Are you a prospective businessman who is looking for a business idea? If so, of course, you hope to find a business that promises not only benefits for the present, but also for the future. Well, this time we will discuss 25 promising business opportunities for the long term. Anything? Let’s watch together!

1. Online Business

If you are a novice businessman who is looking for a long-term business idea, then a profitable online business is certainly what you are looking for and is a worthy alternative for you to try.

Along with the development of internet technology, you can choose good business ideas with minimal capital and even online businesses without capital by becoming a dropshipper without capital.

2. Franchising

Next, there is a franchise business, aka a franchise. There are many types of franchises that you can choose according to your interests and the amount of capital you have.

3. Web Designer

A web designer is also an alternative that you should consider. As the name implies, you are tasked with designing a website for various purposes, both by companies and individuals. If you have talent and expertise in the IT field, then you can try this business.

4. Graphic Design

Apart from web designers, graphic design services are also quite loved by beginner business people, especially those who are young. Graphic design services are needed by many people, from t-shirt designs to book covers, company profiles, and many more. The wide market share for this service makes it worth considering, especially if you have expertise in graphic design.

5. Digital Marketer

In an era of technological development like now, door-to-door marketing is one of the outdated strategies and needs to be upgraded to the digital realm. To become a digital marketer, you only need to create at least five websites and fill them with content so that it is crowded with visitors. Then all you have to do is offer advertising services through GoogleAds. Easy, right?

6. Food Stalls

This business is all over the place. But who would have thought that this business had a business opportunity that had long-term prospects? In fact, this business is called one of the businesses that are never empty of visitors because basic food is the main need of people from various walks of life.

7. Electronics Store

Such rapid technological development with the presence of new features that facilitate human work automatically increases the demand for electronic goods, especially smartphones. This business is predicted to last in the long term as technological developments will continue.

8. Property Business

The property business includes leasing and buying and selling of land, houses, and buildings, namely assets whose prices have never decreased. The benefits of the property business are large. Only by being a broker are you entitled to get a commission of at least 2% of the selling price of the property assets you sell. Want to try?

9. Travel

High-stress levels make the travel business busy with enthusiasts. Starting from traveling locally to abroad, many people rely more on their vacation plans to travel agents. Even though this business requires a lot of relationships and a lot of capital, this business is predicted to last in the long term. Moreover, if your travel agent often gets positive comments from customers.

10. Tutoring

If you enjoy teaching and have a sufficient understanding of academics, then you can try setting up tutoring. The capital you need is not much, but the profits you get per day can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of rupiah.

11. Culinary

Do you have a hobby of cooking or have a passion for the culinary field? If so, why don’t you try the culinary business? This business promises long-term benefits, not even a few culinary businesses have been around for generations. Are you interested? You can start looking for references to some of the best-selling culinary businesses and try various food recipes.

12. Motor Repair

Motorbikes are the most common mode of transportation used by the community. For this reason, a motorbike repair shop is a business that is needed to maintain every component in a motorbike so that it can be used for a long time. The wide market share makes the motorcycle repair business opportunities look promising, especially in the long term.

13. Building Materials

Development is one aspect of human needs. To do this, of course, we need some materials that are not sold in any shop, but only in building materials stores. This business is classified as rare in demand, but precisely for this reason, building material shop owners can quickly return on investment and get abundant profits.

14. Flower Shop

The use of flowers as a symbol of official greetings for building openings, starting a new business, congratulations, and condolences, makes flower shops have the potential to generate profits and be able to survive in the long term. Are you interested in trying?

15. Printing Services

Printing services are much needed, especially by students and university students. The benefits of this business are actually quite large, but the capital required is not small, depending on what kind of printing business suits you, whether printing services for documents or banner printing.

16. Electric Credit

In the modern era like now, the existence of smartphones or smartphones has been transformed into one of the primary needs in people’s lives. This has triggered the emergence of several business opportunities, one of which is the buying and selling of electric pulses.

As we know, any sophisticated smartphone will not function properly without an electric pulse. Also, electrical pulses help us to stay connected to internet services provided by providers. This is where the market share for entrepreneurs who sell electric pulses is formed.

Some of the reasons for choosing this business include:

  • Easy to run by all levels of society of all ages, and suitable for beginners
  • Big profit anyway
  • Wide market share, so you can make profits every day

Are you interested in trying?

17. Breakfast Menu

Do you like to cook? If so, selling breakfast menus might be the right business idea for you. Due to reasons of busyness and no time, many people prefer to buy breakfast outside rather than cook themselves. So by targeting people who have such habits, you can open a business selling breakfast menus.

You don’t need big capital, you just need to change the function of your vehicle or front porch as a place to sell. You also don’t need to cook in large quantities, but at least make sure your food is in good condition even if consumed during lunch though.

