Job interviews are the most important part of the job selection process. A good CV, usually a prerequisite for someone to be invited to an interview, besides that a letter of motivation is also a compliment.

At present, it is not easy to get job interview invitations in a company because there are already so many applicants who meet the company’s standard qualifications in the job market.

Therefore, it doesn’t feel strange if you are worried.

Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Most of the applicants find it difficult to show the best things they have and give a positive impression because, over time, the situation is getting more pressing due to increasingly intense competition.

Also, you must remember, that the interview invitation will determine your destiny going forward because even a small thing will greatly affect you.

It is unfortunate if you have reached this stage, but you cannot use it. Moreover, these companies are large companies or your dream company.

You certainly have positive expectations. Considering the recent times the competition is getting tougher, coupled with MEA policy, where you have to compete with applicants who come not only from within the country.

Therefore, we will discuss ways you can pass a job interview, so you can prepare in advance, which is as follows.

1. Information About The Company

You should look for as much information about the company that allows you to interview before the interview test.

This is an anticipatory step if there are questions concerning the company and give the impression to HRD that you are professional and serious to work in the company.

Information that needs to be known such as, background, profile, objectives, and the latest information for example regarding the development of the company. for large-scale companies, information can be obtained on the company’s website.

You must do this because no company will want to accept prospective employees who do not even know what kind of company they work for.

2. Job Knowledge

The good field of work you are applying for by your academic background and experience. Besides, also prepare knowledge that is closely related to the type of work you take.

Thus strengthening your personal branding in mastering the field. Experience is also an added value for you to convince the interviewer as the saying “The best teacher is experiencing”.

3. Knowing Interviewer

It is better if you know the name of your interviewer and some information such as the role or position of the person in the company.

Because it can help you in broadening the topic of discussion and provide chemistry for the interviewer that you have high enthusiasm for the company.

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4. Practicing Answers To Questions

It is important to prepare answers that will be asked by the interviewer during the interview session later.

If you have prepared, it is quite helpful so that when asked later you will not be surprised or confused because during the interview the atmosphere will be different, both depressed and nervous.

It is unfortunate if the general question cannot be answered because the competency is still general.

The interviewer can assume if the applicant is unable to answer general questions, let alone answer even deeper questions? This can give the interviewer doubts about you.

Therefore, it is important to know before practicing the interview.

As for general questions that may be included or frequently asked in job interviews are like this:

  • What do you know about this company?
  • Why are you suitable to work in this company?
  • What makes you feel worthy of joining this company?
  • What changes will you bring to the company?

5. Prepare Questions

Sometimes some speakers really provide an opportunity for you to ask a few questions about the company where you will work.

So this interview activity is not always the applicant by the interviewer, but applicants can also ask questions.

This session is quite important for those of you who will work at the company because it will help you to find out more about the company.

Questions can include:

  • Why do you enjoy working here?
  • Who is my closest colleague?
  • How do the company’s activities increase the company’s competitiveness?
  • How to build a career in this company?

6. Re-examine All Important Documents

Carrying important documents needs to be prepared regardless of whether they are used during an interview or not. Important documents include resumes, CVs, portfolios, cover letters, examples of work, and so on.

Make sure that the document has no typos or grammatical errors and it is also necessary to re-read the document that you brought with you, the interviewer might ask, so you can answer the question.

7. Appearance

Before the interview you are advised to wear formal clothes, inconspicuous, and clean. The appearance will be the main point when facing an interviewer because it shows your seriousness about your professionalism.

When you face the interviewer the first thing he notices is appearance, which is why this is an important point. In choosing clothes you can use a black coat or a shirt with non-jeans subordinates.

So it is not recommended for those of you who will be interviewed not to use these colors because this interview is your first meeting with the person who will later work with you.

So, it is important to give the best first impression when meeting in a job interview later.

8. Breakfast

Before the interview, you are advised to eat breakfast first because it will affect your performance at the interview. The physical condition will be weak if you have not had breakfast.

Also, you cannot concentrate because your stomach is not filled and contracting so your brain will focus on giving hunger signals to your body members.

For example, a sound in the stomach. This can reduce your confidence in front of the interviewer which will certainly greatly disturb your interview activities.

9. Maintain A Good Image on Social Media

The CV that you attach must, of course, contain your contact information in the form of a telephone number, email, or social media account.

Currently, some companies are trying to recruit workers by considering several things through social media accounts because social media accounts show the person’s personality and activities every day.

At present, as many as 91% of HRD managers use social media to screen their candidates and 69% of managers do not recruit some applicants because they post bad things on their social media accounts.

Like indecent photos, negative comments and posts and others. According to Lindsey Pollak, a spokesman for LinkedIn, it helps you erase these negative things.

10. Come on Time

The results of the Psychological Science research suggest that job seekers arrive early on interview day. This happens because people who arrive early have the opportunity to get the job they want.

So, you need to review your trip from where you live to the location of the company where you are interviewing.

Thus, you can estimate the length of the trip and the anticipated form of traffic jams and get lost

You come a maximum of 10-15 minutes before the interview begins. But there is a case where arriving too early is also not good.

Because there is indeed an HRD instructing to arrive at the appointed time because there is a possibility that if it comes outside the promised time it will disrupt other agendas.

If you arrive early, you can stop by the café on the office floor until your time for an interview.

11. Avoid Cigarettes

Now a study says that 90% of companies will employ nonsmokers, even though they have the same qualifications in their fields.

This relates to the effectiveness of these workers later and the company’s budget to deal with workers who smoke. Let alone drinking alcohol, smoking is prohibited.

Also, if you smoke before the interview. So, at the time of the interview, you can be sure the aroma of your cigarette is still attached to your clothes. Of course, this can interfere with your interviewer and affect your assessment later.

