I Want To Open A Fashion Shop (Where To Source Goods)

Fashion clothing business is one of the startup business ideas chosen by many young people. Because the demand for this item is very large, the number of customers is high and the source search is simple.

The topic today 100startupideas.com will discuss with you guys that I want to open a fashion shop (where to enter the source). With this topic, I will share with you some experiences when opening a fashion clothing store and a place to import goods at cheap prices to get the most profitable business. Invite you to read this analysis.

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If you want to open a fashion clothing shop, the first thing to do is to identify who the customer is targeting so that there is a basis to decide on the product line, store design, store name or the first capital. private, …

You can choose to open a shop that sells vests and work clothes exclusively for customers who are office workers. Or open a store that sells only sports clothes, men’s fashion clothes, women’s evening dresses or fashion clothing stores for girls.

The income that customers target is how much, behavior and psychology of their purchases like … If you want to open a successful fashion shop, don’t skip this step!


Want to determine how much capital to open a fashion shop depends on the product line you aim to be high-end, mid-range or cheap. At the same time is the scale of the store. You want to open a fashion shop with a large scale from the beginning or just a small fashion shop?

To calculate how much capital, you need a financial plan for the idea of ​​opening a fashion shop. These include items such as:

+ Rent space: if in the city, the rent will be very expensive. It means that if you rent a large area, the rent will increase much and do not forget to pile up your house money before 3 – 6 months. Currently, the majority of customers when buying clothes choose to go to the street to buy, so the premises you choose best should be in the city center. Therefore, consider rent rates.

+ Money for store decoration: nowadays, fashion shops grow a lot and the design and decoration are similar with nothing outstanding. Therefore, you should hire a middle-price consultant to design the store to look beautiful and unique. The larger the scale, the more decoration money will increase. Can range from 50 million to 100 million or more.

+ Employee rent: you need a salesperson to support the business. If the store scale is too large, you will need store management, cashiers and salespeople. For each position will be paid different wages.

+ Money for store management: you should invest in sales management software for fashion shop to facilitate the management of receipts and goods in the shop. In addition, there should be some electronic devices such as computers, barcode scanners. Cost about 30 million.

+ Import fee: if you import clothing items of big, high quality brands, the price will be high. Estimated amount of import is about 100 million. If you choose a low-cost product line, the amount of money will fall to about 30 million.

+ Business reserve capital: Fashion clothes always change according to the trend, so it is imperative that you constantly update new models to meet customer needs even while there are inventory. Therefore, there is a need for reserve capital to manage and maintain the store’s business.


For clothing items, you can import goods from a variety of sources. The first suggestion is the wholesale market. There are many product lines with different quality, price, style and origin.

When choosing to import goods here, you should carefully inspect the goods carefully to avoid errors. The price of goods imported at wholesale markets depends on the quality of goods.

If you crave cheap things, keep in mind that the quality of the product is not good. This is the first source suggestion you can enter to return to business

Importing goods from abroad: Indian customers really like imported goods so you can take advantage of this buying psychology to trade in fashion clothes imported from abroad.

Currently on the market of fashion clothes in India, clothes originating from Guangzhou – China and Thailand are quite popular, many clothing shop owners choose to do business. You can also follow the trend and go to China and Thailand to import clothes directly into business.

But I think the Guangzhou or Thai clothing segment is quite competitive. Therefore, you should consider more about importing clothes from Korea, Japan and the US on business.

Importing goods from domestic wholesalers: there are many domestic wholesalers and you can import them from here. With the source of clothes here, the quality is not very good, the designs are not diverse and they will ask you to import goods in large quantities so if you only open a small fashion shop and target customers who are gender Children should choose other sources first!

Indian Goods Export: these are clothing products manufactured in India but not officially sold in India market, but after production is completed, they will be transferred to genuine companies abroad.

There are many sources of Indian goods High quality exports such as defective goods are pushed out by the company, or clothes are re-imported into the Indian market for business. You can select this item to trade. Indian clothes of high quality export are also very popular in the country so you can consider.

Business franchise fashion shop: you will trade clothes of a famous fashion brand and import goods from genuine company. With this source you will have the advantage of being supported and using the brand of that fashion brand to do business. Help you get a stable initial customer base. At the same time product quality is also guaranteed.


To effectively run a fashion shop, do not ignore the online sales channel. With this idea, I suggest that you invest a sales website from the beginning. Having a website to sell clothing helps you create credibility and trust with customers.

Moreover, websites are more secure and limit risk than using facebook. If facebook is hacked, you will lose a lot of builders for a long time or if you want to get back facebook, it will cost a ransom. Therefore, daily web use from the beginning is safe and saves costs later.

Investing in content, images combined with running ads to reach customers better. Through the website customers will know the promotions that your clothing shop is deploying so that they can enlist to purchase.


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