A business will not run smoothly if the manager does not have an effective marketing strategy to attract potential customers.

No matter how good the quality of its products in the present will not be able to compete with its competitors without really paying attention to the method of promotion.

One channel that is now very reliable for product promotion is through social media.

Product Marketing Strategies

A marketing strategy can not be separated from the media to get the attention of the community as potential customers.

If at this time social media is considered effective enough to increase sales, the previous era of other channels has ever succeeded.

This is because social media is now being excellent and effective for many purposes even for businesses though.

Radio, television, and print media have each been a channel for selling a product. Certain products carry out product promotions ranging from increasing consumer awareness to arouse the public’s desire to buy these products to continue to keep customers loyal to use their products.

An example of a massive marketing strategy is the advertisement about Mie Sedaap, whose initial presence is targeted to be a competitor of Indomie, a well-established product.

Because it has a different market share, then to reach it, advertisements with bombastic narratives are applied.

There are many more marketing strategy concepts that have been proven to be quite accurate in capturing consumers of a product.

1. What Is Marketing Strategy

Product marketing is a very vital thing in a business or business. Without a marketing technique or strategy is good, then a business or business will lead to bankruptcy.

It is not uncommon for a new company to think of a marketing strategy for a new product while walking. There are even companies that follow the marketing techniques of their competitors.

This method is not effective, because your business will be considered as original or plagiarism.

Therefore, the right marketing techniques that will create a brand awareness that makes your business more known in the market, remembered and emerged as a strong brand in the eyes of the community.

Product marketing techniques or strategies are very important, which will determine the success or failure of your business going forward.

Here are some explanations for why marketing techniques and strategies need to be carried out:

2. Market Segmentation

The most important thing that will be very important in making marketing techniques is to determine the target market that will be penetrated by the product you sell.

Because every product has its own market and not all products are needed by everyone.

3. Introducing Products

A clear target market will surely facilitate communication between the seller and the buyer because you already know the characteristics of your market.

You can also explain the benefits of the product in a language that suits your target market with the language, culture, character, and habits of your target market.

4.  Internal Coordination

Not only benefit the business or business from the consumer side, but the strategy in product marketing is also very profitable for people who will deal directly with buyers.

With solid internal team coordination, the steps in marketing products to consumers will be easier, because the entire team has the same way of thinking, perception, or thinking.

5. Quality

Quality is a surefire marketing technique. Why? Because with superior quality in a product, no matter the price, the community will try to have it.

High-quality products, generally do not need marketing techniques that are too routine. This is because the community is convinced that quality is very reputable.

In this case, you do not need to say much to convince consumers that your product is good, in fact, the quality will not lie.

6. Target Market

By recognizing your target market, it will be easier for the product to be marketed because it is your target that you need the product. Just how do you run your product sales as attractive as possible?

7. Learn Competitor

Learning competitor marketing techniques does not mean that you will imitate someone else’s marketing strategy.

But you will see how your competitors can attract several consumers in a vulnerable time faster than you. This you can learn, just don’t copy and look for new, more effective solutions in marketing.

8. Social Media

Using social media in advertising is very common these days. Considering that there are so many and varied social users.

You can start implementing marketing techniques on social media with creative content.

Especially at this time social media also has a function as a business window, where superior business products can be seen by anyone through slick visualization.


The business world is an area full of competition and challenges in attracting consumers. Which product successfully applies the best marketing strategy will win the competition.

But even the best promotions must be accompanied by superior product quality to be able to retain its consumers.