300,000 -1,000,000 or higher depending on and your power and ability.

51. Hairstyling Service

Designing hairstyling and makeup face makeup regardless of age, gender, educational level, but this profession is popular with women.

Your job and task will be to turn bad hairstyles into beautiful, turn black hair into white gold, blue red purple yellow, … All will blend in one final masterpiece to express the theme of the guests. line.

52. Manicure Services

This service in India is now becoming a fever of beauty service developed like a storm. Manicure has become a profession of great value in the field of beauty and fashion.

This is a consequence of socio-cultural and information technology development, and you can be confident that if you pursue the beauty industry for nails, your nails will not starve to death but become richer.

Many beauty professionals in the entertainment industry have also quit their jobs to open their own nail salon business

Because they are aware of the trend and understand the profession of people who This has quickly become a big boss of beauty brands but not yet outstanding brands but has created them an amount greater than 1 million per day.

53. Modeling Clay Business

Products for children are always hot, the main reason is that parents do not regret the money when buying clothes for their children, while if they buy clothes for themselves, they are cautious because So the idea of ​​selling clay to children is worth the investment.

In India, in recent years, parents have tended to invest in smart toys, developing high creativity for very large children, clay is one of the toys capable of increasing the ability. Creative thinking for children, many people grasping the psychology have developed this model on the market today.

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54. Manufacturing Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are the most widely used in the country today, although there have been many campaigns from the government to recommend self-destruct bags, paper bags, …

But plastic bags are still considered as non-plastic products. indispensable in people’s daily lives. If you imagine that have a population of 7 million, 8 million, and at least one person uses a bag a day, this proves that the market is too big for you. invest.

When you are determined to implement this idea, you will have to invest in a plastic processing line, a manufacturing machine to hire workers, of course, before investing such a large project, you need to have a contract or investment cooperation to spread risks.

55. Wedding Decoration Supplies

If in the season you can sell items such as the bride and groom’s cockroaches, glitter … When it is not the wedding season, decorative paper products for parties are also essential and you can sell these appliances.

56. Chocolate Shop

In this business plan, do not tell you to sell chocolate products, in fact, your store will run chocolate entertainment. When customers come to the store, they can buy their own ingredients and make their own chocolate.

Chocolate is a favorite food, regardless of the age of teenagers or young people. Also, chocolate has high nutritional value and is safe for health.

This chocolate in the future has great potential for development. This is a unique and new idea, you will have to prepare quite a lot when implementing this idea.

57. Open A Smoothie Shop

Modern people increasingly focus on the quality of the food put into the body, and gradually tend to use more vegetables than meat, fish, eggs, etc. It’s simple and there’s no need to promote too much unless you want to expand online or use your online business from the beginning.

The problem of the location you only need a 12-16m² space, not too large because it will cost the initial investment, so choose places near secondary schools, high schools, universities, and colleges or choose.

Very luxurious and high-end places often have many people working and traveling (these people often visit stores to think and make personal plans).

In the layout and design of the store, you should choose bright colors such as banana green, pink, orange, the purpose of using light tones to suit the young soul of the customers. age “youth”. We should spend 1m² displaying fresh fruit to increase trust for customers.

58. Balloons Gift Shop

At first, it sounds nothing new, but the balloons we deal in here are not ordinary. In these special balloons, we will nurture items such as small flowers, a coin, paper jewelry, a beautiful hairpin, or toys for children.

The job is not too difficult, you just need to invest in an air blower and durable balloon shells (because if it is a low-quality product, the production of small items inside will easily explode)

When you have the equipment, choose a store location near the school or places where teenagers gather. The price of each of these balloons can be sold from 10,000 to 15,000 depending on the item inside.

59. Newsstand Business

If you’ve ever seen youngsters selling newspapers on the street, the idea of ​​doing business by opening a newspaper stall also comes from here.

What you need to do is link and order newspapers of 100-150 major newspapers with all different fields (Social, Economic, Life, Women, World, Technology, Culture, Education, health, …. and also need a local newspaper where you live).

The area of ​​a newsstand should only be rented from 20-40m2, remember to pay attention to decorate your store space properly and in style.

60. Eco-Friendly Product Business

Currently, environmental issues are very much concerned. Many movements and challenges are vital to encourage people to take more practical actions to contribute to environmental protection.

One of them is limiting the use of plastic bottles and plastic bags. From there we can explore the idea of ​​producing environmentally friendly products for business.

61. Clothing Dye Shop

Many people often keep the habit of reusing old clothes by having to repair or dye new colors to look newer. You can start with a clothing dye shop to meet this group of customers.

The investment cost is about 100 million poured back to you to buy the dyeing barrel, dye, and learn how to use it. Also, you can combine with the repair of clothes to earn extra income.

