Jack Ma’s Online Business Secret (For Startup)

Alibaba is an e-commerce business, retail business, internet, artificial intelligence magnate and technology founded in 1999.

Providing sales services and electronic payment services to customers including C2C, B2C, B2B through network access points. Jack Ma is the founder, chairman of the board of Alibaba.

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Alibaba is a living testament to Jack Ma’s success. In order to gain that glorious success, Jack Ma experienced many ups and downs. Here are the online business secrets for Jack Ma’s life. A valuable reference resource for all entrepreneurs worldwide.

1, Each empire is once flourishing, depressed. But an ecological system can really grow continuously and sustainably

The internet effect that an eco-system is also known as a very productive forum. This makes many businesses and investors follow each other in the ecological system. But an unfortunate thing here is that, an economic can only shoulder a certain number like Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook in the given time.

For example, Facebook has the following business features:

One is the low cost of core business operations.

The second is because of the ability to expand and the sales interaction with other customers is difficult. So the cost to get customers is very low.

Thirdly, because of the internet effect, its product has a certain degree of stickiness.

Fourth is a clear level of product market matching, providing a positive revenue stream.

Year is a strong potential market.

Very few attractive business forums are like Facebook. Moreover, each ecological business system is completely different. This means there are high-profit business forums, and some don’t.

Warren Buffett once said: when there is the hand of a class of intelligent managers taking over a low-cost business. The only thing that is perfectly imperfect is the honor of the business. Although there will be disputes, Facebook still has sustainable growth revenue based on good performance in important business attribute indicators.

2, I was just sewing, doing the right thing at the right time. We are just lucky children in this age. Like all other successful people, we are not necessarily trying harder or more energetic than others

He talked about Jack Ma casually coming to the internet explaining the important effect of luck in life. Jack Ma first came into contact with the internet at the US bank building. A friend of Jack Ma boldly experienced the first time searching the internet. At first, Jack Ma was a little hesitant, because he knew that computer was very expensive. Not careful to ruin will not be able to pay.

Under the encouragement of his friend, Jack Ma boldly tried it once. The first word he searched for was the word “beer” in English. Jack Ma sees a lot of beers from Germany, America and Japan but does not see Chinese beer.

Then Jack Ma searched for the phrase “China” and did not get any results. Jack Ma then remembered his small and ugly Website. After the Website was online for 3 hours. Jack Ma received a friend’s phone saying: Jack Ma, you received 5 new emails. Jack Ma asked: What email is that? These are e-mails coming from the consulting box, they say, “this is very interesting, we should be patient.”

3, I call Alibaba is the product after 1001 times failed. At that time, I expanded too fast, the network bubble appeared, we could not stop doing business, cutting manpower. In 2002, our cash could only last for 18 months. We have a lot of customers who use our website for free. But we don’t know how to make business profit. Therefore, we investigated an online interactive tool between Chinese exporters and American buyers. This model finally saved us.

This statement of Jack Ma mentioned the process required to undergo new creation. Every new business will test a lot of model methods. The vast majority have failed results. New businesses often suffer from the trade cycle. May be positive or negative impact on the development of the business.

After a period of right examination, the business may discover a more suitable product market. A lot of start-up businesses do not find real market positioning. This is also one of the major reasons why businesses have to end in failure.

Jack Ma also shared that, before that, he did not do well the work of capital planning. This is also another lesson of his bone and blood experience in the start-up process.

The first round of capital was accumulated from 18 co-founders. A total of 50,000 US dollars. At that time, I thought that this amount was enough for us to operate for about 10 months. At that time, we only need to spend one dollar, we all record the debt. But ultimately only sustained for nearly 4 months, we face the risk of bankruptcy.

The first principle in starting a business is always not to be a capital shortage. And that second principle is absolutely not to forget the first principle.