You only need to prepare several types of menus to be sold, such as sandwiches or a variety of processed rice that are suitable for consumption in the morning such as fried rice, mixed rice, pecel rice, and others. Before starting this business, it is better if you add your insight into the types of culinary businesses and how to open a culinary business.

18. Selling Photos on the Internet

Are you a typical person who has a hobby in photography? If so, then it’s time for you to make your hobby a source of additional income. You can take the best possible picture of the landscape around you and then upload it to a photo sales page such as or

This allows you to earn a commission in the range of 15 to 30 percent per photo. Oh yes, don’t forget to create a Paypal account because commissions are usually sent via Paypal.

19. Language Translator

English is a language that is recognized and used globally. Therefore, it is not wrong if some companies require employees to be fluent in English. This profession is related to one’s language skills. It doesn’t have to be English, but if you feel you have foreign language skills then you already have the main capital in running this business. Yes, as a language translator.

Language translation services are needed by many people, especially when writing scientific journals, abstracts for theses and scientific papers, articles, and even some other important documents.

You can find people who need this service through part-time worker sites such as,, and The tariff for the translator business is currently around Rp 50 per word. So if you are asked to translate a document of 500 words, you will get IDR 25,000. If you can translate as many as 10 pages of 500 words each, then you can get an income of Rp. 250,000 per day. Not bad, right?

20. Graphic Design

Do you have talent in graphic design? If so, you can use this talent as a source of additional income. Just like language translators, not everyone has expertise in graphic design. While graphic design services are widely used to create company logos, business cards, mascots, posters, booths or selling booths, and others. Thus, this business has a wide market share.

The problem is, how do you find your clients? Don’t worry, you can take advantage of sites that offer to freelance. If you have a Paypal account as a medium of payment then you can also use well-known international sites. You have the opportunity to get daily money as income provided you can work on client requests in a short period of time.

21. Dropshipper

The first option is to become a drop shipper. The advantage of being a drop shipper is that you can start doing business even without capital. You also don’t need to provide a place to store things. The only capital you need is a marketing network ( network ) that you can form by doing the best possible promotional activities.

If you still don’t understand the mechanism as a drop shipper, then make sure you find out about how to sell dropshipper style and how to become a dropshipper without capital before starting to become a drop shipper.

22. Franchising

Next, you can open a franchise business. The advantage of choosing this type of business is that you don’t have to think about the concept to be carried, how management works, and what kind of marketing strategy can be applied.

You only need to provide general things such as a strategic location, employees, product raw materials, and production machines if needed, as well as an amount of investment money to be paid to the franchisor. Indeed, the weakness of this type of business is that you need a large capital. However, this business has the opportunity to generate huge profits and in a relatively short time.

There are various types of franchises that you can reference, ranging from food and beverages such as boba, thai tea, and the like, to daily necessities.

If you are interested, you might want to start by broadening your horizons about what types of franchises are and how franchises work. Adding your references regarding franchising will help you determine business opportunities that have long prospects that are suitable for your capital.

23. Laundry Kilos

There are also businesses in the service sector that you deserve to be an alternative because they are relatively fast generating profits for their owners. The laundry business is considered to be a solution for some people who don’t have time to wash their clothes because they are too busy with work.

There are several advantages of the laundry business that you need to know before starting, including that it can be done at home, does not require employees because it can be done alone, and the wide market share considering this service is needed by all groups.

24. Web Designer

Are you classified as proficient in the science and technology field? If so, you can use these skills to generate income. Not everyone can become a web designer. Even though in the modern era like today, the use of the web is widely used as a promotional medium, especially by companies.

In general, companies pay a minimum of IDR 3,700,000 per month to hire a web designer. However, if you have expertise in developing a company website ( web developer ) and can work freelance ( freelancers ) then your salary could be doubled or even more.

25. Online Marketer

When you are surfing the internet and opening certain sites, of course, you are familiar with the existence of the advertisements listed there, and you only need one click so you can connect to the official sites of sellers who promote their products. Well, online marketers play an important role there.

As we know, in the modern era when the use of the internet is like a primary need, as it is now, the most effective promotional activities are carried out online.

The job of an online marketer is to provide a site that provides a variety of information that attracts visitors so that entrepreneurs who intend to advertise their products glance at them.

Not only that, but online marketers are also tasked with placing advertisements on their sites. From there, online marketers will be paid for their services to promote products. One application that is often used in this business is GoogleAds.

The income that online marketers earn per month varies widely, but what is clear is that it reaches millions of rupiah. Even though the capital required is not much.

You only need the cost of creating and maintaining at least 5 websites, and you have the opportunity to earn from GoogleAds up to millions of rupiah per month. Interested in trying?


Those are 25 types of easy-to-grow businesses that quickly generate abundant money. Remember that making money quickly does not mean opening a business today and receiving a profit tomorrow. A business requires a process of making money. Therefore, don’t give up hastily. I hope this article is useful!