How To Upgrade Ledger Nano S From A To Z

Perhaps you already know the special benefits from Ledger Nano S cold wallet, right? I’m sure you’re holding it in your hand. And in this article, 100StartupIdeas will show you how to install, use, restore and ledger nano s update firmware in the most detailed and specific.

What is Ledger Nano S?

Ledger Nano S is a cold wallet used to store electronic money. Ledger Nano S works in compliance with the standard with Trezor and other Bitcoin wallets like Exodus, Electrum.

All are compatible with the standard security key BIP39, which means that with the same 24 security keywords, you can use it to access and use the Trezor, Ledger, Exodus wallet or any type of wallet compatible with this standard.

Ledger Nano S Update

How much is Ledger Nano S?

The cheapest Ledger Nano S price on the Internet now can be attributed to the original purchase from (Ledger Nano S hard wallet manufacturer).

The cost will be 58.00 € (1,628,577 million) excluding customs duties and shipping fees.

Where To Buy Prestigious Ledger Nano S wallet?

Ledger Nano S hard wallet is always in a state of fire, out of stock, production is not in time, supply is not enough because of its usefulness and extremely high security.

Since then many problems arise when the need to buy Ledger Nano S wallet from customers from all over the world is getting higher and higher when everyone wants to own their own cryptocurrency.

To avoid having to buy fake Ledger Nano S, not genuine or buy a used Ledger Nano S wallet and have recovery characters available. If you still use the wallet with those recovery characters, you will lose all Bitcoin, Altcoin contained in your wallet when the old owner will easily recover and naturally take ownership of your wallet.

For safety, you should buy genuine Ledger Nano S hard wallet in France on the manufacturer’s website at

Instructions for Installing Ledger Nano S update wallet

Step 1: Connect To The Computer

  • Connect the hard wallet Ledger with the device to the personal computer via the USB connector cord available in the box.
  • Then press the 2 buttons at the same time to start the installation (To begin configuration, press both buttons.)
  • Confirm again by selecting the checkmark (Right button) or x (Left button) to reject.

Step 2: Set up a 4-digit PIN

  • At Ledger Nano S update, we provide 4-digit and 8-digit PIN codes so you can choose the right way!
  • To set a number, press the left and right buttons to adjust the PIN code
  • After entering the first PIN, press 2 buttons at the same time to confirm the pin number and switch to the next number setting.
  • After setting up 4 numbers of pin codes, continue pressing 2 buttons at the same time to confirm the PIN code.
  • Re-enter the PIN once to make sure you have the correct pin code you want to use.
  • Important note: You need to remember your PIN and backup it in a safe place. Every time you start your hard wallet Ledger or want to confirm the transaction, the device will ask you to enter your PIN. If you enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times, the hard wallet device will automatically delete (reset) all data.
  • In case of forgetting your PIN code or unintended reset, you can use the 24 recovery words in step 3 to restore your wallet and property data.

Step 3: Backup 24 words to restore to the sheet

After successfully setting up the PIN code, the device will ask you to initialize 24 random English words.

  • This is the most important step to protect your account in case your Ledger wallet is lost, broken or reset.
  • You should write 24 words to restore the Recovery Sheet sheet included in the box when purchasing the Hard Ledger wallet.
  • Check it, again and again, to see if you’ve written all 24 recovery words correctly
  • Then press 2 buttons at the same time to confirm.
  • In the next step, the hard wallet device will check a few random words to see if you actually saved the recovered 24 words carefully.
  • Press the 2 buttons again after the test to complete the installation.
  • The device will be ready to use after a few seconds.
  • Important note: You need to save 24 recovery words in a safe place, which can be your home safe to be able to restore your wallet and property data.

Step 4: Install the Ledger application on the computer

  • When you see the words “Your device is now ready,” then your hard wallet has been configured.
  • Now, you just need to install the Ledger application on your computer to use the wallet.

In the Chrome browser, download the application named Ledger Manager, Bitcoin Chrome Ledger Wallet or Ledger Wallet Etherum Chrome:

  • Ledger Manager ( ), and then click on “Add To Chrome” to install
  • To install a Bitcoin wallet, press the “Download” icon.
  • At this time, you need to approve the management request on Ledger Nano S
  • Chrome Ledger Bitcoin: ( ), and click “Available on Chrome” to install.
  • You continue to approve requests for hard apps and wallets to work together.
  • You can choose the type of coin you want to store and the corresponding wallet, the Ledger Nano S wallet supports electronic currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Stratis, and Komodo.
  • You can use the hard wallet Ledger along with the Chrome app on any computer (even if the computer is compromised by malware) to send and receive payments and remain 100% safe.
  • Ethereum Ledger Chrome ( ), and draft into “Available on Chrome” to install.

