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4 Ways To Use Pop Up Smartly You May Not Know

The tips for using Pop-ups below that swiftblogging shared are extremely simple but effective in increasing conversions on the site. Why not try carefully reading and application?

1. Use Pop up in Influencer Marketing

The pain of using Influencer Marketing is efficiency evaluation and long reports. There are many tricks like posting feedback on albums to increase views, or post and then delete. How to quickly check the effectiveness of this channel?

The answer is to use Pop up display separately for customers from Influencer marketing sources. You only need to select the display condition for customers who come from URL e.g X sources.

So only the customer introduced by e.g X will see the message. In the report, you will measure how many Pop-ups have been displayed, which means how many people were introduced by e.g X or Y.

2. Use Pop-Ups To Increase The Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing

You really want to check the quality of content on the page to increase efficiency. Whether the reader has read the entire article, read to any paragraph, they are attracted by what content, which articles are attractive? Pop-ups can help you measure your effectiveness very simply without having to know a single line of code.

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You choose when Pop up shows up

Choose Display Pop up when customers have scrolled 75% for example. So in the section Manage Pop up> Number of executions: You will determine how many pop-ups are displayed, this number is roughly equal to the number of people who have rolled the mouse 75%.

Similarly, you can choose to show Pop-ups when visitors are on page 10 seconds, or when customers have viewed 3 pages …

3. Use Pop Up Instead of CTA (Call To Action)

Another application is using Pop up as an alternative to CTA (call to action). A pop up will appear when a visitor clicks on any line on the page, such as the link below:

Try The Pop up Function

This way, you can call for conversion much more powerful than CTA (call to action) without spending any time installing code or adding any plugins. The statistics or sending emails to registered customers are also fully automated after that.

4. Pop Up To Notify Changes in Business

This section was updated after the development of SARS-COV2 on March 2-3, 2020

If your business is undergoing changes in operation due to the effects of Covid 19, you can use Subiz Pop up to notify customers.

  • Notification of temporary suspension of operation
  • Notice of change in form of sale (temporarily closing stores and only accepting ship items online)
  • Change payment policy (only receive payments via wire transfer, e-wallet …)
  • Change transit time (slower delivery time than expected due to disease effects
  • Change of store location, close some branches
  • Stay informed and support the anti-epidemic community

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