Have you ever stood in the middle of a presentation or presentation in public but did not know how to start to get people’s attention. How is your feeling?

Do you have a topic to say, a new feature of the product to present or an idea or want to share but are blind or extremely confused when you do not know how to “get into people’s hearts”?

At one time, my most painful experience was just repeating every single word that came to my speech or speech when I tried to express a very good idea and in a moment it went away.

Needless to say, I began to doubt my abilities and began to try not to put myself in this situation.

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I spent time compiling this article because I realized that knowing how to get started on the subject of the decision was huge to the results that conveyed the good things in my mind.

The first impression is always an essential part of any great presentation. If you are interested in this topic, there are two things to keep in mind before reading on:

The following techniques can be applied at the beginning of a presentation, as well as at the beginning of a small point in the presentation.

Depending on the situation, you may be flexible. Don’t be too rigid, without technique your speech will be boring, but too much abuse can backfire.

How To Start A Presentation

There are many “tricks” I will show below, and you just need to use one or a few techniques to “blow down the world”. If you want to be perfect from the beginning, you never go to the top.

So now let’s start …

1. Ask Lots of Questions Related To The Topic You Want To Say

This is a common way to attract listeners, questions will stimulate the listener’s mind, making them think about the answer.

How I can apply to talk about Swiftblogging’s recent 4E service pack:

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Such questions create the necessary interaction between me and my clients. Once that goal is reached, I will slowly reveal my online sales solution.

2. Give Interesting Statistics

Take the time to explore, research meaningful statistics or research and analyze the data yourself, serving to show the importance or necessity of what you will say.

For example:

” 85% think online selling is very complicated”

” 70% of online sellers stop working after the first 3 months because they cannot sell,” or

” Every 1 second on Facebook, a fan page introduces the product to be created, but up to 2 such fan page stop working.”

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Those are the ideas you can lead to getting started to talk.

Of course, each number you provide needs to be explained in its origin (from where, when, or who the author is), otherwise, you may “throw a stone” at yourself.

3. Tell A Story You Witness or Experience

The way you describe your story will help to make it sound good, you should be familiar with the narrative or create your own narrative style.

If you do not have a good narrative style, it is okay, just show your story, as long as the listener knows what you want to say, try not to ramble.

This presentation technique helps you gain the trust of the listener, and of course, they will pay more attention to you (everyone “has a lot of talks”).

Therefore the authenticity of the story is of the utmost importance.

You can “adopt” some details but don’t “exaggerate”. As long as the audience “starts” you once, what you say after that will not be valid.

The trick here is to skillfully transfer the listener from the supporting role to the protagonist of the story.

When your listener “sees” you in the story you tell, the moment the seed of thought you bring into their minds begins to sprout. A simple example below for your reference:

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“As you know, distributors often organize a team of salesmen whose mission is to go to the market and take orders.

This is normal, but the process of these employees moving from one place to another, then having to go back to the headquarters and deliver orders is very time-consuming, leading to ineffective sales. fruit.

Many business people confide in Swiftblogging that if they do not have to travel far, they will have more time to find new customers and expand the market.

This is one of the reasons the Swiftblogging company created … ”

4. Use Words That Suggest Thinking

“Imagine …”, “Imagine …”, “Imagine …”, “Think …”

The listener widens his mind to get ready for a new concept or knowledge they are about to hear.

This technique can be applied to any topic you want to direct your audience to a positive outcome or a bright future.

“Now imagine that with the simple application installed on this phone * holding up the phone *, your sales staff can quickly select products and orders for customers.”

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“My order is completed, it takes less than 1 minute to complete an order, without having to write it down and the great thing is that the order is immediately sent to the headquarters … ”

5. Quote Famous Quotes or Sayings

This is how a lot of movies start, especially comedies, this way really gets attention.

“People often say ‘Think big. Do small. ‘ (Think big. Make it small), now I want to add ‘Start quickly’ to say that … ”

“Steve Jobs said ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish ‘(Just be thirsty, teach idiot), but I want to add’ Stay alive ‘so that you understand … ”

6. Start With “What if …?”

This is a spell that stimulates the listener’s thoughts on the topic you want to talk about. Interestingly, they will actively visualize what you have not yet said or deliberately do not want to say (intentionally).

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What if suddenly the debt book that you kept for so long was soaked in water that it could not be read.

What happens if all the data you save on your personal computer is lost, ”or more …

What happens when … the earth stops spinning

7. Tell A  Joke

In the presentation of his Keynote program, Steve Jobs started by telling a story with a very funny ending, making the audience below laugh. Here is a quote from that introduction.

“Keynote is an application that when you consider a presentation is really important [on the slide that says,” When you view a presentation it is really important. “]

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And Keynote was built for me [on the slide that says, “Build for me.”] I need an application to show you content that I want to have lots of illustrations.

The company did it for me; Now I want to share it with you. We hired a low-paid staff member to try again the beta version of the app, for a year, and this is him.

[the audience laughed when he saw it on the screen as a picture of Jobs]. ”

Compose your own jokes, or turn one that “looks serious” into a humorous one that makes the audience laugh with you.


The regular practice of the above 7 techniques also helps you become a good “storyteller” able to lead any topic that you are interested in and want to share.

You will see that the combination of them will create resonance effects to help achieve the communication results you expect.

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If you are a person who lacks confidence or confusion in how to start the story like I used to, I believe this is a quick and useful method to help you become more attractive in the eyes of the listener.