Friends, I have prepared a very powerful article for you today so that you can know how to Motivate our sales team.

Okay guys, let’s start with what Gordon Ramsay says about Motivate your sales team.

Motivate The Sales Team From Gordon Ramsay

You will not think you can learn any motivational lessons from a cooking program but this is the truth. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay during Fox’s MasterChef season will show you how to speed up the sales team.

1. Building Confidence

Let salespeople know they are the elite of choice among many candidates and you are expecting great things from them.

Ramsay begins his preparation by reminding contestants about the time thousands of people apply for 100 positions in the competition.

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He emphasized: “ They failed, and you succeeded! ”

From the beginning, each contestant has built the mentality of a winner.

2. Create A Prediction

Contestants stay in a dark room waiting for Ramsay and his colleagues Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich to inform the contest details.

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When the door finally opened and the examiners came in, the whole room burst before Ramsay spoke.

3. Respect The Orders

Candidates are not allowed to call these elite judges by name.

They will only answer: ” Yes, chef “.

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This is not an equal relationship when Mr. Ramsay is clearly the commander and the contestants must be willing to take orders.

4. Challenge The Longing

Everyone wants to feel like the best person at work.

So the contestants enthusiastically responded when Mr. Ramsay asked: “ Do you have the qualities to reach the top?

5. Clear And Simple Instructions

Ramsay simply mentioned the result he expected.

The judges do not care what contestants wear, where they come from or what they do before coming to this competition. ” We only care about one thing,” he told them, ” that’s what you put on a plate. ”

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6. Determine Expectations

If you’re wondering how much effort the contestants put into the competition, hear Mr. Ramsay say: ” Cook every dish as if your life depended on it .”

7. Give A Valuable Reward

There are actually too many companies that save bonuses that should be used to motivate the sales force’s motivation.

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Master Chef is not just a glorious competition. $ 250,000 and a cookbook publishing contract are waiting for the winner. Your company may not be able to give so much, but consider the employee’s fair reward.

Your company may not be able to give so much, but consider the employee’s fair reward.