Do you intend to open a furniture business? Your store can focus on mass-priced, mass-produced products or follow the needs of customers who desire a unique design that highlights their home or company.

Some stores also sell decorative lighting products, electrical appliances, household appliances, outdoor items, and sometimes design services.

This article shares with you the steps to start a furniture business and help you answer that this type of business is right for you.

How To Run A Successful Furniture Business

You’ve found your furniture business idea and you’re ready to take the next step. These are simple steps for you to follow. These steps also help you plan for successful and legal business development.

1. Business Planning

A clear plan is needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Planning helps you clearly outline the details of the business and uncover the unknown. A few questions that need your answers are:

  • What are the initial costs and the costs incurred?
  • Who is the target market?
  • Ever new breakeven?
  • How to name a business?
  • Luckily I did this research for you.

2. What Are The Costs When Opening A Furniture Store?

  • Your biggest expense when opening a furniture business is to invest in the stall and display goods. For the most attractive display, you need an area of ​​about 100-300 square meters.
  • You need a large warehouse to deliver furniture on time to your customers.
  • Your store also needs a good location to provide the most convenient service to as many people as possible.
  • If you have a design consultant, you also need to pay these people a high salary.

So you need to invest a few hundred million to several billion depending on the size and variety of goods of display shops or warehouses.

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3. What Are The Ongoing Costs Incurred When Selling Furniture?

  • Wages are a significant part of the daily expenses for sales, design and delivery staff.
  • You will change your display twice a year, which is a significant part of the annual budget, one of which can also be resold if it is no longer available.
  • In addition, you must maintain a certain level of inventory in the warehouse, but most items can be delivered straight from the factory to the customer location.

4. Who Is The Target Market?

  • Some customers change their interiors as their décor changes, setting new sofas every year.
  • Returning customers will generate the most income. At the same time, those who need to buy a bed, so creating a welcoming environment to attract customers is very important.
  • Schools and maintenance agencies will buy large quantities of furniture that is not too much money almost regularly.

5. Furniture Store Business And How To Make Money?

You will make an income by selling a large amount of furniture to as many people as possible. You buy furniture from the factory at a wholesale price and sell it at a higher price, and take the profit as a difference.

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6. How Much Money Is Collected From Customers?

Cheap furniture usually costs about $ 50 for a table. Also ordered on demand such as sofas, high-class wooden dining tables can be up to 10 thousand dollars. And the intermediate line is about 1-2 thousand dollars.

7. How Much Is A Furniture Store Profitable?

Although furniture stores can earn up to $ 1 million in revenue each year, furniture is one of the industries with the lowest profit margins in the retail sector.

Wholesale profit is about 40%. But most stores earn about 2% after deducting all expenses. As a store owner, you can get an annual income of about 100-200 thousand dollars.

8. How To Increase Profit Even Higher?

Ready-made furniture is increasingly popular. Bookshelves, tables, or sofas are delivered in a large flat box for customers to assemble later.

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The profit margin of this furniture is higher and the cost is lower than when it is delivered to customers, thereby increasing your profit margin.

9. Business Registration

Establishing a legal business entity helps you avoid personal responsibility on your property if you open a store.

10. Tax Registration

You need to register for taxes before starting a business.

11. Open Bank Account And Card

  • Using bank accounts and business cards are very important to protect personal property.
  • Because when you share your personal account with your business, your personal assets are at risk.

12. Set Up Business Accounts

Recognizing the various costs and sources of income is important for understanding the financial results of a business. Keeping accounts accurate and detailed is also simpler for filing annual tax returns.

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13. Some Important Licenses

Without the necessary licenses could put businesses at risk of closure. Such as a business license for a furniture store business, a certificate of the right to use the house (if you rent the premises, the landlord must have it).

14. Buy Business Insurance

Insurance is almost necessary for all business owners. If you hire employees, unemployment insurance is definitely a mandatory legal requirement.

15. Identify Your Brand

Branding is what your company represents, as well as your business recognized by the community. A strong brand will help businesses stand out from competitors.

16. How To Promote Furniture Stores

In the early days, you need to focus on attracting new customers to the showroom. You need to make the most of your local market.


Join a local trade fair, rent a table, and sign up for a support leg for the charity event. Normal marketing will include the promotion of seasonal items such as summer furniture, dining table sets, and office furniture in the fall. You need to constantly update your ads and sales.

17. How to Retain Customers?

Your first customers will come again when they think you offer great promotions and impressive shopping experience. They will return when they receive remarkable service, an affordable price, and timely delivery.

18. Present On The Web

Business websites will help customers learn more about the company, products, and services you provide. You can use social media to attract new customers.

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19. So Is The Furniture Business Right For You?

If you are interested in creating a home design landscape, preferring to work with the public, and enjoy the challenges of building a profitable business, then the furniture store business is the right choice for you.

20. What Happens Every Day At A Furniture Store?

  • Make sure all display products are neat and clean
  • Work with customers to make furniture recommendations that fit their style and budget
  • Check out the new furniture collection and decide which store to sell in the next season
  • Order factories to fulfill customer orders or to store instant transportation
  • Create a welcoming friendly environment for shoppers, such as inviting cakes, water, entertainment
  • New display design for the next interior collection
  • Advise customers who want to develop a unified design
  • Schedule delivery for guests

21. Skills And Experience To Help You Build A Successful Furniture Store?

  • Successful furniture store owners can:
  • Select and display beautiful and well-known furniture products
  • Create a pleasant shopping environment and exceed expectations
  • Providing excellent customer service on every transaction
  • Train friendly and knowledgeable staff to support the buying experience
  • Maintain good profit margins with furniture manufacturers
  • Proposing a combination of furniture, lights and guest design elements for an increasingly personalized experience

22. What Is The Growth Potential of Furniture Stores?

The most successful furniture store doesn’t have unique furniture to sell but creates a shopping experience and an atmosphere that encourages shoppers to touch, touch, try and discover what they like out of the many options.

When you build that unforgettable service experience, combined with a reasonable price, you can fully expand your store into chains.

23. Find A Sponsor For The Business

One of the biggest resources a business can have is a sponsor. When you start a business plan, connect with free business resources near you to help what you need.

Having a support network on hand to overcome difficult times is also a key success for business owners.