With more than 800 million active accounts on Instagram, Instagram is the right marketing platform or media for business. However, having an Instagram business account doesn’t always mean you use it to the full.

Approximately 75% of Instagram users perform activities such as shopping, searching, or notify relatives when they see a posting- an interest.

However, the level of Instagram user engagement does not always lead to higher conversions and leads to increased sales of your business. In fact, there is a great potential for increasing sales of your business.

Actually, all you need is the right way or approach to realize that potential. Here are seven ways or approaches for your business to increase e-commerce sales by perfecting your Instagram marketing efforts.

Create  Your Instagram Profile

Guidelines are terms of reference that will be used in every activity process. How will you build an Instagram profile so that it can attract attention? What language will you use? and How do you call your audience? One of the most important guidelines in building Instagram is  Instagram feeds.

Here are tips for building  your Instagram feed guidelines  so that your feeds look aesthetically pleasing,

  1. Align the colors on each feed’s Instagram. Both the product color and photo color tone.
  2. Align the types of products sold in each feeds.
  3. Using template on each feed’s Instagram.
  4. Use the same background in each photo.
  5. Using a  grid that is you design a large gambit that is then cut into several feeds.

In addition to feeds,  you also need to create writing guidelines. What style of language do you interact with the audience? How about your template installation, how many days in a week will you do the promotion, and so on.

Follow Prospective Customers From The Same Market

Have you ever been suddenly followed by a business account that suits you best? Yes, they implemented this strategy. Because the Instagram community is broad and diverse, this is a strategy that has a great chance of success.

Then how do you do it? You can open a hashtag related to your product or open a competitor’s account for your business, then follow the audience of your business hashtag and competitor’s account. Do this every day but with restrictions, for example, a day you follow  30 people. then on the next day 30 more people.

In addition, you can also interact with prospective audiences by commenting on competitors or influencer business accounts. This is legitimate because it does not violate privacy laws.

Continue To Interact With The  Audience

Interacting with an audience is an important element in  Instagram Marketing. It aims to continue to provide awareness about the existence of your business to consumers.

In addition, by continuing to provide opportunities for interaction with the audience, you can create a crowd that might have an impact on the number of followers, buyers, or other coverage. There are a number of things you can do,

  1. Make a   mini quiz via an Instagram story. You can ask several questions related to the product being sold. You don’t need to give a gift.
  2. Hold a  giveaway at a certain moment. For example, once a month, or during certain celebrations. the giveaway  also does not always provide products. You can give discount coupons.
  3. Answering every comment. This is indeed very trivial, but it has a big impact. By responding quickly to consumer comments, you will get a positive perspective from your customers.

Don’t Underestimate The Power of  Instagram Content

Instagram content is the most important element when doing Instagram  Marketing. If in the early 2010s, Instagram sellers only relied on product photos, now business people on Instagram also rely on content. You can create two business accounts; catalog account and main account.

Here are tips that you can use to create Instagram content:

  1. Using product photos but you can use storytelling or articles in captions. Make writing at the end of the content by leading consumers to use your product.
  2. Create content in  Instagram feeds. Content can be in the form of infographics,  slideshows that contain knowledge related to your product. For example, a shoe cleaning tutorial.
  3. Remember important days. This affects the content to be created. For example, you are a basketball clothing seller, you can create biographical content about the basketball player on the birthday of the character.
  4. Create a campaign. Campaign content varies, you can create gimmick content or video teasers. For example, you can make a short film that contains soft-selling your products.

Take Advantage of Instagram’s Features

Instagram currently has a variety of features, one of which is Instagram for business. Create your account professionally using Instagram for business.

One of the advantages of using a professional account is you can see the performance of your account with the insight feature.

This feature can see the number of accounts that see your profile, the number who like your posts to the number of consumers who interact with you.

Other Instagram features that you can use as a business include:

  1. Instastory. You can do interactions such as polling,  mini-quizzes,  and also mini content.
  2. Highlights. This feature makes it easy for the audience to see more detailed information. For example, you can make highlights for testimonials, price lists, and also promos on certain days.
  3. Instagram Ads. This feature allows you to launch advertisements on Instagram. With this feature, you can also choose what you want to launch. Like feeds, stories,  or your entire account.
  4. Direct purchase, consumers can directly buy products through feeds. Each feed can be connected to other platforms such as Facebook or the website.

Send  Direct Messages (DM) to  Followers

Sometimes, you have to do things that are not directly connected to grow your business. Even though sending DM to dozens or even hundreds of people can be time-consuming and tiring, it can produce some satisfying results for the development of your business.

Then the question arises what should you say?

Openness and honesty are important keys to get the best results. For example, if you contact  followers to ask them to share photos of your product, you can say something like this:

Use More Hashtags

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, where using more than two hashtags will reduce engagement,  Instagram users will not feel enough just to embed two hashtags. In fact, the more hashtags you use, the more engagement or interest you get from your followers!

At least, use the 30 hashtags available for your posts!

If you are not sure what hashtags are used, you can search for the hashtags your business competitors use on Instagram or check the 100 most popular hashtags on the internet. You can also check what hashtag your followers like to see what is popular in your market area.

Collaborating with  Influencers  and Other Parties

You can collaborate with influencers who can indeed affect product sales. For example, if you want to sell sneakers, you can do endorsements with artists who collect sneakers.

You can also collaborate with other parties. For example, a charity community by distributing part of a sale to a charity, or by implementing a purchase of a particular product will get a free coffee voucher.

Other Strategies

One strategy but has not yet proven its effectiveness is the upload schedule. Some people believe that uploading photos at certain hours will affect the crowd. Some practitioners suggest uploading posts from 7 pm to 9 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. because at these hours people tend to open their social media. Practitioners also believe lunch hours can also influence the Instagram crowd.

Believe it or not, Instagram is a  platform or social media that is still effectively used by commercial businesses to increase sales of their products. Take advantage of various updated features on Instagram to grow your business. Regarding business development, you also should not forget the problems related to your financial records and reporting.