Covid-19 Pandemic is a worrying time, but the swiftblogging here is not to add to the worries you might have or make you even more panicked.

Online Business Strategies

Here are some online business strategies that can help you survive during a pandemic.

1. Offer Online Shipping

Many restaurant businesses were hit hard enough, even having to close their doors until further notice. However, some cities or countries allow restaurants to offer take-away or home delivery services. This also applies to other businesses that are required to close their businesses during PSBB.

2. Offer Online Consultation

This is a good (and even long-term) strategy for those who work as yoga instructors, therapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, and so on. That means you can stay in touch and serve your clients online, through video calls.

3. Create a Customer Data Form

Typically, your business does not record customer data because it deals directly with the spot. Now, it’s time to be more organized. Gather contacts and customer lists by filling out customs forms.

For the first time, you can offer discounts or vouchers when customers fill out forms. Furthermore, you can carry out online business marketing strategies through the email they provide when filling out forms. Once again, this is for the long term.

4. Create an Online Store

E-commerce or online stores are the future, now even more people are familiar with the world of e-commerce. Make your shop online, if all this time you have doubts, now is the time. No need to be afraid of complicated, there are many e-commerce platforms that provide the right format for your store.

5. Create a Website for Your Business

If you want a truly long-term strategy, you can start creating a website for your business. If you already have a web, now is a good time to improve and change to improve your overall web user experience. Is the branding correct? Can the layout of certain menus be a bit clearer? When the user clicks X, it will go to page X?

6. Optimize Your Website’s SEO

SEO ( search engine optimization ) should be what you do and learn continuously if you have a website. For many businesses, being successful online means appearing on the first page of Google. Maximize the SEO of your website

7. Offering Customer E-Gift Cards

Many people want to support a small business, one way they can do this is by buying gift cards from their favorite online store. Organize and sell e-gifts online to your customers and provide attractive promos to keep buying business products.

8. Create Members for Business

By creating a member in your business, customers can access exclusive content such as videos, articles, guides, and be the first to know about the latest products and promotions.

9. Prepare for Entertainment

Instead of continuously selling and marketing products, you can start providing entertainment to your customers such as interesting videos, product-related tips, or podcasts to entertain customers during work from home. This will make customers more attached to your business even during a pandemic.

10. Use All Technologies

This business strategy is to improve the business from the inside. You can start using online attendance for your business employees.

In addition, technologies such as accounting software can also be applied.

In addition to providing convenience, the use of various online technologies is also a long-term investment.