It Is Hard To Believe That There Are Successful Business Secrets

Sometimes there are business projects that seem to have no future, in the end are the successful projects. So if you have a business idea to be bold and make a difference, the chance of success will come to you. Below is the secret of the success of the project “Gioi oi oi oi” which was successful.


Description: This is a small, wearable device that records the image of the wearer after 30 seconds of wearing. Users can use the app to access stored photos, see what they have done for a day and then share them on their social networks.

Industry: Consumer products

Established: 2012

Activities: Fundraising on the Kickstarter community fundraising platform in 2012, with 2800 user support. Memoto stores all user photos on the cloud for a year. The photos also include information about GPS, accelerators, 3D compasses, each user creates 1.4TB photos per year.

Creative features: Take photos before every 30 seconds, users can view photos over time, you can sort photos by geographic location and other information to see your own steps.

Business model: Camera costs $ 279 and monthly data storage fee is $ 9. Subscribers use the application for free.

Similar companies: Jawbone, Fitbit Sports Bracelet

Special features: Online applications + offline devices, devices + plugins, social media interactions, products + services.


Description: This is a private genetic and biotechnology company that provides users with rapid genetic testing services to understand family genetic diseases, congenital diseases and physical defects. .

Industry: Health and Biotechnology

Established: 2006

Activity: Co-founded by Anne Wojcicki, wife of Google co-founder Serge Brin. Get a total of 150 million dollars invested by investment organizations like Google ventures.

Creative features: Just $ 99, you can customize DNA testing. The user sent a saliva sample to 23andMe. Then get reports on DNA health and hereditary disease after 3 weeks. Genetic data can be used for scientific research. Developers can conduct secondary development of genetic test data for further research.

Business model: 99 dollars can reveal more than 240 hidden diseases in the body. Its DNA research and survey data can make money and the future will largely face the B2B2C market. (* B2B2C, selling technology to other companies, other companies provide services to consumers).

Similar companies: Invitae, MyGene23, Pathway

Special features: Big data analysis, online community, B2B2C, combining products and services.


Description: Private rental housing and short-term accommodation rental services worldwide.

Industry: Tourism and Entertainment

Established: 2007

Activities: Whether it is an apartment, a castle or a seaside villa, Airbnb gives visitors a unique travel experience. Airbnb has settled in 26,000 cities and temporary rental rates are cheaper than traditional hotels.

Innovative features: Landlords upload a house they do not live in. Renters charge and stay in the house experience and leave a comment.

Business model: This platform is free to use, the landlord’s income is 3% and the tenant is planned to be 6-12%.

Similar companies: etsy, GetYourGuide

Special features: Direct assessment, P2P mode, online community, brokers.


Description: Collaborative platform for 3D printing manufacturers and 3D printer owners. On this platform, people with 3D printers can print to others who want to print and send them to users as quickly as possible.

Industry: Manufacturing

Established: 2013

Activity: Get an initial investment in August 2013. CEOs and CTOs are seniors in 3D printing. Currently, services are opened in cities such as London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Antwerp and Copenhagen.

Innovative features: Free platform, free registration, 15% commission for each charge. Help users need to print 3D find the nearest 3D printer. Cities with more than 10 3D printers, will arrange a Mayor Hub 3D 3D to manage the 3D printer community and organize the activities of fans in their cities.

Business model: 15% commission for each 3D printed item.

Similar companies: Foursquare, Airbnb

Special feature: P2P business model, online and offline community.


Description: is the first private CO2 storage market. Changers provides a portable solar charger and provides mobile power that allows users to charge their own devices, even when the grid is turned off, reducing people’s dependence on power. grid.

Changers calculates the time that people charge solar power in exchange for virtual CO2 money and users can exchange products and services in the Changers market with money. Users can also exchange CO2 with friends and exchange lots of money for a large item.

Industry: Energy

Established: 2010

Activities: Using German local real estate chargers and batteries. Changers is also known as the “social energy trading market”. Market partners and product suppliers include DHL, local babysitting services and BMW Clean Energy Car Service.

Innovative features:  Charging boards can charge many electronic devices, CO2 money can be exchanged for services and products and can also be traded in social networks. Every time you use the charging board to charge 1W (watts) of electricity, you can get a co-CO2.

Business model: Selling equipment to make money, products can be exchanged in stores provided by green energy brands.

Similar companies: Citegreen, Terracycle

Special features: a combination of monetary systems, online communities, products and services.


Description: This is an online home buying tool. Users can contact agents, homeowners and service providers directly in just 6 steps, saving users time, money and pressure.

Industry: Real Estate

Established: 2012

Activities: Acquired by in 2013. People often go through a two-year “home purchase” period, with 18 months of thought, 3 months of home viewing and 1 month of purchase. Only a small part of this period is used by real estate companies to make a profit.

Innovative features: Fill in purchase information according to the 6 steps of the website guide. The content of each step will be combined into online buyer information at the end. With Doorsteps, buyers can contact sellers and agents directly, making it easier than ever.

Business model: Doorsteps charge media fees and homeowners as a subscriber system. Other service providers like leasing need to pay commissions if they want to join the platform.

Similar companies: MyWpping

Special features: Online community, subscription service, B2B2C.


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