What is Industry 4.0? Is the division of different stages of development of the industry. According to the current general perception, industry 1.0 is a steam engine. Industry 2.0 is electrification.

Industry 3.0 is the age of informationalization. Industry 4.0 is the era to promote production change based on information technology. Also known as intelligent intellectual era.

Define Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the current trend in automating and exchanging data in manufacturing technology. It includes virtual real-time cyberspace, Internet of Things and cloud computing and cognitive computing. What business trend is this in the 4.0 industrial age?

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a model that provides information technology-related content in the form of services.

Allow users to access, calculate and use. In the future, the move to cloud computing is inevitable. Therefore, cloud computing will be a hot business start-up trend in the future.

2. Big Data

Big data has crept into almost every industry. The strategy to invest in this area:-

  • For large data type companies: data resources are large and complete. Data values ​​have enough imaginary space. The ability to collect aggregate data is strong enough.
  • For companies with big technical data types: technical norms are high enough. At the same time, it is enough to make the company quickly formulate model effects, internet effects. Since then quickly dominate the market share.
  •  For large data application companies: the application market is large enough. The company matures steadily and has good performance.

3. Virtual Reality

Prospects to develop the virtual reality that leads human imagination. There is a wide application space in almost all areas such as games, movies, education, sports, space exploration, medical treatment …

The investment strategy in this area is:

  • Short-term: can arrange businesses, virtual reality business chains. From hardware devices that produce content to distribution forums. All are worth the investment.
  •  Long-term: Virtual reality content will be the soul of business and industry. Mature investment businesses will have a lot of opportunities.

4. Artificial Intelligence

As expected, in 2024, the scale of the artificial intelligence market will grow to reach 11 billion US dollars. The accumulation of technical technology and early-stage data has a relatively stable and clear effect.

Therefore, the trend of reconstructing the occupations of artificial intelligence will come. At the same time, there will be a new round of IT equipment investments.

In the field of artificial intelligence, major trends of interest include:

  • Computer vision recognition (typically face recognition).
  •  Self-adapting computers (mainly robots, robots).
  • The areas of infrastructure engineering segmentation (eg natural language processing, knowledge maps)

5. 3D Technique

After a few years of hot investment in 3D printing techniques. To date, this new printing technique has entered a new phase. But the application market is still waiting for a breakthrough.

The next hot spot of this new 3D printing technique includes:

  • Materials and specialized technical technology of 3D printing techniques.
  • 3D mold manufacturing and personalization design software.
  • New models of creative industries appear around 3D printing techniques. The combination of 3D printing and education, medical treatment and industrial careers 4.0.

6. Technology

The current non-human technology is mainly being applied in areas such as unmanned machines, unmanned cars.

According to the Stihl Group of America, the scale of the global non-human machinery market will increase from the US $ 6.4 billion in 2015 to the US $ 11.5 billion by 2024. The development is extremely strong.

Unmanned cars have not been unveiled yet. But McKinsey predicts that in 2025 this sector will have a production value of more than 200 billion US dollars.

7. Robotics

Robotics has crept into almost every industry. The strategy to invest in this area:-

  • Future industrial robots will have superior self-learning ability and professionalism. Expand creativity into more segmented areas and structures.
  • Cooperative robots will cooperate with people. At the same time, it will be widely applied in life fields.
  • The server machine has no upper limit. The potential market size far exceeds that of industrial robots and cooperative robots.

8. New Materials

New materials are the solid foundation of the new economy. Along with the continuous accumulation of research capabilities.

In areas such as basic chemistry, basic materials, nanotechnology … new creative points in the field of new materials will constantly appear.

Graphene, dynamics, optics, electricity, and microelectronics have a clear advantage over existing materials.

Industries that can be applied in the future: precision electronics, military, biological, chemical and manufacturing treatments.

Carbon fiber is a new material with quite a good application. Compared to traditional materials, this is good quality material, lightweight, and low cost.

New membrane materials can be widely applied in the fields of water treatment, exhaust gas treatment, lithium batteries.

Biomaterials can be used as a substitute in the dental and bone faculties, to restore the function of some organs in the body.

9. Biotechnology And Science

Along with the development of basic science such as genomics, molecular biology.

Biotechnology and life science are taking effect increasingly important in the field of medical treatment.

In terms of biotechnology, more and more effective medicinal drugs are breakthroughs in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes …

Biotechnology and urban life sciences are important investment directions in the health areas. The focus includes:

  • Advanced genetic sequencing company and data analysis company.
  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Company.
  • The company codes for gene sequences, Medical companies accurately combined with personal drug delivery

10. Medical Equipment

Business focus includes:

  • High-end medical treatment equipment combining intelligent robots and artificial intelligence.
  • New innovative medical treatment equipment.
  • Smart medical treatment equipment at home.
  •  Imported products replace existing medical treatment equipment.

11. Online Treatment

The rapidly growing information technology leads to major changes in the industries. Including medical treatment.

Along with the development and combination of large data fields, cloud computing, internet of things.

New techniques and new business models quickly penetrate into the field of medical treatment.

Open a new era in the areas of preventive medicine, diagnosis, treatment, drug manufacturing.

Key business contents include:

  • E-commerce forums for pharmaceuticals.
  • Big medical data analysis company.
  • Online Forum managing chronic diseases, health management.
  • Smart medical equipment.

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