12. Turn off  Cellphone

Turn off the cell phone or do not use the silent mode you need to apply when going to do an interview . If not, this will disrupt your interview and will certainly make the interviewer uncomfortable.

You can be judged unprofessional because of this. This interview will only take a short time, not for hours let alone all day. So, sacrifice it for a while for your future.

13. Knock The Door

Before entering the room, it helps you knock on the door first. this is an ethic that must be considered because it is not polite if you enter the interviewer’s room without knocking.

It could be that the interviewer is preparing to interview the applicant as if preparing the file for the interview later.

Similarly, at home, if you want to enter the room of your parents or siblings.

You have to knock first, that’s all you do for people you already know. Especially the interviewer who met you for the first time in the interview.

14. A Firm Handshake

Research results from the University of Iowa in 2008 showed that a handshake can give a company a glimpse of the personality of prospective employees.

Maybe preparations such as dressing and interview answers have been prepared beforehand. however, a handshake is something that comes out spontaneously from someone.

“Women who shake hands firmly will be easier to remember. A good handshake will make a big impact on the results of interviews for female candidates compared to male candidates.

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15. Sit Politely

Sitting position is also ethics in the interview . Sit in an upright position but don’t be too tense, sit in a position that makes you comfortable but still polite.

Don’t sit in the interviewer’s style. For example, the interviewer sits relaxed. It’s better not to follow, maybe the interviewer wants to test you.

16. Be Yourself!

At the time of the interview, you might feel nervous. It is only natural that you feel, considering this interview is a process of determining whether you work at the company or not.

However, be yourself because it will make you comfortable and make the interviewer more confident in you. The interviewer must have experience dealing with a variety of characters from the applicant.

Of course, they know more about which applicants are made up and what they are. So, the important point is that being yourself is much better.

Usually, the interviewer prefers applicants who are just the way they are because it makes it easier for the interviewer to adjust you to your line of work and give you confidence if you are accepted to work at the company.

17. Listen And Pay Attention

Focusing on the interview activity is the main key for you. Listen and pay attention to what the interviewer says.

The act of asking the interviewer to repeat the question will be an assessment of you. At important times like interviews, don’t think about anything else or daydream.

Focus on the interview because if you don’t focus on what you have prepared beforehand will be messy.

18. Think before you speak

Talking too much too fast is also a common mistake. If there is the silence between you and the interviewer, you don’t have to fill it with a conversation so it doesn’t look awkward.

Moreover, filling it with topics that have nothing to do with interviews or company activities.

19. Show Your Confidence

Confidence is the main requirement for you to be accepted as an employee in a company.

You must pay attention to this capital because confidence is directly related to communication activities within the company or outside the company. Confidence can also improve the company’s image if the employee is dealing with outsiders.

Also, confidence is closely related to motivation at work. If someone confident he will be able to complete tasks on time, work under pressure, get new challenges, and solve problems that exist in the company.

In contrast to people who are not confident, people who have these qualities will always be pessimistic in dealing with various things. So, it will hamper the development of the company.

20. Answer According To The Question Given

When the interviewer asks a few questions. Please answer according to the question. Do not be made at length or long-winded because this will give a bad impression for the interviewer.

If the question only needs an answer “Yes” or “No”, then choose one of them. If there are further questions that are related to this question, then you explain it.

21. Pay Attention To Eye Contact

Eye contact needs to consider when being interviewed because if you make eye contact with the interviewer, showing that you are a serious person to join their company. Also, eye contact is a form of attention to respect your interviewer.

22. Tell The Past With Positive Things

For those of you who have previously worked in other companies before applying for the company that you are applying for now.

Usually, the interviewer will ask the reason why you left the company. You need to provide positive answers to these questions.

For example “I moved from the company where I used to work because I see employment opportunities at your company better.” This can be an opportunity for you to be accepted at the company.

23. Motivation To Find Work

almost all interview tests will ask what motivates you to work in that place or company.

The important point is to answer these questions in moderation and also match the expectations and desires of the company.

You can also answer by saying that you are in line with the company’s vision and mission.

24. Answer Honestly

During the interview, answer all the questions asked by the interviewer honestly. Not just want to get a job at the company, but it also is a responsibility.

Avoid answers like “My weakness is that I’m a perfectionist” or “This company needs people like me to continue to exist”. The answer gives a bad impression and shows a high-priced attitude, even though you need a job at the company.

25. Willing To Do Anything

If you are asked about your willingness to work overtime, just answer willingly. Are you willing to replace a sick friend, just answer willingly?

As long as you can handle the work, answer it willingly. However, if not, answer with good reason. Through this, you will see how much your dedication to the company.

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26. Selling Skills In Interviews.

When interviewing, don’t hesitate to promote your ability to do something. You can also tell about achievements related to your ability to add to your good image in front of the interviewer.

Sometimes the interviewer does not directly ask this, then you have to take the initiative to do it.

27. When It Comes To Salary, Answer It Normatively

Salary is also an important matter that will be questioned by the interviewer. Answer calmly and show your professionalism.

Adjust to the existing reality. Don’t demand a high enough salary if you don’t have a lot of experience, achievements, and professionalism that hasn’t been tested.

If the amount of salary offered is not by the company where you worked before, you can answer “Maybe it could be higher than the Mr / Mrs mentioned, because before I had worked in the same field and had experience with the proposed field”.

28. End of Interview

When the interview is finished, don’t forget to do the following:

Thank the interviewer for the opportunity that has been given

Ask when you will get the results in anticipation if you are planning a vacation or other trip

When the interview is finished, the interviewer will call you back. Make sure they already have your contact.

Well, those are some Ways to Pass the Job Interview to be accepted at your dream company and get your dream salary.