Learn How To Do Rich From The Rich Man’s Way of Making Money

LEARN HOW TO MAKE A WAY from the Rich People ‘s Way to Make Money, the Real Thinking of the Rich People Divided into 10 Classes, Only 1% of the wealth – oriented people can be enlightened. How can money be made, really rich people do they have unique thoughts and good qualities, how do they ultimately accumulate wealth and go beyond reach of ordinary people? Where is the distance between us and the rich? To know the answer, continue to look forward to it.

A person has nothing in hand, how to get rich overnight? How can people earn millions of dollars a year? How to get a capital of 1 million to earn 100 million in the shortest time?

It is not the second generation, the giants of the second generation, but if the peasant family wants to become a material that can be successful?

What I want is maybe in my hometown near my parents, opening a few shops, not having to make too much money just need financial freedom.

Since the advent of human civilization, there has been a theory that ordinary people go on to get rich and become rich is an extremely attractive thing. For those with optimistic thinking they compare wealth with the phrase “what does a living person mean?”

Therefore, today I will put the issues below aside “is it really important?” but can’t afford to buy a house, should I break up with him? ”, I will simply talk about practical issues, discussing to clarify this:

How can money be made, really rich people do they have unique thoughts and good qualities, how do they ultimately accumulate wealth and go beyond reach of ordinary people? Where is the distance between us and the rich? To know the answer, continue to look forward to it.

The current friend who has an unhappy life is the one who has outstanding academic achievements while still in school, and now they are all living in Vietnam. When they were in school, they were the ones with very high scores, the ones who had the highest achievements were them. They were the teachers’ pride and the idol of many other students.

Although their salaries are still higher than their peers, they found that the salary for 3 years of work was still not enough for them to buy a toilet in Hanoi city. So they feel the world treats them unfairly.

In the course of long-term learning and maturity, our generation has a high degree of unity in the successful implementation of career awareness (in fact, making a lot of money):

Study hard, first pass a high school entrance exam, then choose a good university, be a good expert, find a high-paying job, work hard to become a manager high level, from there a happy life. That is the goal of many people’s lives.

But it was not until the society came out that it was imbued with the fact that a detailed plan of beautiful life for 20 years was far from reality, very far away. Why is that?

Strictly speaking, this is because in the current structure of the economy in Vietnam, the profitability of companies, the level of asset bubbles is much higher than the level of compensation that businesses can pay for high quality technical talent.

To put it bluntly, the idea of ​​making money from traditional education for students is not suitable for the current society, which means that the more questions there are on paper, the more money there will be. However, this has nothing to do with the wealth distribution in the real world, at least not in line with Vietnam’s current economic situation.

Take a simple example to illustrate what constitutes a company’s profit to determine student income. For example, if you are an executive of a pastry shop, the company’s business idea in the United States is to find the best bakery maker, offer the best cakes, sell it to the whole world, get the number. High quality products and high market share for gross profit and pay for high-wage chefs.

Moreover, the owners of Vietnamese bakeries discovered that their cakes could not be better than American cakes. A lot of Vietnamese consumers do not consume sweet cakes strongly.

The way to actually earn money is to provide regular products but the quality of the product must be guaranteed and qualified. Through a number of exclusive sales channels, cakes are sold in the form of large orders for customers who do not have too high requirements for the quality of the cakes.

So the quality of the cake is not important. Employees who can sign orders for the company are the most valuable thing for the company. At the same time, traditional Vietnamese education instills in us that the more delicious the cake, the more money will be earned in the future.

Just talking about the US and Vietnam is not called absolute, we can change to other cities or countries for testing, can also be exchanged for Internet companies and factories. However, your salary is determined by the company’s profit and the level of your contribution to the company’s profit.

It is hard to imagine that it is everyone’s common sense, but not everyone who learns how to get rich from empty hands, I find that countless people around me are completely ignorant of common arguments. Usually, especially those who graduate from famous schools, they hate having to get their degrees to ask for money from the government, and tell people that this life is cheating on them.

