New And Better Business Products Do Not Need PR?

This is not the first time I heard this statement. Actually “product theory”, “aromatic wine is not afraid of the deep lane” … These are all manifestations of the lack of knowledge of basic commercial business knowledge.

My work is related to start-up investment. We should be in constant contact with many business startups. In the process, I discovered that the vast majority of startups exist with many false explanations about PR.

Some people exaggerate PR’s effects too much. Given that it can make products explode in the market in just one night. Someone thinks that PR is useless. Good products need nothing to PR. Both of these views are very extreme.

So what is the nature of PR in the end? What practical PR does it mean to entrepreneurs? How to get the impact of lowering the cost of PR? Below, I will discuss these issues with you through my practical work experience.

Good Products Do Not Need To Be PR?

“Good product is okay, what is the need for PR?” This is not the first time I heard this idea. Actually “product theory”, “aromatic wine is not afraid of the deep lane” … These are all manifestations of the lack of basic commercial business knowledge.

Morality is simple, Apple products are good. But every time the new product launches, Steve Jobs hires the stage 2 weeks in advance. Practice the presentation several times and consider each word of the sentence.

Alibaba in the early start-up period, Jack Ma regularly participated in many programs and repertoire. Many people know of an entrepreneur who looks like the previous planet. Then I got to know Taobao.

Doing well the work of commodity products is only one stage in the commercial business chain. First, you need to make everyone aware of your product. And affirm your product as well. If so, then they agree to experience. This is also one of the effects of PR.

Mark Suster, a well-known partner of venture capital organization GRP Partners, has summarized the importance of PR. Based on those summaries, combined with the actual situation. I simply discuss with you some of the following points:

1, Create a Financial Position

Many startups choose to send their business plans to groups. But often dive. Conversely, when an investor reads a news article about you. Or hear someone beside them mention you. So the rate of them actively meeting you will be enhanced. This type of link is obviously more effective.

If your PR is professional enough. The investor’s sympathy and level of the grasp of the business content will also be improved. Since then, raising the rate of successful capital contribution. In fact, there are many examples of entrepreneurs who are found in the media and receive the Term sheet.

2, Get Customers

Through public distribution, lead customers to use your product. This is also one of the obvious advantages of PR.

There is also a common situation. That’s when customers search for your product. If the information is relevant to you on the Internet very little. So the opponent will likely find your competitor.

3, Recruiting Talent

I am familiar with a good entrepreneur. His recruitment of talent is always very poor. But after a PR investment, his HR side suddenly received a lot of CV applicants.

Today, many startups don’t count but the talent is limited. If you can attract more people to apply first. So the chances for you to get in touch with talent will be even greater.

4, Cooperation Opportunities

If you have a high level of popularity in the industry. Cooperation with other businesses will also be easier. Get more orders. PR will bring more opportunities for cooperation and development for your business.

5, The Spirit Of The Collective

In fact, employees want to see the positive reports of the company. For example, every time they go home to celebrate Tet, they do not need to explain to their friends and relatives about their work. Just give them an article or google show them. To work in a well-known company, the feeling will be much happier.

6, PR in The Future

The bigger the company, the more important the PR is. PR work is like a continuous flow of water. In the future when you need a large amount of media coverage. All current relationships and public opinion will be the foundation for your PR work in the future. Everything should have a long preparation. Don’t let it be until it’s time to eat melon and then plow the land, it’s too late.

Do You Really Understand What PR Is?

Is PR not writing and then looking for media? PR is not opening a press conference to tell people that your product can turn BAT. Is PR not tricking people? … Startups need to be aware that, saying it is not successful, saying fake truth is not PR.

The full PR name is Public relationship, meaning that it is a relationship. Building beneficial relationships with the public. This is long-term work, you can break through the advantages, avoid the disadvantages. But don’t just think about short-term benefits but deliberately fake, lie …

So what is the summary of PR nature? It is through information design and promotion, building good public awareness.

Compared to advertising, it only focuses on news stuffing. PR pays more attention to talking to the public. Naturally, silently affecting the public at a low cost.