62. Open Spa For Pets

Today the trend of pet raising and care is on the rise. Many families choose to have a dog breed, or a cat breed, to make friends. They want their pets to be taken care of and enjoy the best services. Exploiting that need, you can start with a pet spa.

To open the Pet Spa, you should have veterinary knowledge and experience to be able to advise and provide the best service. The services you can provide such as grooming, bathing, manicure, massage… Each service you can earn from 300,000 – 1 million. This is one of the money-making services that you should consider.

63. Trading Bamboo Straws

Again an idea related to environmental protection that I want to introduce to you. Bamboo straws are becoming more and more popular. But the majority of domestically produced bamboo straws are exported abroad. It can be seen that Indian consumers are still not used to using bamboo straws.

An idea to open a shop selling bamboo straws to help Indian consumers become more familiar with this product. You can import goods from establishments producing bamboo straws and sell them. Take into account customer sentiment and the trend of following environmental protection activities so you can do business.

64. Provides Music Play Services

If you are a talented person, play good instruments, and have vocal talent, take advantage of it to start a simple business idea that is to provide music playing services at parties.

You can gather people with similar interests to play music to work. People can share their passion and make money from it. Post on groups and groups to let more people know or ask friends to recommend.

For every music session, you can earn from 3 million – 5 million. When you are more known, it will make you more money. Do not ignore this idea if you are looking for an idea to make money from your own talent!

65. Clean Cereal Grain Shops

Nuts and grains are often used daily. In addition to the increasing living standards of the people, they want to buy clean seeds and beans to use.

Currently, when the information on food foods is soaked, injecting toxic drugs makes their buying psychology increasingly stricter. Opening a store that sells clean cereal grains is an opportunity in the present time.

66. Open Branded Shoes Shops

There are many hobbyists and passionate about collecting shoes. And this trend has become more and more popular recently when many young people have this hobby. Buy branded shoes to collect and use but not everyone knows how to properly store and clean shoes.

If you own a pair of shoes cost several million to several tens of million surely you will not want it to be dirty at all, let alone damaged. Therefore, providing shoe cleaning services is an attractive idea that you should consider.

67. Selling Stuffed Animals

The next suggestion I want to share with you is a small business with a shop specializing in selling stuffed animals.

To make the most profit, you should sew and make stuffed animals and then combine wholesale and retail to earn the most income. Also, accepting custom orders from customers is a pretty interesting idea that you should consider.

68. Open Florist Stall

You can start a florist with a small amount of capital. Rent in the city center will be about 3 million / month. Daily flower importing cost is about 1 million – 2 million. Also, to preserve flowers well you need to invest in buying a cooler to store flowers, accessories for making flowers like baskets….

A small romantic will sell for 200,000, larger will cost from 500,000 -1 million. So if you have an average of 5 customers a day, your income is over one million. Today’s entry can still be maintained for trading tomorrow so you will definitely not lose.

69. Cloth Shop Business

You can open a fabric shop on a street in the center. Sources you should consult at major wholesale markets throughout the country to facilitate the import.

We should diversify different fabrics to meet customer needs. The investment cost for this fabric shop is about 100 million -150 million.

70. Relieve Stress Business

The next suggestion that you can refer to is the stress relief business. This business idea is quite popular in countries like Korea, China, and Japan. In India, there are very few models.

Stress relief room is a room that allows users to break everything, throw things … to help them reduce stress, anger, or fatigue in the body.

To implement this idea, you need to buy old and cheap items to put in the room. It could be old TVs, old furniture, crockery or glasses, old study lamps, … Any old thing that can be used to smash it, you should buy it.

For the room, you don’t need to decorate too much, but remember to install soundproofing systems so that outside people are not affected by the noise inside.

71. Open Restaurant

Chicken feet are the raw material for processing a lot of delicious and popular dishes. You can open a shop that specializes in selling chicken leg dishes such as chicken legs with lemongrass, grilled chicken legs, steamed chicken feet, spicy chicken legs, boneless chicken legs…

This idea can be combined with the business of adding alcoholic beverages such as beer to serve customers.

As for raw materials, you need to pay attention to learn and choose reputable suppliers and ensure clean, quality chicken feet for business.

Also, it is necessary to search for a chef who can process delicious chicken feet. The quality and taste of the dish are some of the very important factors to retain customers.

If you do not have much capital, you can think of opening a small sidewalk chicken shop first. After the business is stable, then scale up.

72. Open Pregnant Women Store

We can start with a store that sells items just for pregnant women. In essence, pregnant women need a lot of things but they are very inconvenient when they have to move to many places to be able to buy enough things. This is also a group of potential customers, we can focus on that.

In terms of goods sources, wholesale markets or border gates are one of the places you can refer to. We should diversify items to meet customer needs. For example, pregnant clothes, cosmetics for pregnant women, diapers, snacks, etc.

