Learn How To Do Business Online, 10 Rules For Success

Learning how to do business, Firstly : before opening an online business shop, we need to: do a good job of preparing and collecting information, which is very important for an online store.

But there are a lot of startups who don’t know how to collect information to work.

When I first started, I didn’t have any clue, any confusion. Later on, I gradually realized that as long as it is related to the online store, it is the object that we need to learn.

Includes product release rules, payment rules, forum rules, social rules, sales activity rules … Of course what I say will not be comprehensive, this needs new people. must self-search and search.

Secondly , after learning how to do business and find out all the rules and information related to online business, they must find the source. A successful and developed online store must have a long and stable supply store.

The key factor to success is finding a good source. Quality, design and price must always have your unique advantage in it.

Thus, it is possible to gain a foothold in the fierce competition market. But there are many new people who often say a variety of issues like I don’t have a good foundation, I don’t have good skills, I don’t have experience …

Of course any problem will not be smooth sailing forever. Anything will have to grow and develop in difficulties and challenges. Challenges and opportunities always exist side by side.

So no matter how you handle those problems, absolutely not be relieved to believe in the source.

I advise the young people to do the same as me, which is to find the source of goods in big wholesale markets, should not choose too many suppliers, if really not enough items, at the most should only choose 2 suppliers In doing so, you can compare suppliers with each other in the sales process.

The first time you enter the goods, you should not import too much, the model should be controlled at 20-30 samples.

Each type of design should not exceed 5 units to reduce input costs and reduce losses to the lowest level and can find out which models are the easiest to sell, the best quality and the most sold.

After that, the statistics assessing the quality of products of suppliers are in accordance with your policy.

Learning the third business is : After finding the source of goods, you have to prepare to launch the product on the online store (previously need to prepare a digital camera). How should images be handled? You all know a lot of shop owners are using Photoshop processing software. This software was soon known and confirmed by many people, so how to use it?

In this regard, I am also in the process of learning, but I recommend that newcomers should learn or ask the advice of their predecessors, basically they have a lot of things that are worth learning for us. ask and apply (I am currently doing the same).

Fourth : Learn how to do business After you have finished preparing the image, you can prepare to upload it online.

In the process of arranging, there are many new people who do not know what the useful life is. There are 2 ways to choose one is 7 days 2 is 14 days. When I first started, I selected a shelf life of 14 days.

Then, when I was about to prepare to fail miserably, I had to consult with my friends, at that time I could realize the difference between heaven and earth between 7 days and 14 days: stores online will often push products that are about to be limited to the first pages.

If choosing 14 days, it means that the frequency of your product’s publicity will be every 14 days, and if you choose 7 days, it will be double publicity, so your views and trading opportunities will be successful. will be multiplied.

Fifthly : In order to better manage the delivery work, the most important thing is to choose a reputable delivery unit, recommend that you consult with the previous ones.

A reputable delivery unit will help you and your customers avoid disputes due to late delivery or damaged goods … Some items need to be paid attention when following delivery:

(1), Before exporting goods, it is necessary to carefully check each type of goods, especially electronic products, batteries …

(2), If the picture color and the actual color product have the difference need to state with the buyer before delivery.

(3), If the inventory is not enough or the product has a bit of error, it should be clearly stated to the buyer to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Sixth : Learn how to do business A lot of beginners will often face credit risk, why? You all know without me having to explain.

Therefore, Startup first learns how to do certain business, must seize every opportunity to propagate and advertise, to visit residential areas, write hard, participate in activities, join business groups on-line sales, payment promotion activities, sales, feedback writing …

Seven is : Payment management means money management. Currently I am managing 3 currency accounts, one is the second sale fund and the other is the expenditure fund.

This helps me to better manage the business, especially when it comes to whether or not the current business situation is in a good or bad direction.

Learning the eighth business is : Always remember and have a sense of fraud prevention. In today’s society there are all kinds of fraudulent methods with all kinds of different forms that make us have rooms that cannot be avoided.

But you just need to keep in mind that one thing: should not be cheap. Never think that a piece of food can fall from the sky, no one will give you nothing in this world.

Absolutely remember, even if the opponent has any reason to weave, the ultimate goal is to tell you to provide the bank account password for them. As long as the opponent mentions this issue, you absolutely must raise your guard.

Nine is : After-sales management in my consciousness is whether every order is profitable or less (for a newcomer it may be a bit lossy) I still put up the service work top for buyers to be satisfied, this is extremely important.

No matter how unpleasant things happen between you and the buyer, you have to do this, you can even use a statement like this to describe: sales are actually selling serve. The better the person who serves, the higher the probability of success.

Ten is : Faithful, what is faithful? Credibility is a solid foundation for survival in any industry, an important foundation for everyone’s operation.

Online stores are the same, so we need to build a shopping environment that is always credible. We must be very faithful to every customer.

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