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Google Analytics

This web uses analytics as a website analysis tool, which covers various things such as visit patterns, age, demographics, and other information obtained from your visit on this website. This tool is a reporting tool from Google and has been used by millions of websites throughout the world. For detailed information about privacy and general policies from Google Analytics can access this link:

LOG Files

In accordance with the Adsense Service Terms, we are required to inform you that all advertising programs use cookies to track visitors. Like most other sites, this web also uses log files. Site information includes information about Internet Protocol (IP) Address, Browser Type, Internet Service Provider, ISP), Date / Time Stamp, Reference / Reference Pages, and Tricks Analysis Management movements track users around the location, and collect demographic information. The IP address and other information are not related to personal information.

Cookies and Web Beacons

It uses cookies to store information about preferences for web viewers, users on these pages, on the information that visitors visit or visit visitors to access their browser. Allows, adjust web page content, where it depends on it.

We also use third-party ads on this website. Some advertisers may probably worry about our website, when they are using IP Addresses, ISPs, browsers using our website to view ads on our website (such as the Google AdSense program) Will also send information, such as cookies and web beacon techniques. Cases may require this ad flash player. It is usually used for geographical targeting purposes (specific ads based on the specifications of the advertisements that appear in specific places or the specific ads that are based on specific sites (examples of display of machine ads for your people who want to find heavy equipment).

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google uses cookies to serve ads on this website, as a third-party buyer.

Google using the DART cookie makes it possible to display advertisements to users based on their visits to our website and other sites on the Internet.

Users can cancel the use of the DART cookie by visiting Google ads and the content network privacy policy at the following URL –

Using third-party ad servers or ad networks using advertising technology and links, this website will be sent directly to your browser. What happens when they automatically receive their IP address. Other technologies (such as cookies, javascript, or web beacons) can also be used to reduce the effectiveness of their ads by using third-party networks and/or advertisements for personal use. What you see


This web uses cache technology for interest-based advertising, displaying ads that are relevant to your interests. Because we cannot control one by one of the advertisements displayed, you can see details to exercise control and other interests for yourself or your computer by visiting About Ads for Customer. If you have questions you can contact us via the contact form that we have provided.