Friends, today I am going to tell you in this post how to do marketing and what is marketing trends in 2021.

Ok friends, let’s start with marketing trends in 2021.

Marketing Trends in 2021 You Need To Know

The end of the year is a time for us to look back and evaluate the results achieved in the old year. At the same time, this is also the time for marketers to pay special attention to new marketing trends in 2021.

The following article will provide more new perspectives on marketing trends for 2021.

1. Customer Experience is The Core

In 2021 continues to be a year of customers because the customer and the decision is in the hands of the customer. Thanks to the development of the media and search engines, guests can find out for themselves, review the prices, and a lot of information related to the products they are buying.

Customers are not waiting for you to let them know how great your product is. Instead, they will find out and make their own comparisons.

Because of this, the marketing trend is increasingly about benefits and refreshing customer experience. No more convincing, touting product features, but instead aiming to provide great customer experiences at every touchpoint on the customer journey that will make people come back to shop a lot. than.

Customer Experience (Customer experience – CX) is one of the buzzwords for marketers, but not everyone can do this well.

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73% of consumers say buying experience is an important factor that directly influences purchasing decisions, but only 49% of customers say businesses now provide them with experience. good. So what exactly makes a great CX?

Efficient, convenient, friendly, and friendly service and easy payment options are what customers appreciate in the buying experience.

Besides, factors such as technology development, personalization, easy mobile experience, brand image, and designs all add to the overall experience of the customer.

In other words, customer experience is always at the forefront of all your marketing strategies. The goal is to provide a seamless, engaging and content-based experience. It is not surprising that many of the CX (Customer experience) functions will be promoted in 2021.

2. Improve The Working Quality of Employees

If efficient and friendly service is the cornerstone of great customer experience. So how can you provide and maintain this service? The answer is, of course, at your staff.

Many studies also show that up to 46% of consumers will give up a brand if employees do not know the product and have a bad attitude in the purchasing process.

Although you have launched many campaigns to attract customers, in the end, the person directly contacting and talking to customers is the employee, not you.

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In other words, employees are the face of the whole business, so focusing on training good employees, improving customer service is an important part of your marketing strategy.

It is not natural that big businesses always focus on training and providing good compensation policies for their employees.

You cannot expect employees to care about your customers if they themselves are not satisfied with their work and do not really believe in what you are doing for them.

3. Focus on The Image

While advances in voice search certainly affect the way we create content now and in the future, you shouldn’t neglect to focus on images. Research has shown that people prefer reading content with accompanying images rather than plain text.

You just need to look at the development of image-centric platforms like Pinterest or Instagram to assess how the impact of images on consumers is.

Search by image is also initially taking off. Google, Pinterest, and several other companies are also investing in image search technology.

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Google implements a reverse image search (to help users retrieve similar photos or information related to that photo).

Pinterest introduced the “Lens feature” in early 2018 and the social networking platform says its users conduct 600 million searches monthly with this feature.

Images are always easier to remember than written content. Adding data images, infographics, videos to your text not only makes the content more interesting and interesting, but it also makes your message easy to remember in the minds of customers.

4. Personalize Customer Experience

“When using the right personalized content, businesses can increase marketing efficiency by up to 15% and save 30% of the budget – Harvard Business Review”

The strong development of social networks ( Facebook, Zalo, Instagram …) makes traditional media such as TVC, newspapers, outdoor advertising boards … increasingly lose effectiveness.

In addition, customers also fragment into many different segments. This makes it difficult for marketers to come up with effective marketing strategies.

Consumers today are flooded with marketing information coming from many different channels. They actively choose the information they want to access and eliminate unnecessary and disturbing information.

o personalizing the message is considered an inevitable trend to create success that you need to continue to focus on in 2021.

The “Share A Coke” campaign launched by Coca-Cola in Australia in 2011 and then in the US in 2014 is an example of the success of personalized marketing. Coca-Cola did not neglect its young customers by printing some popular names on their cans and bottles.

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At the same time, the company also held a photography contest with the name “Take a selfie with your own can”, “Map of the name will be printed on the bottle of Coca – Cola”.

It is this strategy that has raised the marketing level of the company and made it a phenomenon that makes customers surprised and interested.

In fact, all the ideas in this campaign of Coca – Cola is deeply personal and successful in the world, including Vietnam.

Personalization does not stop at automatically calling customers’ names when sending emails, messages … With improvements in technology such as AI combined with customer data acquisition and insights from the media.

Social media as well as from different sources can help us personalize everything from design content to products and more.

5. Convert Marketing Strategy

As you are reading about upcoming marketing trends for 2021 in this article, it’s easy to think that marketing success can be achieved by making a list of good practices and Apply the latest technology.

However, the business is increasingly complex. To be successful in 2021, you need to think beyond what you are doing and connect everything closely.

