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Love Between Customers And Businesses

Like all relationships in society, the relationship between customers and businesses also need empathy, care, and sharing.

Any kind of affection needs to be cultivated. Instead of thinking of complex math problems, try to think, if you love someone and want that person to love you, what will you do?

1. Say Your Feelings

One very simple thing is, when you love someone, tell that to them. For customers as well. Tell them how much you appreciate them because they have decided to choose you.

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A job is simple and time-consuming, but 83% of respondents said that they enjoyed it, even excited when businesses thanked or showed their love.

2. Always Listen and Be Ready To Listen

Without listening and sharing with each other, certainly, a relationship is unlikely to become close. It’s the same with your customers.

Always show a willingness to listen: there are hotlines, live chat, email, fan page social networks … so customers can interact at any time.

Most importantly, you must really “listen” to your customers to understand and help them solve problems. No one likes the feeling of being abandoned in a relationship.

3. Treat Them Like They Are Single, Pay Attention From The Small Things

Everyone is excited when someone remembers small things about himself and treats himself in a different way from others.

In customer relationships with businesses, it is called insight and personalization. Instead of an email after the purchase with the general content.

“Thank you for purchasing our product”, send a personalized email with other product suggestions based on history. see products, favorite categories …

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“Thank you, Hoang, for buying high-quality southwestern shoes James Blanc. It’s great to combine these shoes with khaki shirts and pants, check out our suggestions below. ”

Over 70% of the buying experience is based on how customers feel they are treated and the above-personalized actions will be the best way to optimize these experiences!

4. Get Wrong and Correct

Nothing is perfect, there will be times when you make others angry. The longer it takes you to recognize mistakes and make corrections, the higher your risk of a broken relationship.

Sometimes, customers will experience incomplete or even angry experiences. Quickly apologize to customers, take responsibility and find solutions to problems they encounter.

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Over 82% of customers have shared: the most important factor in deciding a perfect experience is the ability to solve problems quickly and promptly.

You can also consider a “compensation” for customers such as refunds, free shipping, discount vouchers for later transactions … This is completely similar to the sorry gift you send to your friends. his.

5. Cherish The Relationship

Loyalty is an important element in any relationship, never let new friends and new relationships make you abandon and distract old friends who have accompanied you time ago.

The business-customer relationship is no exception. Even the element of loyalty also affects the profitability of the business when the cost to attract new customers is 5-6 times higher than the cost to retain old customers.

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More than 60% of small businesses share that more than half of their profits come from old customers.

Embark on creating gratitude programs so your loyal customers can see how you value your companionship!

6. Give Flowers or Some Small Gift!

This will be an interesting highlight for a relationship, a reminder. If one day you received a handwritten card from a long-time friend who was not in touch, how would you feel?

The digital world makes people interact more virtual with each other, so surely the very “real” gifts, containing the sentiment of such senders, will bring a different experience.

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This may not be the business strategy you need to use in all cases, however, you can consider it.

According to Walker Info, customer experience will be a substitute for price and quality to become a brand’s different competitive point by every year.

So take advantage of each small advantage to create a breakthrough, such as For example, this “flower” strategy.