Starting an iodized salt business can be an opportunity to increase your income coffers. This business can generate a turnover of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah annually.

Salt is a staple used by housewives as an additional ingredient in salty food taste. So, salt goes into a series of basic necessities that must be in the kitchen.

The scarcity of salt that occurred some time ago in almost all regions of India certainly caused its own panic, especially among housewives.

Iodized Salt Business

Apart from being a spice in the kitchen, iodized salt also has other benefits for health. Iodized salt is believed to be able to prevent mumps. Therefore this type of salt needs to be consumed regularly every day.

Salt is no longer a trivial matter, so its existence should be taken into account. The need for iodized salt is also increasing in the market.

Just imagine that at least one family consumes at least one packet of salt per week. Then, just multiply in one month, meaning that at least one family consumes 4 packets of salt.

This amount is a minimum amount, meaning that it can be more or less.

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After that, multiply by the number of families in your village. The results will be quite astonishing, isn’t it? Of course, this can be used as an opportunity to become your business land.

For those of you beginners who are interested in starting an iodized salt business, we have summarized how to start an iodized salt business. Please listen.

1. Prepare Business Capital

One of the main things that must be prepared when starting a business is the availability of adequate capital funds. Likewise in starting this iodized salt business, of course, requires no small amount of capital.

In this business, the capital needed depends on the level of the business level to be carried out. To become a salt supplier, of course, requires a relatively larger capital than just a salt distributor.

Therefore, if you have a small amount of capital it is better to choose to become a distributor.

There are many benefits to be gained from being a salt distributor, among others, besides not requiring large capital, you can simply work with a large-scale salt supplier.

Of course, if you are trusted you can work together and if there is a lack of capital you can still get goods.

2. Strategic Location

The strategic location will certainly facilitate the transportation of goods delivery to the location. Therefore, choose a location that is close to the highway and easy road access.

You can rent a shop or house that will be used as a location for storing goods. If you are interested in becoming a supplier then you determine the location for the factory.

Salt raw material comes from seawater, you should select the location of the factory adjacent to the sea. So you do not need to spend the coast for transportation costs bahn raw.

Of course, this will save operational costs that must be incurred.

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3. Establish Cooperation With Reliable Suppliers

To be able to get salt with the best quality and price, of course, we have to establish cooperation with large-scale suppliers.

Thus we will be able to obtain goods and lower prices. So the benefits to be gained are also not small. In this business, not many large scale business people are involved.

Therefore, we must choose the suppliers carefully. Make sure the supplier you choose is clear and has an official business license.

4. Choose Raw Materials With Good Quality

For businesses at the distributor level, it is certainly not too much to choose quality raw materials. They simply take material from a trusted factory or supplier.

However, for those of you who are interested in opening a business as a supplier, you must certainly make a long list in choosing quality raw materials.

As we know, the quality of salt produced in the country of quality is still far less than imported salt.

Therefore it is very important to choose quality raw materials to produce good quality salt.

5. Recruit Employees Who Have Experienced in This Business

In this business, work experience is very important. Especially if you intend to open a salt factory. Of course, you need several employees that are not small.

Therefore, when recruiting, experienced employees must be chosen. Because not everyone has the expertise to make salt.

6. Adequate Infrastructure And Equipment

One of the things that need to be carefully prepared is to prepare adequate facilities and infrastructure. Equipment ranging from processing to packaging, of course, must be owned to facilitate the production of salt.

The amount of equipment must also be adjusted to the amount of salt production to be made. If we have abundant raw materials, but it is constrained in the absence of complete equipment which will certainly hamper production.

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7. Determine Benchmark Selling Prices

The selling price of the product is a weapon to be able to attract agents and distributors. Of course, the specified selling price must be under the production costs incurred.

More and more products that can be made in one production can certainly make the selling price cheaper. Surely it will be a separate power for agents and distributors who are interested in joining.

8. Calculate Carefully Types of Expenditures and Revenues

For those of you who are entering the business for the first time, of course, you must have the right calculation.

Therefore, keep a careful record of all existing income and expenses. So that later the profits or losses to be obtained can be calculated clearly.

9. Care of License, Department of Industry and Trade or the Competent Authority

So that the business we set up can have an official permit, we must immediately register it with the relevant department or agency.

Moreover, the business that we are in is entered into the business of goods consumed.

For the convenience and security of the production and distribution processes in the market, immediately take care of business licenses at the relevant offices.

And if needed, take care of halal product certification through MUI.

10. Choose Partner with Large Scale Salt Supplier or Distributor

To be able to start a salt business, if you are constrained with adequate capital then you can partner with large producers.

So you do not need to bother anymore to look for raw materials. Of course, partnering goods sold are salt that is already known in the market.

11. Become Salt Supplier Stores or Stalls Around Your Area

To further expand your network and market for salt sales, try to become a supplier in grocery stores or food stalls around your area.

Offer price and quality assurance of good quality. And provide service between orders. That way the owner of the stall and shop no longer need to bother to take salt. Surely it will save time and be more practical.

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12. Pray

No business will succeed without prayer. Vice versa, no prayer will be answered without effort.

That was 12 ways to start a salt business. Do these 12 ways so that your salt business can achieve success, and produce lucrative coffers.