How To Trade Metal Goods

Starting from where to conquer  the Kim Khi market , how to survive in that market, there are ways of marketing, sales like for metal products. This article Wages will show those points for everyone.

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There are 3 ways to have metal products sold: Links to become an agent, a hardware store of a certain company. The second is to receive  product processing  from a company, an enterprise specializing in producing metal products. The third is that you produce your own metal products sold to the market.

For the first way, most of you have to rely on the location of the store, that is, if you find the need to use metal ware of an organization or individual in that area well, you can set up a dealer store. business.

The second way is the important thing is that you get the processing contract, when the processing is completed, return the goods to the old company, this job is not difficult.

Third, self-production for metal goods business

If you want to produce it yourself, you have to invest in facilities and machines to make your own metal products. For example, when you want to produce screwdrivers, screws, iron pliers, there must be specialized machines for it: Cutting machine, forming machine, thread rolling machine, production line …

Business strategy

Once there are goods, products that have been produced by the production line, we have to account for the business strategy, this job you have to do before there is a mechanical product.

Redefining resources on capital, people, and action capacity

Because we have to invest a lot of money in machines for production, so we do not have the capital to do marketing aggressively, but if we have enough capital, we are not sure whether people or market ability of the company’s subject good

Therefore, it is necessary to redefine the company’s resources and must attach that resource to the production strategy. 2 This must always be in harmony with each other, otherwise the goods produced will be stagnant in stock, or lack of products supplied to the market.

Market conquest by geography

Do not expand the market to another province or city before you are strong, or you must make sure that the expanded distribution channel will be profitable in the long run, do not risk investing or doing business where is the dose, must have a basis for making decisions.

When you first start it is best to  localize the market  by geography to sell goods to organizations and individuals in the zoned area.

Example:  The metal market in Hanoi is very large, but Thalib Tantary only re-localizes two districts: Cau Giay District and Bac Tu Liem District. This is because Thalib Tantary does not want to spend more resources on other areas but the first stage of the effort to generate profits is a prerequisite.

How to implement business activities

Once you have identified your target market, you must create a way to work with customers in that market.

– Direct sales , which is the way you send sales staff to each agent, shop to offer products, because the market is limited so you have to convince them to buy.

– Reducing opponents will be good for convincing , by reducing prices, giving additional value to customers. When compared to losers, buyers will know who they have to choose, if you cannot push your business partner, it is because you have identified the market wrong, you have no capital, no business experience that requires competition with strong people.

– Acquiring customers

The goal is to expand your position, even if potential competitors jump in, it cannot be competitive, because you have acquired all your agents for yourself.

– Selling price is the decisive factor  in trading metal products, because the product has the technical and clear standards of material, size, so we cannot change the characteristics of the product , which can only be increased or downgraded to sell, offering additional services to please customers.

If you trade in metal goods, how will you sell goods, conquer the market? Share with everyone in the comment section.


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