Agricultural business is currently one type of business that is quite attractive to many people considering that it does not require large capital to start. Not only in rural areas but nowadays modern farmers can be found in big cities.

Today, the terms of farming do not require large land. Because in practice many technological innovations have been applied to agriculture. With just a few meters of land, you can become a beginner farmer.

In the past, agriculture was always synonymous with hot, dirty, and smelly places, but now the business in agriculture has undergone many changes. For example, the terms horticulture, terrarium, hydroponics, are examples of modern agricultural methods that are practical and do not require much land.

There are many reasons that make someone end up managing a business related to agriculture. Apart from not requiring too much capital, you as a business manager can also get quite lucrative benefits.

The results of the agricultural business are food needs that are indispensable to meet basic human needs. This situation actually needs to be used to manage agriculture in a modern way. So as to produce a sustainable business opportunity and the prospect of success is so extraordinary.

Not a few people make the agricultural business a side job that can increase their income. However, many also decided to make agriculture their main job.

7 Ideas for Profitable Agricultural Business Opportunities

Agricultural business is not always about growing rice in the fields. The following is an example of an agricultural business opportunity with a lucrative profit.

1. Ornamental Plant Cultivation

Not only about meeting basic needs, but business in agriculture is also related to ornamental plants which are often used for home decoration. The collection of ornamental plants is mostly done by women in order to create a home environment that is cool, beautiful, and beautiful to look at.

The opportunity to sell ornamental plants that can grow indoors has also increased rapidly because the presence of these plants has been proven to be able to reduce stress levels. Some types of plants that are quite sought after are love waves, monsteras, cacti, and succulents.

To run this business, you are required to always follow market developments. To get consumers faster when you first run a business selling ornamental plants, it is recommended that you choose a type of plant that is in great demand by the public.

2. Hydroponic Plant Business

The search for planting land is quite difficult, making the hydroponic system a solution for farming with limited land. Especially in big cities that have difficulty finding a planting medium in the form of soil, hydroponics carries the concept of farming using water media.

Not everyone can grow crops using the hydroponic method. However, basically, this effort can be done quite easily. You can use used bottles, glasses, or plastic jars as planting media. Currently, there are also those who sell hydroponic business packages complete with instructions for using them.

Hydroponic vegetables are currently in high demand. This is because hydroponic plants save water for washing and are safe because they don’t use pesticides. And it is more hygienic because it does not touch the ground and is not susceptible to pests.

3. Buying and Selling Plant Seeds Online

Selling plant seeds online is an example of an agricultural business that can be started with very little capital. Vegetables and fruit are the most popular seeds for people because they are easier to grow. Examples are kale seeds, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, and guava.

Usually, these plant seeds are sold in small packages containing small seeds with a certain weight. You can market it via the internet, for example by selling through the marketplace because plant seeds are easier to send out of town.

Plus, nowadays many online shops provide opportunities to become resellers. You can open your own online shop to make sales. That way, marketing efforts can be easier.

4. Selling Agricultural Equipment

Supporting the trend of people’s lifestyles who like gardening activities, you can start a business selling agricultural tools. Starting from plant pots, soil, or husk growing media, shovels, hoes, and several other gardening tools are examples of businesses with small capital.

The opportunity that can be taken from this endeavor is sustainable purchasing. This means that one person can make multiple purchases of agricultural equipment needs. Not only that, this package of plant seeds and agricultural tools can be sold with attractive packaging as a package that is selling well.

5. Fertilizer Making

Selling fertilizers is a business opportunity that is never empty of consumers. In both urban and rural areas, the demand for fertilizer is always high. Moreover, when the planting season enters, the fertilizer selling shop will be invaded by farmers who will start farming.

Fertilizer is not only used to fertilize rice plants, or only fruit and vegetables. Now, almost all types of plants need fertilizer, including ornamental plants. Not only fertilizers, several types of vitamins for medicine have also started a lot of fans.

6. Spice Plant Business

There are still few who take the opportunity to cultivate medicinal plants and spices at this time. Therefore, you can start first. Medicinal plants and spices have their own market because they will be processed into alternative or herbal medicines.

This plant is easier to sell and market, especially if you already understand the market. Plants such as ginger, galangal, kencur, kaffir lime have a stable and increasing demand in traditional markets.

If you pay attention more carefully, business opportunities in this field have a smaller risk than cultivating vegetables or fruit. The advantages are no less tantalizing.

7. Sales of Organic Fruit Vegetables

Farming organic vegetables and fruit is included in the business category with small capital. This is because you do not need to procure special agricultural equipment such as pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

Organic vegetables and fruits are also in high demand in the market. The selling price of fruits and vegetables is always higher than the conventional ones. With the lure of pesticide-free, the vegetables and fruits that are sold will get quite a lot of customers

Especially if it offers products that are fresher and cheaper than those sold in markets or supermarkets. The direct from the home delivery system also usually benefit customers as they don’t have to spend time traveling to the seller.

Managing Farm Business Profits with Accounting Software

In managing agricultural businesses today, you definitely need the help of online accounting software. The existence of this accounting software will help you to manage business finances to operating profits. So that no more problems arise because of business financial calculations.