We certainly often hear or read the success stories of an entrepreneur. From these stories, we certainly want to also follow in the footsteps of the success of one of the business leaders.

With not enough capital, many people are now able to make a turnover of up to hundreds of millions. Of course, this is inspiring many people to start trying out the business world.

It is indeed easy to imagine, but in fact, there are always stories of ups and downs experienced by successful entrepreneurs to reach the era of glory.

Those who have succeeded are not free from problems such as capital, human resources, production and the most crucial are cash flow problems.

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Because there is no financial strategy, many entrepreneurs are forced to close their doors. That’s why we say this is a very crucial problem. How can employers overcome this?

Of course, with a financial strategy that has been arranged and neat bookkeeping.

Online Accounting Software For Small Business

Basically, the goal of accounting is to find out the cash flow of the business. With bookkeeping, we can monitor the progress of the physical and financial progress of the business.

Find out the comparison between planned activities, implementation and compile the necessary reports as accountability for the use of the budget.

Provided for the purposes of information management in the process of monitoring, evaluation, control, and preparation of future budgets. Besides, it helps you to find out the monthly profit and loss and even annually.

Bookkeeping will be more regularly supported by the entrepreneur’s knowledge, but not a few entrepreneurs who do not have it.

Coupled with business actors still doing it manually, starting from counting themselves, requiring pages of paper, making transaction columns and others.

Besides requiring a lot of time, in this way we must be more careful not to mention if there is a calculation error. Surely this will complicate you later.

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Fortunately, now there are several applications available to help these activities. Here we summarize 8 online accounting software for management for small and medium businesses.


Maybe some of the entrepreneurs already know this one accounting software. Increasingly high needs of companies in business software.

Zahir has developed many applications that one of them is launching Zahir Online, where users can manage finances online-based website.

Zahir, Small Business makes it easy for businesses to make reports on the purchase and sale of goods, manage accounts receivable debts, manage inventory of goods, make accounting reports such as cash and savings.

All these activities can be done in real-time via a computer with an internet connection. Costs that must be incurred if you want to use this application is Rs.2.2 million.

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2. QuickBooks Online

It is one of the accounting software originally released in 1996 by Intuit Inc. developers, who also make programs such as Quicken, QuickBase, TurboTax and many more.

With this application, users can create financial reports such as detailed/concise sales reports, purchase reports, accounts payable and accounts receivable due, inventory reports, income statements, and balance sheets.

Another plus is that you can classify income or expense transactions based on projects and locations, so you can create a Profit and Loss Report based on project groups and locations that can be done via a computer, android tablet or smartphone as long as you are connected to an Internet connection.

This is certainly very beneficial for business actors who have more than 1 business with different locations. Even though it is an online feature, data security is very safe because this feature uses data encryption as a bank.

But you can also backup financial data that will be saved automatically. This paid software is priced starting at the US $ 15.00 – the US $ 31.00 or around Rs 200-400 thousand per month.

3. Journals

Journals are online accounting software for managing bookkeeping systems better for Small & Medium Business owners.

Its features are that it can create invoices and POs, such as sales invoices, orders, and purchases, and professional travel documents automatically, making financial reports and business activities

In real-time, we can monitor stock and do stock-taking for exact reports, can add other users for multi-tasking work performance, even there is an online live chat for users who want to ask for more information.

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Just like QuickBook Online, this software uses an encryption security system with a key made specifically for each user. So all data stored is very safe.

This application is priced from Rs 149 thousand to Rs 399 thousand with different specifications.

4. Omega

Omega is Online accounting software that provides a complete standard module even though supplementary modules and inventory are only limited.

Good for business people in the small to medium to the upper-middle sector. In omega accounting, there is cloud computing 1.0, which is the latest generation of cloud computing that is more personal.

By using private cloud computing services from Omegasoft, you can connect databases of each branch of your business in various regions, cities, provinces, and between countries.

Using an internet connection, online, realtime, direct access, personal, private and of course very safe. To use this service, you have to pay Rs 165 thousand per month or use a package for a year of Rs 1,650,000.

5. Goalkeeper

The next online accounting software is the Goalkeeper. Accounting software is intended for small and medium businesses that can access, manage and collaborate business data, of course, based online.

You can make invoice bills, returns to payments. Also, another feature is being able to handle transactions with different currencies that will be converted automatically to Rupiah.

