Real Estate Market 2020 – Which Segment Will Take The Throne?

Falling in late 2019 and early 2020, the real estate market is gradually becoming more vibrant. Many investors have begun to shift to real estate investments to bring high profits. What makes the real estate market in silence suddenly get the attention of many investors and experts so much? What will be the trend of real estate in 2020? Which real estate market segment will rise and thrive?

Real estate market 2020

Real Estate Trend in 2020

With the positive changes of the real estate market in late 2019, has been a good stepping stone for the development of real estate in 2020.

Which Real Estate Market Segment Will Be Crowned in 2020?

We only mentioned in general about the real estate market in 2020 there were many positive changes but not specifically mentioned each real estate market segment.

There are many real estate market segments such as land plot segment, industrial land segment, luxury resort real estate segment, housing segment, apartment segment, and most recently the real estate segment. cemetery. In 2020, which segment will take the throne and attract the most investors?

With participation in TPP, attracting many foreign investors to jump into Bangladesh to pour capital and develop new projects, promises to boost consumption of industrial land real estate segment. Besides, to stabilize business operations, the demand for these foreign investors is indispensable.

Therefore, it follows the apartment and housing segment to provide this customer. TPP, which helps many investors have the opportunity to build and expand industrial parks, attract more workers from rural and remote provinces to work.

Since then, increasing housing demand has helped the residential real estate segment become active again.

One of the new real estate segments that are cemetery real estate is attracting many investors who are interested in the super-profitable profits it brings. Currently, there are only a few investors nationwide who dare to invest in cemetery real estate investment and development.

Many investors are still afraid of developing wealth from serving the deceased. The reality shows that the demand for cemetery real estate is huge. Every year thousands of people die, while the land cannot be hatched, many cemeteries are being relocated and planned.

It makes many families bewildered. Therefore, quickly grasping the needs and customer satisfaction is how investors participate in the enrichment cemetery real estate segment.

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