How To Promote Marketing-Ads Like Hollywood Movies?

Mass media has come, the story of marketing is a big trend, Marketing is the story of being a million-dollar tool for Coca Cola, Apple, Sony, Toyota …, so how did they do!

Like what you are seeing, ads are increasingly not easy to implement. This risk has been causing a headache for marketers, causing great influence on a multitude of companies that need to advertise and market products.

This is not just a matter of transforming the advertising method, from simple press media to increasingly traditional media, the new way of broadcasting TV and internet advertising, though there are many more Diverse presentation channels but more and blinder spots and barriers in advertising.

Consumers become increasingly impatient, they are quick and alert to advertising information. They no longer want to hear the introduction and hype of companies’ truths, even being wary and nervous about the hype. However, this does not mean that it will bring big losses to the marketing industry, but it will promote a new and large-scale marketing reform.

Only those who understand human nature can win advertising campaigns.

1, How To Attract Consumers?

How to make consumers persistent and quiet to watch all the commercials?

So need to see if your ad is telling a good story?

It is well known that only interesting and interesting stories can attract listeners’ attention, gain fame and generate emotional experiences with profound meaning.

The special advertising footage has a section that makes people excited, some passages take away many of the viewers’ eyes, but no matter what, these films will achieve a purpose It is taking advantage of the story to convey the thoughts of the business. Communicating with stories is the most useful form of information transmission because even in ancient times, people often transformed reality into easy-to-understand stories.

From the time of campfire watching art, people have often performed epic movements about hunting, fighting, and survival in misery; Legend of miraculous power that controls nature and immortal myths about life before the next life. And today we can absolutely take advantage of the power of the story to complete successful business and commercial strategies.

2, How To Design And Create A Good Story?

The American scriptwriter Robert McKee in “The Economics Story” once said: “A good story needs to go through 8 stages of story design.”

First, we need to identify the target audiences, then inspire, need to clearly identify the target audience that the company or business targets, exploit the needs from the bottom of consumers’ hearts and looking for their pain.

At first, Steve Jobs discovered Dell’s product packaging was rough, heavy and cumbersome to carry. He sees the subconscious of what consumers want but is not discovered: unique. He then created a series of beautiful and unique Apple products and newcomer, and constantly stopped the company’s story (Blueprint), through a series of promotional videos to promote and Save scent for Brand Marketing.

Second, it is necessary to establish a stable and balanced initial context state, then create a conflict that breaks the imbalance, motivating the main character to act, the main character will act under one effect the encouragement of some desire to receive unexpectedly contradictory responses.

Like what the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather designed for Dove, 3 minutes in the movie “Dove Real Beauty Sketches”, the main character revolves around the value of self-evaluation and self-enjoyment describing the face with their portraits and compared with the artist’s direct drawings.

From the conflicting opinions between people’s feedback and personal feedback emphasize self-worth. In the last part of the story, the main character makes a second choice and in the climax has a few seconds to “enlighten”, the viewer suddenly understands the origin of the problem and everything is solved. Decisive easily.

Scientific experimentation has proved that the enlightenment moment can help enhance the memory, Marketing advertising staff often only use this few seconds of enlightenment to emphasize brand and brand, the whole story becomes into the motto has the power to call on all viewers to copy the success of the main character on a large scale.

In real life, not any commercial film completely reports all eight-story stages, there are brands with only very short hype but still achieve 8-stage performance. paragraph. For example, when people see Nike’s “Just do it” promotion, they will come up with a story like this in their mind:

“One day, I climbed the stairs, I had to spend a lot of strength to climb up the stairs (the main character and background), then I was aware that I needed to exercise. (encouraging event), I will not be able to climb the stairs one day (aspiration: healthy), I buy a pair of Nike shoes and start jogging (first action), lose weight extremely difficult, very tired (feedback), but I persisted persistently (2nd action), finally slimming success (climax) ”.

Under the influence of story thinking, everyone immediately accepted a call to buy Nike shoes.

3, Ads Most Attracted

In the ranking of the best ads and the worst ads on the internet, the ads that rank in the last place are all traditional hype ads, while the top ads are all ads. The story is very unique.

The advertising stories related to the value of value always have a relatively good promotional effect in marketing activities. If the brand does its job well, truly understanding its audience can completely create stories or reverse the market.

The marketing staff of Ariel India detergent brand found that in the division of men and women in the family is very unequal, 70% of men think that washing clothes are done by women, this increases the burden Heavy family for women.

They created a “share the burden” commercial, in the context of family life, women all day have to serve the family when the father and daughter say that will help the wife share burden, the story changes from negative to positive.

This is an ad about the family role of different sexes in India, which is closely related to the interests of Indian women, causing public opinion to be discussed, while also helping Ariel’s sales grew 75%. Or as the Y-Closet ad has also been discussed extensively on social networks, it is important to understand whether the value of women’s external values ​​is important to lead a series of common voices and hot spot discussion.

People often from choosing the main character in the story that relates to their choices, stimulating their shopping needs and empathy, thereby bringing success to story ads. chemical.

4, The Future of Brand Marketing

More and more people are sharing stories they love, but the story brings a common voice to people who will naturally be noticed and spread.

The future of brand story has moved into a phase of changing from a stirring ad to a story that cannot be avoided, new techniques like AR, VR, game creation and maturity will be more and more making the story more developed. The brand story not only brings a great response to trade but also brings new opportunities for Marketing people.

Successful marketing people who apply economic stories will receive non-traditional opportunities, without needing to put gold inlaid in advertising, nor will they need to inflate the product, but only the stories of human life to make room. enrich the lives of viewers, build a close relationship between the brand and the target audience.

In the future, great marketing strategies will conceive and produce success stories.

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