Maybe you have been less careful about writing a journal/bookkeeping business. Now, this software is equipped with a Journal feature.

Where you can record Journal manually in Debit-Credit format and is equipped with features that facilitate the journal process.

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This software also has a contact feature that allows you to easily access customer, supplier and employee contacts.

For the cost of using this online accounting software, a fee of Rs 89 thousand to Rs 199 thousand per month depends on what package is chosen.

If you want to try a trial offer, then you can use this application for free for 14 days and if you want to subscribe for 1 year there will be a bonus of 2 months of usage without being charged extra fees.

6. SQL Ledger

This software is an accounting system with multiple entries.

So this SQL Ledger Software is usually used by stores that need inventory control, check printing, multi-user, multi-location, point-of-sales, packing lists, and purchase orders.

Besides this software is a web-based ERP system, so it is easy to monitor from a distance. Compatible with various OSes (Windows, Linux, Mac).

SQL Ledger has two versions, paid and free. Actually, for SMEs, it is very sufficient with the free version. Because the free version has good features and is quite complete.

Unless you need additional features such as barcode, label printing, invoice consolidation, and other additional features. These features are additional features found in the paid version.

7. GNUCash

GNUCash is well known and is often used by many people. This software is designed for use by small and medium businesses.

Moreover, this program is quite complete because it has features of account invoicing, receivables, account payables, investment accounts, depreciation of values,  tax tables, credit and loan accounts.

If there is no desired module, Sahabat UKM can make it manually. By entering the desired variable, you can add modules that are not available such as taxes and payroll.

GNUCash helps Friends of SMEs to track income, bank accounts, expenses, and even stocks. Coupled with double-entry accounting features.

So you can easily detect errors and find the source. Having the basic principles of professional accounting so that the balance sheet remains balanced and financial statements are more accurate.

8. Turbo Cash

Friends of SMEs can also use a free accounting software called Turbo Cash. Turbo Cash is a feature-rich accounting software to match Quickbookpro and Sage software.

Some features available are barcodes, quotes, trial balance, batch operations, VAT accounting, multi-user, and access controls, point of sale, invoicing, reporting and analysis, inventory and stock pricing, etc.

You could say this software has features that include many functions.

Turbo Cash has a cleaner appearance and is easier to operate. Usually, SMEs who use it don’t need much learning and adjustment.

Because this software is categorized as user-friendly software.

9. Create Invoices Easily With Fast Distribution

You can make invoices through accounting software that can be distributed via email so you can still work at home.

The invoice is professionally made. You can also personalize templates invoice or invoices.

In addition to easy distribution, you can also get notifications when there are unpaid payments so that you can streamline your invoice time.

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10. Recap of Secure Transactions From Home

By using accounting software, all transactions can be done at home. You can monitor and track the number of costs that you incur using tags as any expenses that have been paid.

In addition to tracking allocations that have already been paid, you can also track what has not been paid.

You can also record and save proof of payment for all transactions through accounting software.

Besides, you can also arrange the schedule recurring transactions such as salaries and mortgage costs. All you can do at home.

11. Real-Time Monitored Stock of Goods From Home

You can monitor the stock of goods in real-time without having to check the stock warehouse.

In addition to monitoring the availability of stock items, you can also calculate inventory, average selling prices, and final sales prices.

You can also import large stock data with a large amount of data to your computer with various templates.

This way, you can control and monitor the stock of your business items just by sitting at home.

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12. Create And Monitor Financial Reports Mobile From Home

Calculation of profit and loss, cash flow, and financial balance calculations you can do at home and can be accessed through your smartphone easily and quickly without having to calculate it in the office or shop.

You can also convert data in software into various formats such as CSV, PDF, and Excel.

13. Free Mistaken Transactions With The Cash Link Feature

You can also match all transaction data automatically with records of sales, purchases, and also expenses to ensure payment of debts and other expenses.

14. Secure Reconciliation Automatically Only in the Grip

In addition to matching transactions, you can also reconcile bank data easily and automatically without having to go to the Bank by simply linking operational bank accounts with accounts in accounting software.

You can also monitor and print all bank reconciliation data results.

15. Monitor Sales Performance via Smartphone

Accounting software, in general, can only manage and manage business finances. But with the Journal software, you can recap sales performance that can be accessed mobile via your smartphone.

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In addition to the performance recap, the Journal also has all the features mentioned in the previous points. Use Journals to make the most of your business at work from home.