When you need a simple paragraph to introduce your business plan. When journalists interview you. When you want your product to be known by many media. When your product appears negative information contrary … You need to have PR.

Six Important Steps in PR Work

To do good PR work is not easy. Do not assume that just how good you are to promote yourself well is everything going smoothly. Perhaps it will be counterproductive. According to the experience of experts. A professional PR at least needs 6 steps.

How should start-up companies quickly do good PR work? Please refer to the actual example below:

Background: Company A specializes in serving the market.

Goal: Hope can attract more investors’ attention through media coverage.

So how to implement professional PR work? Let’s dissect and analyze the 6 steps below

1, Target Segment

PR works with different objectives that will have a public audience, design content, and different marketing channels. The end result will also be completely different.

Company A wants to build advantages to attract capital. Must target segment: attracting the attention of investors. Especially with investment units that have a tendency to invest in businesses. At the same time hope that the investment unit will actively contact.

This goal will be used to direct PR work. For example, the design content must be consistent with their speech system. Some important points must be distilled to hit their psychology. The media must advertise these investors correctly.

Including having to design the perfect road that investors will contact you. Therefore, the first task to do in the PR process is the target segment.

2, Dissection and Public Analysis

After determining the target, what characteristics should you consider that the target group you are targeting? How to please them? How to express the behavior you want?

Still, the company example A. Facing the market for hot business hits. You hope that the investment unit you want to establish contact with, what investment philosophy do they have? What investment models have they invested in? What are the biggest points of investment? Which media units are used? …

All these things need to be researched and researched. Take note of this information. Consider it as a source of material for content design.

3, Content Design

After finishing the dissection and analysis of public objects. The next important task is content design. The design content must be professional. For example, at this time, at least 3 contents must be prepared:

First, arrange important content throughout the model. Language, words will talk outside. Will usually include: market summaries, industry analysis, demand pain description, commercial business model, competitive product analysis, product introduction, business team introduction, plans development, financial planning …

To design this content. You need to consult the results of public object analysis and the actual situation of the model. Must avoid the content referring to business trade secrets of businesses.

Secondly, a professional financial investment newsletter for the media masters to consult. The focus of this section lies in the exposition of logic and the highlight of this model stands on the perspective of readers. Make the article attractive, attract readers, have content to read. The most arrogant is the compliment of your model … This is a huge challenge for the professional level of PR.

Thirdly, a simple and brief introduction about your model. You can even summarize with a sentence. For the problems of the business enterprise itself. It is impossible to show complete information, exactly with one sentence or a short paragraph. Doing so will not make any sense.

But in communication work, it has great significance. “Ipod can help you pocket thousands of songs.” And “The advantage of the iPod is that the storage space is large, up to 1GB. Much bigger than other Mp3 devices ”. Which descriptions will be easier to get your heart on?

This simple and brief introduction is like taking an elevator. It is important to be able to bring convenience to customers in a short time.

4, Contact The Communication Unit

After the content has been prepared. We will begin to contact the media. Based on the target characteristics and public objects that you aim for, the choice of media units will also have special points.

When contacting the media unit, the 3 contents you have prepared above may start to work. In fact, the more popular media units are, the more important it will be for your model to be valuable for reporting.

Don’t consider media publishing manuscripts like advertising investments. Just put the money to finish. Your job is to convey the bright spot in your business model to the media specialist. Company A, for example, hopes to create an investment capital advantage. We should choose communication units in the field of science, technology, start-up, investment, and financial economics …

5, Monitor The Public Opinion

A lot of people think that PR content has been posted as PR work has ended. The truth is not completely true. Especially in the era of booming information technology. You need to pay attention to public opinion after that. How do the public comment? How do competitors react? There will even be people who say bad things, peel you off …

All of these things are likely to appear public relations crisis. Therefore, you need to prepare some countermeasures before this situation appears.

6, Continuously Voiced

PR is a long-term business. Its cost is not high but it has a great effect. Therefore, you should regularly update your behavior periodically. Examples include updating new products, cooperation strategies, market work …

This medium to maintain communication relationships. Just help your public audience to receive the latest information. And to maintain the freshness of the brand

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