How To Open A Mini Supermarket, Convenience Store Now – How Much Profit

Currently, mini supermarkets are growing more and more because of its convenience, especially big and densely populated cities, and high shopping demand. However, when you want to open a mini supermarket, what do you need to pay attention to?

You should have a complete plan for both awareness and implementation in 1 year. If you develop it, what will you do if you don’t develop it, then divest yourself so that you don’t have to lose much?

  1. Check the premises thoroughly before having any intention in cleaning up. You should remember that the more you do this step, the more smoothly it will work. Otherwise, it would be a lot of work, as the moisture, cockroaches, and mice, and then the food that was hidden from the corner should be broken.
  2. You can learn how to arrange items in foreign mini-mart accordingly and take measures to keep the smell as well as effective moisture. The most common arrangement is still vegetables, dried goods, canned goods, fresh – frozen and balanced space, humidity as well as the degree of influence of air conditioner on the item. Note this if your item will be degraded very quickly and will cost you more power.
  3. Prepare a full set of books, software for revenue and expenditure management, accounting and several order schedules. This is short, but it is long and I find it to be about 35% successful or defeated.
  4. Ask yourself what have you prepared for preservation? How is water? Is electricity stable?
  5. Check all business papers, make full laws if needed because you need to have a compact car and how to use common space; so that the latter is not troublesome. (The guests standing outside watching the store you are waiting for are also using your shared space).
  6. If you hire employees, you must complete all the procedures and ensure the contract is complete, make sure the employees do not have any unfortunate things to happen.
  7. When the business has one of the most important is the selling price mechanism. Choose between earning high or selling a lot and gaining regional customers. You say that revenue may not be able to cover costs, I think about when it is time to break even and when to benefit. You have to solve this problem. It will also be a problem with selling items.
  8. Work well with suppliers. Because you have to sell many items, the better the management is (the price, quality, expiry date …). There will be times when you have to worry about spreading suppliers or just sticking to several traditions. For this, I recommend that you create a list long enough to be able to choose, not to “be” over. provider.
  9. Identify some key products with good revenue and good demand, no need to make a mini-mart too many items. You can do a residential survey right in your area to see which items are needed.
  10. Closer stores are more energetic for promotions and organizing lots of fun around the area within the allowable capacity. You should remember that business is a process of attracting customers, attracting people, so you don’t have to cluster around that area. Excite the area and live responsibly to everyone around you, not just withdraw their money.
  11. Always have fun, no matter what, always be happy, greet guests, thank you and have to be pressed by the staff to do so.
  12. In the business period, there may be many problems such as being opposed to people in the area, you must consider it as a fastidious customer but take care of it and it will be very annoying in the future.
  13. Or when there is petty theft, it should be handled well, not to cause bad effects. Of the micro-quarter, there is also a barrier to cover.
  14. When there is any scandal about the product, you must apologize and correct immediately – every item exchange, extra gift. Not saving this case …
  15. One last thing I mentioned here is the lesson at my university, “the last kohlrabi cannot” sell itself “. Expressing goods in as many quantities as is an art. But leaving one of the kohlrabi left on the table will cause skepticism to the buyer (that’s probably no one has chosen it, so eventually no one will buy it. Therefore, take care of the store as much as possible).

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