Certain marketing objectives must be consistent with the overall goals of the business.

“Transformation of marketing strategies” is the term used to describe changing the basic processes of the business with new business strategies.

Going through a marketing transformation can help companies improve their experience, customer service, enhance their reputation, and ultimately gain brand recognition by increasing sales and profits.

Businesses achieve results by combining data collection, using modern technology, building customer relationships, engaging with customers online, publishing quality content and improving online experience.

All of this is part of a basic strategy that affects every department and employees in the company, not just marketers.

Your strategic marketing plan must identify which marketing goals and tactics will be used to reach customers including content marketing, SEO, email, social media, advertising, and marketing. offline.

Finally, provide a plan for how all parts of the organization will be involved in this new marketing strategy.

Put simply, a marketing strategy is no longer just the responsibility of marketers or leaders. Convert marketing strategies in time to ensure that the reputation of the business, customer relationships and the entire customer experience are always focused on all business activities.

6. Featured Excerpts

With the rise of mobile and voice search, people are changing the way they use search engines like Google. Becoming number one in the first search engine results is no longer the main goal that businesses should aim for. The search behavior is gradually changing and the fact that you will seek information appears fastest.

The featured snippets come with some information so you don’t have to click on the website to get the information you’re looking for anymore because it’s now on Google’s Search results page.

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Information can appear in many places, but the most searched location is at the top of the page, before the list of unpaid pages. This position is called “the position of those who rank zero”.

Because it is often the only information that searchers will see and is the goal that every business is always aiming for. Brands are still trying to figure out how to get to zero and if you can push your business’s posts to this position, you will have a huge advantage over your competitors.

7. Search By Voice

Search by voice is growing and there are no signs of stopping. This will continue to be one of the factors that businesses need to focus on content creation and online marketing.

It is predicted that voice search will account for 47% of all searches by 2021. Consumers also hope to use voice search more in the future with 61% of people aged 25-64 who have used mobile devices, smart speakers intend to use it more when integrated search feature by voice.

Besides new challenges, voice search also offers interesting opportunities. The brand Tequila Patrón has partnered with Amazon Alexa (the virtual assistant developed by Amazon) to help users when searching by voice can easily find the brand.

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Specifically, when searching for cocktail recipes, Amazon Alexa will provide recipes from Tequila Patrón for users to easily choose and follow.

This not only helps increase brand awareness and visibility but also allows users to shop for products directly from the displayed results.

Even if your business is not ready for voice search integration, it is important that your content is optimized for voice search.

Voice searchers use longer, more frequent keywords, so focus on long articles and answer questions directly to make it easy to find. This contributes to the article is more likely to be selected as a prominent quote or position 0 on Google.

8. AI / Automation

Will 2021 be the year of the rise of the robot?

We have seen tremendous advances in AI over the past few years as well as a huge increase in the number of businesses using technology and automation to support their marketing efforts.

AI is one of the main technologies behind voice search and smart assistants. It also makes chatbots popular and appears on many websites.

AI technology and automation are helping eliminate some of the hard work in marketing so brands can focus on strategy and create a great customer experience.

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Remember, people are always the most important factor in marketing and customer care. Therefore, you should only consider using technology as a part of making marketing effective, not a complete alternative to human work.

Much of the data being powered and analyzed by AI is also helping businesses better understand customer portraits while personalizing customer experience on each touchpoint.

9. Focus on Retention and Build Customer Loyalty

Providing a great customer experience is making sure that the customer experience (CX) is happening and focusing on keeping your existing customers, rather than just attracting new customers.

Old customers always bring more value than new customers. The cost to attract a new customer is five times that of retaining an old customer.

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Loyal customers also help increase reputation and brand awareness when they are always talking about your business and products with friends and family.

10. Live Video

Live video is extremely popular with consumers and is expected to be worth more than $ 70 billion by 2021. On average, people spend more time watching live video, 3 times longer than watching videos. record first.

This is also arguably the most popular way for consumers to learn about new products. So why is live video so popular?

In fact, when a live element is added to a video, it makes the video more appealing because viewers feel they are part of it and can interact, impact content instead of just passively watching it.

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Live video is an effective way to attract special customers’ attention to social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. These types of videos are very appealing to viewers because of their high reliability, continuous interaction and especially hit the “fear of missing” mentality.

When you’re not sure whether the live video contains the information you’re interested in or the compelling opportunities that only appear during the life broadcasts, that means you must be one of those people. Watch first if you don’t want to miss the information you are interested in.

Now it’s time to start planning your marketing strategy. Make sure you start the new year with a clear plan of goals and how to achieve them. With the 10 marketing trends that Subiz brings, are you ready to build a perfect marketing strategy for 2021?