Make Money And Spend Money, Which is More Important?

Do not know where to start, the term ” financial business ” appears in the vision of the community, so what does ” financial business ” mean?

Simply put, it is a person’s understanding of money, ability and wisdom to capture money, leave money for me to use, not to let money be an expression of decisions. High financial level.

There are two main aspects: the first is the ability to understand money correctly, the second is the ability to use money correctly. There is a view that making money and spending money is the same, a person who knows how to spend money is a person who makes money. Using reasonable money to serve yourself, can create more assets.

The real feeling is that, in fact there are many examples of this, some people deposit money into banks, do not dare to spend, in this way the property will gradually lose, each year depreciation Money is not enough. Even if they buy lottery to make money, they cannot manage their assets well.

I have seen a sentence like the following, who said I could not remember, the idea is that “everyone can make money, beggars can also rely on their labor to make money. But when it comes to spending money, most people are not doing well, even the good philosophers and managers of philosophy or those with financial skills are not sure to do this well.

After that, some people also said that even money does not know what to spend, what do we calculate to do? In fact, I would like to say that the actual value of money is not the value on the surface, the same amount of money, how to spend it eventually to know its effectiveness, is not the same.

The worse the result is, the money is gone, but things haven’t been done yet. So, the amount of money to spend still needs to be spent, only to spend money to earn a lot of money. Ancient people have a very good saying: money is earned but not saved.


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