Bukalapak is an online marketplace that provides a means of buying and selling from consumer to consumer. Bukalapak is owned and operated by PT Bukalapak. To fulfill its vision and mission, namely empowering SMEs throughout Indonesia, Bukalapak has various interesting programs such as Mitra Bukalapak.

This program allows small shops or grocery stores to work with Bukalapak, especially in terms of purchasing necessities. Apart from the Bukalapak Partner program, you can also register as a reseller at Bukalapak. If you are interested, then at least you must understand the following 6 ways to become a reseller at Bukalapak. Let’s watch together!

1. Create Account

The first step you have to do is create an account on the Bukalapak website. Registration can be done through the application or Bukalapak’s official website. Make sure you read and understand the privacy policy and terms of use before registering. Apart from a Bukalapak account, you also need to create a promotional account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even a website.

2. Determining Product Target

After the account is created, the next step you need to do is determine the product target. You can log in to your account to see what products are being sold. There are various ways to determine the type of product you will sell, but it is better if the product you choose meets the needs of society ( customer needs ) so that it is easy to market.

However, you can also take advantage of your hobbies or hobbies to determine the types of products to sell. By taking advantage of your hobbies, you can more easily explain the uses of the product you choose. You can also promote it to people with the same interests.

3. Determining The Supplier

Next is to determine the supplier who will provide the products you sell. Before determining a supplier, it’s a good idea to look for several suppliers at once to compare the commission and price system offered. The goal is for you to get a minimum price as a reseller as well as get clear information about the commission system from each supplier.

In addition to the purchase price and commission system, you also need to consider the supplier’s reputation as seen from customer reviews or comments on goods sent by suppliers. Make sure the supplier you choose has a reputation as a shop that sells quality products.

4. Contact Supplier

The next step is to contact the supplier that has been determined. You need to contact the supplier to ask for permission as a reseller. Usually, certain stores have set special prices for resellers and provide a commission sharing system. So before you sign up as a reseller, make sure you read and understand all rules set by the supplier, including comparing the purchase price and great commissions earned between suppliers one by supplier other.

In addition, you are also required to contact the supplier to find out how the service responds to buyers, including communication skills, transaction speed, and delivery of goods. Make sure the supplier you choose has a fast response both in communications regarding stock supply, financial transactions, and delivery of goods.

5. Promote Products

This is the function of the social media account that you created at the beginning, namely as a tool to promote products. You can indeed put information such as product descriptions and their uses when posting on your Bukalapak account, but it’s good if you also take advantage of other platforms to promote your products. So you can include how-to videos, tips and tricks, and customer reviews about your product. Take advantage of all promotional platforms as best as possible to reach the target market.

4. Determining The Selling Price

Finally, you need to determine the selling price. In contrast, to drop shippers whose product selling price ranges are set by the supplier, resellers actually have the freedom to determine the selling price of the product.

So that the profit that resellers get from the difference in margin between the purchase price from the supplier and the selling price to the consumer is usually greater.

So far, the majority of resellers set the selling price by calculating the purchase price and adding it to the price according to themselves. As a result, these prices are very vulnerable to lose and price volatility.

So, what is a good way for resellers to set the selling price? We recommend that resellers start calculating the purchase price of products from suppliers along with other costs that may arise, such as store operating costs and shipping. Add these costs and divide by the amount of inventory you have on hand, then add the profit margin you expect from each product.

Those are 6 ways to become a reseller at Bukalapak that you need to understand. Are you interested in becoming an online reseller on the Bukalapak site? If so, then a step is right for you to read this article before starting. Now, you are ready to start your business. Good luck!