The pain of life is mainly due to false expectations, being aware of the rules of things that will not allow you to immediately get to wealth but at least make you quickly give up stupid fantasies. stupid The kind of wealthy person you really want is not the one who achieves high wages because of your ability.

Strictly speaking, even in Vietnam with a high level you can get a high salary, in the end to achieve financial freedom is not impossible not only with high difficulty and extreme hardship. Without the extraordinary innate conditions and the top skill training process, most of what everyone learns is not capable of making the volunteer boss pay you a salary beyond your salary. average in the market.

When you learn how to get rich and rich, If you have a little understanding of how to get rich in most companies in Vietnam, then you can understand the skills to gain income and difficulties. The towel needs to pass by the sales manager, the project leader who connects the group to the customer.

Chris Rock, a famous American comedian, spoke on a talk show: the most American blacks in America are wealth, but cannot be healthy. The annual salary is US $ 20 million, which is rich. The white men who signed up for the other black people were called rich.

In fact, the most popular rich people around us are in the second person category. They are not more skilled than people, but people who integrate many resources called bosses, this is the focus of this article.

It is worth mentioning that in a modern business environment, not 100% owners of traditional companies are called bosses. The project investor, the company’s partner, the decorative supervisor, the grandmother of the night club, arranged for a group of small brothers to pick up the old iPhone in Sanli and sit next to the smoker, etc. . But those who directly initiated and promoted business as I observed were bosses.

The rich people you really want to be, are not people with extraordinary skills but people who seek resources and integrate resources. This is the secret that the school and parents never tell you. Of course, they didn’t tell you the possibility because they themselves probably never thought of it.

Psychological self-protection will determine the destiny of the poor. The self-rational psychology of human natural habits determines that most people are poor. If you don’t believe it, you can see how many people around you want to share things about wealthy entrepreneurs.

Bill Gates’s book does not tell you that his mother is IBM’s director, but does not tell you that she gave her son the first big business. Warren Buffett’s book only tells you that he was eight years old when he went to the New York Stock Exchange, but didn’t tell you that his father was a congressman and took him to the board and received the director of Goldman Sachs. to pick up.

There is a strong intrinsic self-defense mechanism in our hearts that constantly suggests to you, only your own ideas and choices are the best and most sensible. But when the brain scans information about people and things that make them seem ignorant and incompetent, this defense mechanism starts quickly, gathering all the clues to prove that they’re lucky for some. objective factors.

If you have the same objective conditions as them, you may be better than them. Moreover, in case these successful people are very familiar with them, the inner protection mechanism will be even stronger. (People who do not trade stocks this year see around them stock players who are losing money and losing money, they will be happier than they themselves are).

Just like when we went to school, we were passionate about discussing that people who are good at learning are nerds and not interesting, beautiful girls just like empty men driving a car. sport car. But when we grow up, we talk about our colleagues promoting because of their relationship with their leaders, successful classmates because the family has given a lot of money to start a business, and so they fail. long when learning how to do business with an old way of thinking and a path.

The mind of the poor is very agile, if the above reasons cannot be found, as well as a last resort of assassins. They are fortunate. Yes, this innate self-defense maintains social stability, reduces suicide rates, and allows a very small number of people to overcome this kind of heart and become rich.

In summary, the poor believe that the gap between people is determined by objective conditions, and the rich believe that the determinant of this gap is subjective initiative.

The habit of thinking of the poor is: rich people are young men, second generation giants or having a lucky relationship, I myself do not have so I can not do. If I have these conditions, I can also do that.

For example: Why is his writing so good, because he is just a college student who has a lot of time to read and write everything on paper, and I am a busy employee with management Business every day, otherwise I write better than him.

Do not break this self-protection, it is difficult to escape the fate of a person without anything. Unfortunately, most of them are immersed in self-comfort, from underestimating their dreams to being ambitious, ultimately feeling faint and wanting to surrender.

The thoughts of the wealthy are the integration of resources rather than the availability of resources. If you can only read one paragraph in this article, it is precisely reading this paragraph that can also change someone’s lifestyle.