4, At that time we could not find the 4 things that could be sold in the house. We were too poor at that time. In the end, we donated 21 items of all kinds. We posted it online, waited for 3 days and still no one asked. After that, for 30 consecutive days, we only need to have an online seller. We bought a whole pile of rubbish online. We do so, the purpose is only to make the salespeople believe that: well, these websites can sell.

What Jack Ma said was like a complementary lead in business startups proposed by Paul Graham. Many times, before businesses can scale up, it is necessary to adopt non-expansion methods to achieve certain important scale.

5, Enterprises in the new era of founding are like babies. Apart from you, no one sees it beautiful. But with growing up, it will become more and more beautiful. Add some time and effort, it will become very great.

People who really trust you often won’t say too many words to support you. Conversely, people who do not trust you will often appear and say words to support you.

6, When everyone is the same, you will no longer have a chance. Therefore, it needs to have its own uniqueness. Brainstorm and think about how to be the best, unique and unique. You should learn from your opponent but absolutely cannot imitate. Because the result of simulating or imitating it is boiling and burning, losing both lead and fishing.

7, E-commerce then very low neck and throat. Nobody trusts it, but we believe. We don’t care what others say. We believe that e-commerce has the potential to grow. Because it can provide help to people. So we started.

To create more valuable things, you need to take the first steps. This is actually very difficult for many people. For those who are accustomed to receiving stable monthly salaries from the company, to take the first steps is really difficult.

Although they have taken the first steps, they will also waste a lot of money to repeat the stable environment that they gave up earlier. Therefore, these people will be very difficult to succeed. Discussing, talking about starting a business is easy, but the actual action is difficult. If it is easy to start a business, it will now be successful individuals and businesses.

8, Today will be very devastating, but tomorrow will be more cruel. The next day will be very nice. But the vast majority of people will die tomorrow night.

This statement of Jack Ma reminds us of Scott Belsky, who also gave the concept of “intermediate process between difficulties”. In real life, the intermediate process is a volatile battle with a kind of continuous up and down, expansion and contraction.

Once the honeymoon period begins, the business is over. Reality will deal a powerful blow to attack you. You will feel vague. Then will find a new direction. Along with obstacles, you will get progress at the same time. Every progress will reveal your weakness.

Difficult difficulties will make you awake and lead you to succeed in progress. It is best to take two steps, take a step back. This is the true face of the start-up process.

9, A great businessman is always optimistic towards the future. You need to ask yourself, what problem can you solve? And how do you solve that problem is different from everyone.

Great entrepreneur startups are optimistic people. They really believe that it can solve the problem. Daniel Kahneman said that people are overly optimistic. The vast majority of us see this world as peaceful and better than itself. Describing the quality of yourself is much better than it really is. The goal we define is easier to implement than reality.

Many entrepreneurs are aware of the failure rate in starting a business. But they said that they would not be among those who failed. This for the whole society is a good thing. But for a business person is a completely different perspective.

10, We can survive not because we have a long and perfect strategy. It is because during the past 15 years, we have been persistent with the mission to make the business in this world easier. Because of perseverance with the value system “customers are number 1”. Because I always believe in the future. And because it is always believed that we ordinary people can still produce extraordinary careers.

11, Do not say I want next month or next year to succeed. Don’t dream, because that’s impossible. If you think you can win in the next 3 years, then be prepared to fight for the next 5 years. Can I succeed 3-10 years later? If you have a great intention, then be prepared to fight for 10 years. You can survive after a year is already very lucky. Because most people don’t get this opportunity.

It takes time to build a successful business. Although it is a technology enterprise, it is very difficult to get a chance to get rich quick. If so, it will usually be because a large company soon bought it. Instagram and WhatsApp belong to this case.

It is true that some businesses can succeed after only one night. But the majority are special exceptions, not common. Many businesses have to invest more than ten years to be successful.

12, Yesterday’s success will often be a progressive obstacle in the future. Successful people are often very difficult to change.

Many times, progress often causes businesses to step by step degrade. Difficulty is a leap forward in the future. Sometimes success at the present is the source of future degradation.


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