How to sell on Tokopedia – When you own a business and choose to join an e-commerce platform like Tokopedia, make sure you understand the various selling tips on Tokopedia so that the items you offer sell.

1. Clarify Your Identity As A Seller

If you want to build a store that is quality and trusted by consumers, don’t use the identity of other people or other stores. Use your store’s real identity by installing jargon and clear logos. With a clear identity, you can get loyal customers with your store.

2. Make The Seller’s Description Clear

When you want to get consumers who buy products without a lot of complaints, give a description of the shop that was built on Tokopedia.

For example, if you sell food products, then you can make a logo related to food, then complete it with a background why you sell food and what features of the food compared to other food products.

3. Use More Than One Shipping Service

If you want to get a lot of customers, it never hurts to use more than one shipping service. Shipping services with good credibility will also increase consumer confidence in yourself.

However, so that you do not lose in the future, consider first the track record of the shipping service provider that you want to collaborate with.

4. Arrange The Catalog And Storefront Features Properly

When you want to get customers and become one of the trusted merchants in Tokopedia, make sure you compile catalogs and storefront features well.

Make sure the features you have made it easier for consumers to know the description and features of the goods they want.

5. Give The Product Description As Clear As Possible

When you join Tokopedia and become a merchant owner, make sure you make a clear description of the product. You can make a description of size, flavor variant, food composition, or other details.

The more detailed and clear the description provided, the more consumers want to try the product and subscribe to your store.

6. Periodically Update Information

When you have more than one product sold through Tokopedia, don’t forget to periodically update it. This update can be related to the amount of stock and quality of goods.

Updates that are done regularly can help customers who are happy to buy products in your area to find out the latest information and see the latest product variants available.

7. Fast Response

Consumers will definitely prefer a store that has a fast response rather than a slow response. This is what you have to understand as a merchant owner and you try to have a customer service team that can serve customer requests and complaints quickly.

8. Give Discounts

Don’t always pay attention to profit and loss when selling goods. Occasionally you can pamper consumers by giving discounts. This can be done after you have surveyed the prices of similar products on the market. By knowing the techniques about implementing a discount system, items sold can sell faster.

9. Join To Become A Gold Merchant

In Tokopedia, one of the tips for selling on Tokopedia that can be tried is joining a Gold Merchant. As a tenant in the Gold Merchant category, many features can be used to increase the confidence of potential customers.

10. Selling Products That Are Booming

If you want to get consumers, it never hurts to sell products that are booming. If the price of the product sold turns out to be cheaper than other stores and the quality is better, indirectly consumers will prefer your store.