In fact, the poor do not have to commit themselves to volunteering their whole life to get paid, they are just waiting for the opportunity, forever just waiting for the opportunity.

When I was studying in the United States, I was surprised to find that all foreign students went with their parents on the same path to the top of their lives. I have found a great company to work for many years to gain work experience, continue to study prestigious MBA, become a senior manager of a multinational company and eventually move to Vietnam working as a regional manager for Vietnam.

After a time called maturity, with experience and relationships accumulated over the years, I jumped out to start my own business and finally succeeded in my business.

It seems that a perfect life strategy is the classic thinking of the poor, the poor always think that every step of the rich is carried by others, so wait until the time is ripe, all already mature, the acquired resources can begin. It is not surprising to say that the day they wait will never come.

What they cannot understand is that there are other small groups in the world that have similar objective conditions, but they do things that they feel inaccessible.

Those people, who do not have the capital, find friends to borrow money, find investors, even go to the bank to borrow money, do not know anything for themselves or go to a qualified person to work. for myself; without relationships, finding a person to introduce people to invite them to eat and give cake gifts many times; There are no customers, phone each person to ask or even come to the office to meet them.

These people are the legendary boss that people often mention and learn how to get rich from their business.

According to the thought that the poor are willing to act, the process of trading high-end American products should be considered as follows:

Nick’s college friends graduated from college and quickly conducted consumer market research, after graduating from Stanford, he entered Sephora headquarters in the US as a sales director. .

After 5 years of work, he moved to work at the cosmetic channel of Tmall International, after working for several more years, he owned a large number of supplies and created a commercial team Excellent electronics. Finally, in 2026, Jumei Excellent Products was founded. Later …

Nick’s actual business process is not detailed here. There has been a lot of relevant news on social media, but is it really his experience before, or just a fake, or because of his family relationship, the amount of money His family provided, … How did he know that the e-commerce boom will take place?

It was simply because he decided to go into e-commerce cosmetics, he was brave, he dared to do it and he went beyond the number of people with similar objective conditions and good conditions. more than him only.

In fact, when you really start to become a resource integration boss you will discover that previous resources and relationships are as good as you think, any business from the number of 0 comes when something is inevitable and goes through a phase where there are absolutely no customers. Do you really think that you have the resources and the ready source that you will be able to become?

Remember, the boss’s nature is to find resources, and then integrate resources, not those with available resources.

Moreover, all business opportunities contain a large number of unknown factors, and argue that human judgment about accepting an unknown is very limited. A good boss is good at quickly adjusting his business activities based on the situation, rather than prescribing everything.

Can you imagine the founder of Amazon when he sells books online, he has planned the company’s business including e-reader, e-commerce, streaming media, cloud computing, machines. drone?

Why are the poor waiting for opportunities but not coming? When you see everything, it is clear that the market soon has people rushing to clear everything. Real good opportunities are always present and unclear.

Similar ethics does not only exist in the business world, the best opportunities in people’s lives are almost always when you are not fully prepared.

I remember when I first came to the United States, I heard that a high school math rep came to New Oriental to become a TOEFL teacher. Classmates in the class talked about this issue, and most voices were suspicious and ridiculous, because everyone knew that when he was in high school, he learned well because of his outstanding results in mathematics and physics, and English proficiency is not good at all.

They thought it was not wrong at all, later I learned that this friend did not even check through the TOEFL test at that time. But it is also because of this that he has had such success today. At first, the test results made him afraid, causing his dream of dreaming to collapse. Therefore, he goes home crazy every day to prepare for English and it is not easy to persevere today.

Two years later, those who had mocked him found that he had become a TOEFL teacher at New Oriental, the public class appeared on the New Oriental website and students enrolled throughout North America. After that, I silently watched his videos and found that he spoke English no less than the Oriental teachers who I admired.

You see, the people who really work, the process of looking at the real thing is like this, I have to do this, I’m missing something to find a way to fight for it to make a career. and achieve success. And those who do nothing forever sit there waiting for opportunities and opportunities will not naturally come, only they are aging over time.


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