Instructions for Using Ledger Nano S Wallet To Send and Receive Virtual Money

How To Receive Bitcoin

  • You open Bitcoin Chrome Ledger utility and select “Receive”.
  • And this is the address for you to receive Bitcoin

How To Send Bitcoin

  • To submit, select the “Send” section.
  • Customize and select the required information. Write the correct address for the person you want to send here.
  • Note that you must confirm on Ledger too

How To Reset Ledger Nano S

  • Select Reset All section
  • Press both right and left movies
  • Press Ok and enter the PIN code

Restore Ledger Nano S

  • Restart the device
  • At this part – Press X (on the left)
  • You enter the PIN code
  • Continue to re-enter again
  • You press both buttons!
  • Here you choose the number of words to restore
  • You press the right button to continue
  • And now is the most boring job on earth. You have to find each letter and enter 24 words TT

Instructions for Upgrading (Update Firmware) Ledger Nano S

Before updating the firmware of Ledger Nano S update wallet you need:

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Ledger Manager software.
  • Make sure your 24 recovery phrases are accessible if your device has been launched.

Check The Current Firmware

To check the firmware version on your Ledger Nano S wallet, go to  Settings >> Device >> Firmware

Connect With Ledger Manger

For Ledger Nano S in use:

  • Open the Ledger Manager application on your computer.
  • Connect Ledger Nano S to a computer with a USB cable.
  • Enter your PIN to unlock Ledger Nano S.

For new Ledger Nano S:

  • Press and hold the right button. The right button is a button away from the USB connector, closest to the round hole.
  • Connect the USB cable from your computer to your Ledger Nano S while holding the right button until the recovery is displayed.

Delete Wallet Apps Installed on Ledger Nano S

  • Click on the APPLICATIONS tab in the Ledger Manager application.
  • Click on the gray trash icon to delete all applications. All wallet apps must be deleted to have enough memory for updating the firmware.

Download The New Firmware and Start The Installation

  • Move the mouse and click FIRMWARES in the Ledger Manager application section.
  • Click on the green INSTALL button.
  • Confirm consent for Ledger manager to update the firmware? On the Ledger Nano S device, press the right button. The right button is a button away from the USB connector, closest to the round hole.
  • Ledger Manager will display the “Installing OS updater” screen.
  • Note: If this step fails, do not worry but try again 1 or 2 times or update Ledger driver in the computer, especially computers using Windows 7 operating system, and Windows 10 or MACOS will not have errors in this step.

Perform Firmware Update

Ledger Nano S update will display 3 screen slides. Before pressing the button, you need to confirm the following:

  • You see an update of the firmware on the screen.
  • Firmware Version is 1.4.2.
  • The information displayed on the Ledger Nano S & computer screen is completely the same.
  • First screen slide: Update firmware.
  • Slide screen 2: Version 1.4.2.
  • Slide the 3rd screen: identifier. Check to match with Ledger Manager.

After checking the information in the 3 slides is correct, you press the right button to start the installation.

  • Enter the pin code to continue.
  • OS updater will be installed.

Ledger Nano S Firmware Case 1.3.1 or Lower


  • If the firmware version is 1.4.1, the update will be completed. In this case, Ledger Nano S will restart normally.
  • If the firmware version is confirmed in the first step 1.3.1 or lower. Ledger Nano S will display “MCU firmware is outdated (left side of the image below) and To begin, connect the Wallet Ledger on the Ledger Manager (right side of the image below)”.

In this case, you MUST DO the following steps:

  • Restart Ledger Nano S
  • Remove and re-plug the Ledger Nano S into the computer BUT STAY ON THE BUTTON. The left button is the button near Ledger’s USB cord ban. 
    On the Ledger Nano S, the Bootloader screen is displayed and on the Ledger Manager, the Restoring MCU screen is displayed.
  • While MCU update, Ledger Nano S will display “Update that Processing” and Ledger Manager will display “Installing firmware”. This process takes a few minutes.

Firmware Ledger Nano S 1.2 or lower case

  • If the firmware version is specified at the initial step of 1.2 or lower. You use the 24-word seed entered immediately, to restore the ledger. Make sure you press the left button when asked: Configure as a new device?

Check the firmware and MCU versions Nano S

  • Enter your PIN to access Ledger Nano S.
    • Note: if your pin is less than 8 characters, you should enter the pin as usual, and use the right/left button until you see the (✓) sign. Then, confirm your PIN by pressing both the left & right buttons.
  • Using the left button must move to the settings section on Ledger Nano S: Settings> Device> Firmware.
  • Checking Secure Element version is 1.4.2
  • Click on the right button. MCU version test is 1.5.
  • If the above 2 information is correct, you have updated your Ledger to the latest version 1.4.2.

Reinstall wallet apps after upgrading Ledger Nano S wallet

  • Ledger Nano S has been updated to the latest version. You can install wallet applications and use them.
  • Click on the APPLICATIONS item in the Ledger Manager application on the computer. Find the wallet apps you want to install and click the green Download button. If the installation fails, don’t worry, disconnect and reconnect Ledger to the computer.
  • NOTE: you must first install the Bitcoin wallet application and other applications that need the Bitcoin wallet application to run.


To finish the tutorial on installing, using and upgrading Ledger Nano S. Hopefully after this article, you can master the Ledger Nano S. Wallet for your success!

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