Although pregnant, but every woman’s mentality likes her always beautiful. Therefore, you should focus on finding beautiful models of pregnant clothes, or natural cosmetics that do not affect the health of the mother and baby.

73. Electronics Repair Service

If you are skilled at repairing electronics, you can offer this service to earn extra money. Many homes have damaged electronics but are afraid to take them to the store and then back. Instead, they need to find home repairers. This can be a washing machine, fridge, TV, or air conditioner repair.

This idea does not cost you too much money to invest, you only need to spend a few million capitals to buy enough equipment then start making money.

74. Clean Vegetable Store

The demand for clean food is now very high and frequent. Many customers don’t know the difference between clean food and medicine, so sometimes they buy with confidence.

You should open a clean vegetable shop, certified by the Department of food safety inspection, have documents proving the origin of the product … create trust and credibility with customers.

At first, you should only enter a limited number of vegetables to explore the needs and buying habits of customers in that locality. As the business got better, it just started to expand.

75. Selling Homemade Juices

The trend today is the preference for foods, drinks made from vegetables and fruits. Seizing this opportunity, you can open a small juice shop. Or simply online business. After finishing the juice, you will post pictures on Facebook to introduce to customers for ordering.

To ensure the quality, you should focus on selecting raw materials that are clean, fresh, and quality vegetables. With less than 1 million, you can implement this idea already.

76. Providing Cleaning Services

Or the idea of ​​providing cleaning services for homes and offices is also a good choice. You can take advantage of your home to make an office.

Invest in buying vacuum cleaners, cleaning tools. The most important task is to recruit personnel. If someone in your family is free, you can hire them to work together.

This is a job making a lot of money, but many people feel uncomfortable with this job so finding workers in this profession is quite difficult.

77. Open Yoga Room

Open Yoga studio, targeting young customers who like to beautify and maintain their physique. The investment cost for a well-equipped Yoga room is about 200 – 300 million.

Based on the type of customer you are targeting? Are office people or students, students? It will choose the business premises there.

Combine with online marketing to introduce your gym to customers. The first time, there should be promotions to attract students first.

78. Open Beauty Salon

Today, the need for eyebrow tattoo, lip tattoo for beauty is very popular. With this idea in mind, you need skilled training first.

If you do not have much capital, you can open a small tattoo salon. If you have a lot of money, you can open a Spa. Also, the size of the store depends on the group of customers you are targeting.

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79. ​​Open Stall To Sell Fruit

Run a small business with a small fruit stall on the market, or near the university. First, you need to find a stall. Then is designed ladder-shaped shelves to display fruit.

Regarding the source of goods, you can go to wholesale markets early in the morning to import goods. Also, you should combine with selling flowers such as chrysanthemums, gerberas, gladiolus …

80. Language Teaching Services

This is a business service for knowledge people, both teachers and learners must have the knowledge and the ability to think language to learn, but the business leader of this service may not need to know. Good language with a lot of English knowledge.

The reason this model is considered as a trendy business investment idea in the future is because of the necessity of English, French, Korean, Japanese … in work as well as life.

When foreign countries are rushing to invest in India to take advantage of cheap labor, we have inadequate technical skills and qualifications, especially foreign language trading and negotiation teams.

81. Design Mobile Applications

The future of the present is the use of mobile phones to replace PCs, not so that the revenue of major computer manufacturers in the world has changed markedly in recent years. Consumers really prefer mobile phones to computers.

But what’s inside the phone that people fascinate so much? It’s an app store like messaging, games, chat apps, music apps, entertainment apps, apps that connect people close together, Facebook apps, and especially work apps that make those the forgotten PC. But to have those applications, one has to have an app production team, and this is our job.

82. Beauty

Spa salons, skincare, body care from deep inside, the cosmetic showroom has flourished continuously in recent years. This signals that the beauty market in India is increasing, it will be the investment trend of many people in the future.

You will also make money from the beauty industry if you invest and start from the basic things like makeup services, makeup, small spa before investing more capital. Remember that when you do not know what to do, it is best to test it.

83. Singing And Entertainment Fields

Have you ever heard words like Bau Show, Ong Bau … on the radio, television? That is the phrase only those who trade, advertise many products/services, some people invest only in one area but they operate very broadly, business relationships with many people.

Typically in the field of entertainment, they are the recipients of projects, music shows, comedy shows, movie shows … and collect money from sponsors, companies, event organizations. They are also the organizers of live shows with audiences in all regions, the purpose of the ticket sales.

84. Clean Food Business

You know, in recent years the press has talked a lot about the problem of dirty food, chemical food, unhygienic food, soft drinks with flies, fake soft drinks … all the facts That’s been mentioned in the press, so consumers are very important about their daily food use.

Choosing a bunch of vegetables, buying 5 ounces of pork, beef, a few kgs of seafood is also a difficult problem. Because people do not know what is real, what is fake, people are afraid and wary.