One special month in India is the month of Ramadan, how not in that month everyone is hunting for the reward with fasting.

But in the fasting month, many people reduce not even eating and drinking.

Have you ever imagined how those traders would get income if at these times? Although spending is not as much as when not fasting.

In this blessed month, it is impossible for people not to get a financial blessing. If opening your own food stall is indeed quiet, of course, you shouldn’t be out of your mind to think about other businesses.

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You can also find ways to overcome the quiet stalls to continue the life of your stall. In this article, we will discuss business opportunities that we can run in the month of Ramadan. But there are still other business opportunities. Come follow!

1. Selling Muslim Clothing

Well, selling Muslim clothing can be a very good business opportunity in the month of Ramadan. How not, after fasting, surely everyone faces Eid not?

Not infrequently Lebaran people on clothes hunting to come to the homes of relatives and neighbors. Muslim fashion became an idol when Eid.

In this blessed holy month, there will be many people who want to buy new clothes to celebrate it all.

Also, the holy month itself is very close to worship right? Well, because that is also one of the reasons why Muslim clothing is of great interest here and there.

If you have a fashion hobby maybe this is a business opportunity that can make you happy. You can find lots of information about celebrities and also fashion clothes that are currently trending topics.

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2. Making Eid Cakes

Next is a very famous cake, Eid. The cake is always at the place of people who celebrate Eid to entertain a guest.

Eid itself is very closely related to hospitality, and therefore, it is not beautiful when we visit and do not bring anything right?

Or don’t we offer something to our guest, our brother? Well, preparation for Lebaran itself is not possible to do, of course on this special month and day everyone prepares it in advance to avoid expensive prices and also many others.

We can make this as a business opportunity, we can prepare and sell cookies and also many other Eid cakes like Nastar, and many others.

Shopping for cookies is also going to rise very high every year when Eid arrives. You can also make cookies with funny and interesting shapes.

3. Selling Eid parcels

The third business opportunity that we can make our money bags when the day of Eid arrives is the Lebaran parcel.

We certainly often see family and business friends and others giving each other beautiful parcels, unique to be used as gifts when Eid arrives.

For those of you who are good at decorating and also like stacking, you can use this opportunity as a business opportunity!

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You can also offer your homemade parcels for sale in stores such as convenience stores, which can also be minimart for sale.

You can also promote these parcels through social media because there are already many online business opportunities!

Of course, you can make it order. Capital is also by the parcel that you made is not, of course, ii is one business that is very profitable for you. You can try it!

4. Opening Catering for Sehar and also Breaking Fasting

The fourth business opportunity you can do is selling catering. Many people who are busy when breaking their fast don’t even have time to cook for breaking fast and dawn.

Not only that, it is not uncommon for people to be lazy to eat in restaurants and also outside because surely every restaurant and store is crowded from a lot of people who run iftar.

Yes, even though Sahur is lazy to go out because he is still sleepy. Use the opportunity as a business opportunity. Of course, if you are a mother, you can cook, right?

Especially if you are in a company and others, you can offer your boss to break the fast together by using catering from you.

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The catering business has very big opportunities. You also do not need to spend a large capital, maybe only need capital to buy these ingredients.

Not only that, cook it well so that you can receive lots of customers, of course, extra quality products and services.

5. Fresh drinks when breaking the fast

When fasting comes, of course, everyone needs to eat and drink, but they hold it. Well, what happens when you are very thirsty?

Yes! Certain! Something fresh to eliminate your thirst. You certainly look forward to this moment after fasting all day.

Drinks are the most important things. You can make this a business opportunity! You can sell fresh drinks when the day starts in the afternoon.

In strategic places, of course. Selling this drink will demand a lot, moreover, it requires a capital that is not too big too.

You can sell Mixed Ice, Cincau, can also sell dawt Ice, coconut, and even selling fruit syrup is enough. You only need a little capital for it. Try it out!

6. Selling Takjil

When we break our fast we will surely see people distributing food, right? Yes! Takuji. You can open a business selling takjil to people.

You can also sell fresh drinks when you sell takjil. Of course, you need to prepare your place to sell and also promotion to your friends. It can vary the way the customer, you can group 2 to 3 people with friends to share takjil.

7. Fireworks

In addition to takjil, selling fireworks is also a viable alternative. Lighting fireworks has become a community tradition in celebrations, and the month of Ramadan is one of them.

In fact, you could say, during the fasting month almost every day people play fireworks, especially children.

Beware of being fooled by the small shop, yes. You need to know that the profits of fireworks sellers in the month of Ramadan can reach double the wholesale price.

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8. Car Rental for Mudik

Homecoming using public transportation such as buses, trains, and planes usually need to fight over tickets that are not cheap.

Not to mention if you have to bring children along with a lot of luggage. Certainly troublesome, isn’t it? Based on these considerations, car hire is usually the choice.

Did you know, the price of rental cars before Lebaran can increase up to two times compared to normal days?

For small cars like Xenia, for example, the rental price on a normal day is Rp. 300 thousand but before Lebaran the rental price can reach at least Rp. 500 thousand per day.

Well, that’s 8 business opportunities in Ramadan that can increase your income ahead of Eid. Are you interested in trying one of them?