Opening your own business is one thing that everyone dreams of. Most are those who want to supplement their income and those who are bored being employees or employees.

Having your own business can be another way to increase income and income. Of course, the existing paradigm is that opening a business always requires large capital.

When in fact there are many types of small capital businesses that can be successful and provide a fantastic turnover like a business that makes money fast.

Profitable Business Ideas

For many people opening a business is one of the right choices. However, in reality, many people do not dare to open their own business.

They are still afraid of fear especially with the possibility of failure of existing businesses such as how to market NASA products.

Basically, everyone has the opportunity to be able to open a business. For those of you who are still afraid of the failure of the business.

Then you can try these ways to open a business with small capital for beginners.

1. Determine The Type of Business That Will Be Occupied

The initial step that must be done is to determine the type of business that will be chosen as in how to start a rice business.

Simple businesses such as food stalls, snack businesses such as chips and cakes can be an option for you. Because basically, small capital businesses revolve around simple business ventures.

The type of business chosen will determine the capital that must be given. Therefore more selective in choosing the type of business that will be occupied.

Although the capital provided is small but it does not rule out the benefits obtained will be large.

2. Conduct Market Research

Before starting a business, it’s good to do in-depth market research such as roadside culinary business tips. Market research is useful to find out the most needed business opportunities in society.

Also, market research will be able to determine competitors who have the same business. From the results of the market, you will be able to get a reference to the type of business.

How to manage it and survive amid competition. You will not be able to obtain all this information without going through the market research process.

3. Calculating Capital That Must Be Discharged

After determining the type of business and analyzing the results of market research. Then you arrive at the stage of calculating venture capital that will be used.

Do a careful calculation and do not get countless supporting elements in the business as well as how to market homemade cakes.

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If the calculation shows a relatively large nominal then you should be able to take alternatives by changing the type of business or making various savings.

4. Making Savings on Operational Costs

Saving on operational costs is one way to try to start a business with small capital. Did you know that in business there are costs called fixed and variable costs?

For fixed costs, of course, we cannot mess with it. However, variable costs can still change according to usage and needs such as how to start a culinary business with small capital.

This means that capital constraints can be overcome by minimizing the variable costs that must be incurred.

5. Business Locations Without The Need To Rent

One of the biggest costs that must be incurred is the cost to rent a business location as in how to start a cake business. The more strategic the location, the higher the rental rate will be.

This is one of the obstacles experienced by many people who have small capital in opening a business. Even so, in this case, there are certainly other alternatives.

Namely by opening a home-based business but providing delivery services. So that this will be able to reduce the capital that must be spent.

You just need to add capital for fuel expenditure, which of course will not be as big as rental capital for shop or shop.

6. Rely On Your Abilities

Actually opening a business with small capital you can do enough by relying on the capabilities you have. For example, you have the expertise to cook cakes or home cooking then you can open a home-based cake shop or open a catering business.

In this case, the ability that you have is a major asset for you as well as a way to develop a culinary business.

Therefore if you have the ability and expertise in a field, do not be shy to use it. It could be that it will actually be able to produce rupiah coffers for you.

7. Use Items and Equipment

When opening a business you do not have to use new goods or equipment. As you know, that new goods will certainly have a relatively expensive price.

Unlike the case, if you use or buy a decent second item such as culinary business tips for beginners.

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Of course, the budget you have to spend will not be as big as if you have to buy new goods. So that the venture capital that you have to spend will also not be relatively large.

8. Choose Low-Cost Raw Materials

One of the things that makes a business run is the availability of raw goods or products to be sold. Good quality raw materials will certainly be offered at high prices see also tips for the consumption of sea fish business.

However, sometimes these materials have decreased prices. At that moment, your managerial skills will be tested. How do you manage expenses and store raw materials at low prices?

Or buy an abundant stock to avoid scarcity or price spikes later. This ability can be learned through processes and experiences that have been previously owned.

9. No Need To Recruit Employees

Well, there is one more cost you must spend when opening a business. For those of you who have abundant capital certainly will not be a problem to pay and recruit employees

However, it is better for those of you who have small business capital, so it is wise to reduce expenses to pay the salaries of employees to see also a successful way to stay up clothing.

So that the funds can be used for other purposes. At the beginning of the business, you should do it yourself and do not need to recruit employees.

When the business is getting ahead and bigger and turnover is increasing, at that time you should seek help by recruiting employees or employees who will help you.

10. Do a Free Promotion Through Social Media

In business, promotional costs are the largest costs that must be paid by entrepreneurs. Advertising costs, billboards, and banners are not cheap.

Of course, this can drain the contents of the bag and the capital you have to spend. For those of you who have a small capital, you should do a free promotion through social media or social networking as the key to a successful culinary business.

Although it is free, it can provide maximum results. Also, promotion through social media is one of the most effective types of promotions in the digital era as it is today.

