In real business opportunities, it turns out that just a great idea is no guarantee to become a successful entrepreneur. But hard work and perseverance can determine the fate of entrepreneurs be successful.

Until now, there have been various types of businesses that can be developed. But that does not mean all types of business opportunities can last a long time because it all depends on how to manage it.

Not a few businesses or businesses are out of business in the middle of the road due to erosion of the times. Especially if the business concept that is built is weak and unable to survive in high competition .

If the business is well managed, lived consistently and has an interesting concept, it will be a promising business in the future.

Promising Business Opportunities

Are you a prospective businessman who is looking for a business idea? If yes, of course, you hope to find a business that not only promises profits for the present but also the future.

Well, this time we will discuss 22 business opportunities that promise long-term. Anything? Let’s look together!

1. Online Business

If you are a beginner businessman who is looking for a long-term business idea, then a profitable online business is certainly a sought-after and a viable alternative for you to try.

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With the development of internet technology, you can choose a good business idea with minimal capital and even an online business without capital even by becoming a drop shipper without capital.

2. Franchise

Next, there is the alias franchise business. There are many types of franchises that you can choose according to your interests and the amount of capital you have.

3. Web Designer

Web designers are also one alternative that is worth considering. As the name implies, you are tasked with designing a website for various purposes, both by companies and individuals.

If you have talent and expertise in the IT field, then you can try this business.

4. Graphic Design

In addition to web designers, graphic design services are also quite loved by novice business people, especially young people.

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Graphic design services are needed by many people, ranging from t-shirt designs to book covers, company profile companies, and many more.

The vast market share for this service makes it worthy of your consideration, especially if you have expertise in the field of graphic design.

5. Digital Marketer

In the era of technological development like now, door-to-door marketing is one of the outdated strategies and needs to be upgraded to the digital realm.

To become a digital marketer, you only need to create at least five websites and fill it with content so that it is crowded. Then you just offer advertising services through GoogleAds. Easy, right?

6. Groceries

This business is everywhere. But who would have thought that this business has business opportunities that have long-term prospects?

In fact, this business is referred to as one of the businesses that are never empty of visitors because basic food is the main needs of people from various walks of life.

7. Electronic Stores

Such rapid technological developments with the presence of new features that facilitate human work automatically increase demand for electronic goods, especially smartphones.

This business is predicted to last in the long run as technological developments will continue.

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8. Property Business

The property business includes the leasing and buying and selling of land, houses, and buildings, which are assets whose prices have never declined.

Property business benefits are large. Only by becoming a broker, you are entitled to get a commission of at least 2% of the selling price of the property assets that you sell. Want to try?

9. Travel

High-stress levels make business travel enthusiastic enthusiasts. Ranging from local trips to foreign countries, more people entrust holiday plans to travel agents.

Although this business requires a lot of relationships and capital that is not small, this business is predicted to last long term. Moreover, if your travel agent often gets positive comments from customers.

10. Tutoring

If you like teaching and have enough understanding of academics, then you can try to establish tutoring.

The capital you need is not much, but the profit you get per day can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of rupees.

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11. Culinary

Do you have a hobby of cooking or have a passion in the culinary field? If yes, why don’t you try culinary business?

This business promises long-term profits, not even the culinary business that stays up and down.

Are you interested? You can start looking for references to some of the best-selling culinary businesses and try a variety of food recipes.

12. Motorcycle Repair Shop

Motorcycles are the most common mode of transportation and are commonly used by the public.

For this reason, a motorcycle repair shop is a business that is needed to maintain every component in the motor so that it can be used for a long time.

The vast market share makes the motorbike business opportunity look promising, especially in the long run.

13. Building Materials

Development is one aspect of human needs. To do this, we certainly need some material that is not sold in any shop but only in a building material store.

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This business is relatively rarely desirable, but precisely because of this reason, building material shop owners can quickly return on investment and get abundant profits.

14. Florist

The use of flowers as an official greeting symbol for building opening, starting a new business, congratulations, and condolences.

Makes the flower shop have the potential to generate profits and be able to survive in the long run. Are you interested in trying?

15. Printing Services

Printing services are needed, especially by students and employees.

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The advantage of this business is actually quite large, but the capital needed is not small, depending on what type of printing business to your liking.

Whether printing services for documents or print banners.

16. Dropship Business

In the digital age, everyone easily sells and buys goods on the marketplace and is integrated into one platform.

The way to run a dropshipping business is to only download the items that will be sold in the marketplace and if people are interested in the items, the next step is to look for suppliers who can provide the goods.

17. Fashion  and Accessories Business

The fashion business has been around for a long time, but this business is always up-to-date and keeps up with the times.

By always following developments, then your fashion products and accessories will always be sought after and sought after by customers.

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Also, this business is not just about fashion that follows the latest lifestyle trends.

But it can also be an occupational clothing business such as the pilgrimage and umrah, business school uniforms, to the wedding dress business, headscarves, and others.

18. Beauty Business

For most people, especially women, beauty is a necessity.

Beauty today is not only needed for ceremonial purposes but in certain events, beauty is also needed such as meetings, seminars, exhibitions and also special meetings.

This is a business opportunity for actors who can make themselves beautiful ( make-up)  in the future.

19. Collectible Business

The term best job is the job you like seems right to describe this business.

If you like to collect items such as bags, shoes, toys or vintage items, this can be your investment to open a business in the future.

Typically, collectibles, especially if they are scarce and are no longer published, have a very high sale value.

To sell collectible items, what needs to be done is to interact with similar communities and also establish market segments that are appropriate for the items to be sold.

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20. Multimedia Equipment Rental Business

The trend of being a Blogger, YouTuber, celebrity, etc. makes ordinary people more familiar with the world of photography and video.

So that the demand for multimedia equipment will always be in the future in line with the large digital entertainment business market.

You can rent various kinds of cameras along with their equipment. How to market this business is to hook the community and the creators, and provide education about multimedia equipment.

21. Website Creation Business

At present, many small and medium scale businesses certainly need consumers’ access to products sold, one of which is through the website.

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The website is also not only built but needs maintenance ( maintenance ). Large companies also currently need parties who can maintain their websites.

This is a business opportunity for those of you who can create or maintain a  website.

22. Laundry Business

Nowadays, it is hard for people to have time to take care of household matters, one of which is washing clothes.

The development of the industry, the time spent on other things is less so that the opportunity to open a household maintenance services business one of which laundry is the right choice.