This is a question that has 300 queries per month on Google. You can find answers through the top 10 articles, this article also tries to help you get a list of business ideas you can start with.

In addition to consulting ideas through the article, you can refer to some acquaintances who are successful in business or out and observe which markets are attractive that you can join, it is important to find 1 field that suits me and I really love it.

Most Profitable Business Ideas

1. Rent Real Estate

With this business idea, you can:

  • Rent a building or a large office floor and lease it to the office.
  • Rent a large ground and divide it into a kiot and rent it out.
  • Rent small land for the parking lot, soccer field, tennis court. . .
  • Rent a number of real estate positions, then sublease place billboards.
  • Rent and sublease to stay.

2. Open An Internet Shop

The internet store is not a new business idea, but it is still a business that can help you profit from the investment.

In the beginning, you need to determine if there is a high enough demand for the internet in the area you are planning to open a shop, if you rent premises, you should rent in crowded areas, next to high schools or universities.

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Always keep the store clean, maybe, should be sold with water, cakes, fruit or snacks to both serve customers and increase income.

3. Open A Photoshop

Should choose a location near the school, university, because the demand for the photo, printing in these locations will be very high, especially the graduation exam season, project protection. We should choose a location easy to find and an area of ​​about 10-15m2 is able to open a business shop.

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To save money, you can buy used machines with cheaper prices, but the quality is still guaranteed. Combining with selling some stationery items to increase income for the store such as used books, stationery items.

4. Open A Fashion Store

It is possible to open a children’s clothing shop, an office fashion business, or whatever product you feel the potential market needs.

The important thing is that you need to find a target market and then choose a product, you really need to understand the tastes and fashion trends of the target customers you are targeting.

Most important is still the product quality. Customers will buy and trust the shop

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Constantly do not forget the advertising strategies, promotions, incentives for loyal customers to attract them to visit the next time.

promote online sales to increase sales and brand awareness for your shop

5. Open A Coffee Shop/Restaurant

Bar and cafe business in Vietnam is a popular business investment option because the risk of failure is relatively low, so if you have a sufficient amount of capital and do not want to invest in risky areas. out, this is the option you should consider ahead.

  • Must have the experience, need to calculate in business and good management ability.
  • Determine the location of the restaurant where it is reasonable, how to drink and food menu
  • The price is competitive to ensure the profit and the stable number of customers.

6. Open A Bookstore/Story Shop

With this type, to ensure revenue and profit, should open near the school, can sell all kinds of textbooks, accompanied by school supplies, such as school bags, paper, notebooks, pens …

The cost of renting an area of ​​30-50 m2 is 5-10 million.

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The biggest cost and headache is the capital to import books. This cost depends on the type of book and the number of books you import. Books should be imported from large publishers and distributors to negotiate the best discount when importing books. Looking to buy old stories to save costs compared to buying new prices, so decorate so airy, neat and clean.

Clearly classify the types of books that you will sell such as textbooks, children’s books, monographs or comics, …

7. Take Care of And Talk To Kids By The Hour

Many families with lots of money are willing to hire qualified people just to talk to help their children have a more striving and resilient spirit in life, such psychological conversation people are the ones who inspire, make children happy, more excited.

8. Gift Wrapping Service

The demand for spiritual life is enhanced, and people do not have too much time to do chores, especially when they are at work but have to find gifts, buy gift boxes and send them to friends and relatives.

The most important thing is not knowing the package but we must know where to find customers because the service is not yet developed, so the communication and advertising on the internet are very important.

9. Nail Salon

Initially, you can take the profit, after creating a reputation and a stable source of customers, aggressively hire more staff to train and work for you.

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Women have a very high demand for this service, there are places on weekdays where the shopkeeper has to work until midnight.

10. The Restaurant is Green

Green is the color of nature, purity, and purity, a restaurant with green color is the main color when customers see the green color inside the restaurant will feel safe.

11. Fresh Flower Business

This is a business field that is quite popular recently with the success of many fresh flower chain stores, if you hope such success can come to you, this is an area you can try.

12. Sell Breakfast

Along the streets of Saigon, you can always find a place that sells breakfast with dishes that are relatively consistent with our breakfast habits, pho, noodles, sticky rice, wet cakes, cakes Roll, or Kebab, is a popular menu.

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If you have the right capital, you can start this business and still have time to invest in other activities such as studying, doing part-time jobs and preparing for the next business day.

In fact, you don’t need 200 million to start this business.

13. Trading In Smart Toys

It is predicted that in the coming years, the smart toys that help train children’s minds will have a tremendous growth rate.

Trading in toys with creative features, the main objects are children studying at secondary schools, primary schools, a small portion is high school students and adults.

14. Open A Franchise Cafe

At first, franchising is a formidable business and only for famous brands, you can actually franchise on a scale that is not too formidable.

I used to work as a franchisee, with a capital of several tens of millions. So you absolutely can start this business with a capital of less than 200 million.

15. Write An Ebook Online

If you have unlimited creative ability or a deep understanding of a certain field? So you can write it as an Ebook and publish it online

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Vietnam also has many websites that have implemented a paid reading system at an online library, so the idea of ​​writing Ebooks will be a business trend.

16. Phone Repair Service

Lots of phone shops are springing up, but the number of skilled workers who can fix phone problems is not much.

17. Go Shopping For A Rental Service

Set up a business specializing in helping busy families to go to the market every day, just pick up and bring their children to school on time.

18. Photographic Service

The capital is mainly used to purchase equipment, learn photography or photo editing skills, and work hard to promote its business to the target audience.

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In this area, you can go into a more specific niche such as portrait photography, party photography, events …

19. Open A Laundry Store

This business is also growing, with a capital of 200 million in hand. You can rent a short-term location just enough to start a business or if using housing as a business ground is also 1 advantage.

In addition to buying a washing machine, you can rent it with your needs and the number of guests you estimate per day.

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Of course, it is not easy at first to reach enough customers, so you can start small with 1 or 2 washing machines to see the market situation.

Sometimes your store is not. located in a place where there is a great deal of need for outside laundry services.

Hopefully, with these ideas, you can find a suitable business and feel confident with your capital.