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11. Have A Real Intent

The first point and what is important is the intention you have. In this case, the intention is the determinant for the continuity of your business.

herefore to produce a successful business must be started with a sincere intention. Do not just because you feel like going along, feel rivaled by neighbors, then you try to open a business. Also, check out how to manage small shop finance.

Even though the capital spent is relatively small if, in the end, the business fails due to half-hearted intentions. Then this can destroy your enthusiasm in the future.

Most likely this actually makes you feel lazy and reluctant to re-open the business again. You know, those who have real intentions can still fail, especially half-measures.

12. Select The Type of Business

Second, of course, is to choose the type of business that you will field. There are lots of small capital businesses that you can try like the profits of the NASA business.

Like for example the food or beverage business franchise, business selling credit, opening catering or even making handcraft.

If you have a qualified ability to process food, you can also make small culinary businesses such as fried foods, wet cakes, sell rice, soup, vegetable rice cake and much more. The expertise you have will be greater than the amount of capital you spend.

13. Prepare Capital

The third point is preparing capital. Even the slightest capital, then you have to prepare this capital correctly. Capital can be in the form of money, place or facilities.

Therefore, to reduce the amount of capital spent you must be very careful in its calculations. In a large business, capital is usually to rent a business location.

Therefore in the initial stages, you can use a private home as a business location because it will certainly reduce the capital you have to spend. Consider also the benefits of the catfish business.

14. Choose A Strategic Location

An important factor for success is the strategic location. However, this does not become a benchmark. Why? In fact, many businesses have strategic locations but seem rather lonely.

Instead, some businesses are located far away and are in a narrow alley instead of crowded by buyers. This means that the important points to open are in the chosen location.

However, more to the appeal of the business you have. Also, check out the Turkish kebab venture capital.

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15. Arrange Effective Marketing Strategies

There are so many famous products that do not need marketing but are still being looked at and bought by people. This is because the product is already known by the public.

Unlike the case with you, who will open a new business would have to do marketing as extensive as possible.

The key to a successful business is marketing, successful marketing will benefit businesses as much as a 5 million venture capital.

Therefore, arrange a marketing strategy in detail. Like making brochures, flyers, and even collaborating.

16. Use Free Promotions

Did you know the biggest budget in the business world is the cost of promotion? Displaying your product in local print media will reach into your pockets quite deeply.

However, with current technological developments, of course, we must be able to use it as an appropriate means of promotion.

There are many successful and well-known businesses only using free promotion through social media such as business opportunities that have not many competitors.

There are lots of social media and networks that you can use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM, WA, Path, Youtube and many others that you can try.

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17. No Need to Recruit Employees

Appropriately, businesses with small capital need not recruit employees first. The operational costs of recruiting employees will be very large.

Especially if you are just starting a business. It’s better to use this fee to increase your spending capital. The risk is too great if you have to pay employee salaries even though the business is not well known.

Conversely, if your business has become large and is known to be very troublesome if you are alone. Well, in this case, it is certainly very appropriate to recruit employees. Consider also the business of profitable college kids.

18. Trying To Sell Online

21st Century or better known as the millennial era where everything can now be easily obtained. Even Zama now allows us to be able to get goods that are only available overseas.

Yes, this is what is referred to as the online sales market. Nowadays people don’t want to be complicated to shop. With the integrated online shopping system, you only need to click, pay and receive goods.

Strongly supports fast-paced and high mobility. Therefore, this should also be applied to your business. Of course, the market opportunity you get will be wider.

Also, you can open business opportunities in front of Indomaret.

19 Attractive Prices

What was your first time doing the shopping? Definitely see bandrol or ask for prices. In this case, price is the main attraction of a product.

You can choose to sell products at low or high prices. However, did you know that the average Indonesian consumer likes products that have cheap prices? Although the quality is mediocre.

Of course, in this case, you must be very careful in determining the price of the product you are going to sell.

20. Be Disciplined in Business Financial Management

Discipline is an attitude that every entrepreneur must have as a small capital culinary business. In this case, many businesses go bankrupt because they are not disciplined in managing their businesses.

Although starting from small capital if you are not good at managing your business then the same thing will happen to your business.

The most important thing is as much as possible not to use money from the business, especially initial capital for personal gain. Or mix up your business and personal money. This will have a detrimental impact on you.

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21. Effort And Pray

Finally, the way to start a business with small capital is of course by continuing to try and pray. Business without prayer is futile and vice versa.

Therefore, keep trying even though there will be many obstacles and challenges. And balance it by praying and asking that all your efforts be made.


That is, 21 ways to open a business with small capital but profitable for beginners.

Hopefully, this method is useful and beneficial for you especially those who really want to have their own business.

Never be discouraged to open a business despite having a small capital. Always remember that big things always start with small things.