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The United States is one of the leading countries with strong economic development and advanced science and technology. For the Indian, it is not easy to set foot in the US to set up a business and get rich.

So what business in America to earn money? What is a job easy to make money in America? Let’s find out the information through this article!


In the United States, people often promote intellectual-related work, making a great contribution to the development of the country and the world. The work related to scientific research, environmental protection, or the development of ideas that are very favored by this country and facilitate it.

In addition, there are also jobs that take care of people’s health and safety and are also welcomed. High-income jobs in the US such as psychiatrists, specialists, surgical doctors, .., computer software engineers, environmental-related jobs such as environmental houses, waste water system manager, .., work related to scientific research such as astronomy, physics, archaeology …,


In addition to attractive income jobs, there are also businesses that help us earn money. Have you thought of a job yet? Please share with me if you think of a job that can make a lot of money in the US! In this article,

I will mention some of the things that I know and are often settled by Indian people in the US. Let’s complete this analysis with you!


This can be considered the main occupation that Indian settlers in the US often do. These services have been around for a long time in the US or Canada but until the Indian people are more active in this business, the popularity and demand of new customers is increasing.

In this beauty industry, the income of an employee will be divided with the employer at the rate of 4/6. For a skilled worker, good communication and customer care, income per month can range from 1,500USD to 4,000USD / month.

American culture has a very good point that customers often tip for tip staff. Therefore, in addition to the main income, those who work in this industry can still earn an average of about $ 3,000 tips per month, some people have more.

Only with nail workers, shampoo or massage, but the income level is also quite good, then we can know the shop owners will have a much higher income than employees.

Americans know how to enjoy and care for their lives. So they often look for beauty services like this to relax, take care of themselves and beautify themselves.

It is the need to use this service very much, creating opportunities for this industry to grow and make a lot of money in the United States.


America is known to be one of the most advanced and modern agriculture in the world. With the application of science, machinery and technology to agriculture to minimize human labor and increase harvest productivity more times.

We can easily see images of aircraft spraying on the fields, giant machines harvesting crops, modern irrigation systems … shared and introduced on the media. mass media

Farming in the US is considered one of the professions that make a lot of money. Most agricultural workers in the United States are very wealthy, 95% of agricultural workers are giants in the United States.

Therefore, there are also many Indian who choose to get rich in America with the investment, construction and development of agricultural farm models. Despite being a high-income industry, only about 1% of the population of the US population is involved in agriculture.

The application of technology to livestock farming has helped farmers here to reduce the use of human labor. Therefore, they do not need to hire too many workers for this job.


The American people have another characteristic that they often rent at home instead of buying a house for themselves. Why do Americans choose to rent a house without buying a house?

Americans have a very liberal lifestyle, they also love going there and experiencing life more. For young Americans, owning a home does not show that they are successful or talented people.

Secondly, they have the idea that they can jump jobs and come to a new city so renting is the most reasonable. For older people, when they reach retirement age, they only want to rent a house and live to the end of their lives. And the common reason for both generations is that the costs of maintaining the house are very expensive.

They have to pay taxes, maintenance, … And this fee may be enough for them to rent another house. Therefore, Americans tend to rent more than buy houses. This has facilitated real estate investment in the business, developing rental services in the US.

Americans can rent apartments or rent a large house to live. Rental rates fluctuate depending on the location of the building and the area. Average 700USD – 1,500USD / apartment. There are houses in the center that will cost a lot more. The level of profit that investors can receive about 13% / year along with the value of the house will increase over time.

Real estate is always an easy market for people who have careful calculations and foresight. Real estate investment in the US is also one of the ways to make a lot of money.


Eating is also one of the thriving markets here. Americans often like to go out to meet friends, have meals at restaurants or restaurants, meet partners or simply relax on weekends. This is an opportunity for a restaurant business to earn a lot of profits.

Each restaurant will specialize in the cuisine of each region, different countries to create a unique and attract customers. There are also many buffet restaurants opened.

With the need always and the ability to be willing to spend money to enjoy good food in the US is there, then the restaurant business is really a pretty good choice for you to earn money.

In the US, the Government has many policies and programs to support business development. Capturing opportunities and trends will help investors develop their businesses to earn more money.

The share in this article is probably not yet complete and lacking. But thank you very much for accompanying me to follow this article. Hope you can find the information you need in this article!

Good Luck

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