Learn How To Manage Cafes Efficiently From Starbucks

Starbucks is a chain of American coffee companies, founded in 1971 and based in Seattle, Washington, USA. This is also the largest coffee chain in the world. Starbucks is one of the popular synonyms for students and urban shareholders in the United States and Canada. In addition to selling coffee, Starbucks also offers tea, cakes and other items.

The standard of serving customers at Starbucks is after every employee calling the staff will immediately work for the customer. Giving customers a cup of solid coffee, unique flavors and fragrances is a typical weapon of Starbucks.

However, Starbucks’ success is often to have innovations to provide the right goods and services in a consistent service atmosphere. For example, limited flavor locally, porcelain cups, etc.

In recent years, efforts and efficiency have been implemented in many aspects such as green environmental protection and fair trade.

Although coffee in Vietnam is very popular and popular, but when Starbucks appears in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, it is inevitable that consumers are curious to come here to enjoy the coffee brand. international. Although now in an era of economic recession, Starbucks is not the cheapest option but always the first choice of consumers.

Many people think that Starbucks is the best place to spend time studying. It is said that in some people’s thinking, Starbucks succeeded in occupying a certain position. The word brand, service and air are all in line with consumer preferences.

Starbucks knows that they “have no high technology, no patents.” Therefore, they develop positively and implement “complete success” based on the relationship between employees and businesses, creating Starbucks features and build a reputation among consumers to achieve their eye-catching brand.

This brand emphasizes the humanity and quality of coffee, provides consumers with the best coffee products, this is also the most comfortable place to relax, providing a beautiful environment with design concepts. Unique space. So do you know what the marketing success of Starbucks brand is?

Starbucks’ marketing success is not without reason. In front of the giant coffee market and many coffee brands, Starbucks continues to introduce products that can touch people’s hearts, giving consumers a deep impression and emotional value.

Starbucks firmly believes that the strategy of creating relationships with employees and nurturing employee loyalty to best customer service staff can be an important step for the brand to continue. Even if Starbucks has a large number of customers, it still feels pressured and constantly promotes marketing.

Although people are willing to spend today, there are still many people who do not pay attention to the quality of coffee. They think that Starbucks’ consumer prices are very high, they are willing to choose a cheaper coffee and not too bad quality. So if faced with such a group of consumers, Starbucks will lose some customers.

However, Starbucks also offers a package plan or another method to increase added value, enhance interaction between employees and consumers. Thanks to the interaction with a large number of consumers, Starbucks’ marketing strategy has succeeded and won the world’s coffee title.


How did Starbucks establish an inseparable relationship with customers? In fact, no matter which market Starbucks participates in, there is no strong advertising on the media. Why so? Because the entire cost of Starbucks advertising strategy is for employees and consumers. Simply put, mainly rely on employees to market.

So how did Starbucks do that?

Marketing strategy 4P refers to Product, Price (Price), Location (Place), Marketing (Promotion).


Starbucks emphasized not only selling coffee but also selling air at Starbucks. In Starbucks stores offer elegant jazz, beautiful graphics and tones. Comfortable sofas and strong local culture. Keep a little American style so that consumers can feel it.

The meaning of the product includes:

Core products (benefits) : Coffee. Starbucks provides consumers with aromatic and rich coffee to reduce stress in busy life.

Basic products : Coffee-based innovative coffee products that meet seasonal needs or consumer needs.

Expected product : Starbucks gives consumers a coffee-like, comfortable environment and many coffee-related products or incentives.

Additional products (potential): Stores do not regularly organize extracurricular sessions to create experiences, share experiences and increase light food supplies.


Starbucks advertises “entertainment life” in the sense of not only selling a cup of high quality coffee but also a place for busy modern people to relax. Therefore, Starbucks product prices will be higher, with coffee being the key product.

Starbucks does not play discounted games, but in order to establish good relationships with customers, Starbucks has promoted accompanying cards and shared relevant experiences to establish a clear shared spirit in price strategy.


Starbucks stores are often opened at department stores, train stations, stations, and so on. Most are places that are easy to see, easy to buy, and according to four elements of Starbucks design style are land, fire, water, and gas. Developing four different design styles, helping Starbucks’ image recognition and consumer experience in different marketing channels, achieve considerable recognition.


Starbucks products are often designed to launch promotions with festivals that aim to increase sales: celebrate Christmas, share with friends, buy one, and so on.

In addition, Starbucks also makes good use of the Internet and smart handsets to implement applications to promote sharing benefits. Of the limited public costs, Starbucks received enthusiastic feedback.


In the service industry, Starbucks does not deal with relevant marketing methods like other common brands. Starbucks does not support and follow the low cost path, but instead pays attention to employees and consumers.

For example, Starbucks will focus on sharing concepts (for example, a 1-for-1 buy program), so that all employees in the company do this, set up and create a typical Starbucks atmosphere. thereby creating the desired performance.

At the same time, Starbucks has set up precise standardization management to make all standards reach. Through professional management and intensive services, Starbucks consumers can experience different cultural tastes and unique humanitarian environments.

Although there are many branches, Starbucks still tries its best to tell everyone that every store has its own story. They invite consumers to celebrate and reward consumers for buying 1 get 1 free for celebrations.

The same effect can be achieved without relying on word of mouth marketing. Such special promotions not only make customers happy but also achieve the effect of real promotion through sharing to attract more consumers.


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