How to Make Money Online Without Capital Easy 25 Ways

In the past 2-3 years, people have found many ways to make money online, online business, some people earn 10 million / month, some people earn 20 million, 50 million per month, that’s true but it’s not easy that much money. That depends on your ability and the tendency to make money. Therefore, in today’s article we will study ways to make money online, investment trends and business online.

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Note 1: The ideas that I analyze for everyone will include the bad, the good of each model, so please read carefully to see if you are suitable for that way or not.

Note 2: Revenue and profit figures are relative in time and region.

Some fathers are for family, or housewives because of the birth of a baby and they leave their company, they have a lot of free time, so they have tried to do business online, network business. As a result, after 6 months of maternity leave, they applied for resignation and did business at home, each month they also earned VND 7 million-VND 10 million.

1, Make Advertising Rental Service on The Network

This is a pretty easy way to make money, if there is a chance you will earn a lot of money from this online job. People in the current job earn an average of VND 10 million-VND 20 million, even up to $ 3,000.

The way this job works is not too difficult. Your job is to negotiate with people who want to advertise online for their products or services, then report to the information providers, or e-commerce websites, companies that have The website is famous and many visitors will pay for you.

For example, my company has a shipment of Virtual Reality Glasses that has just been imported and sold for 1 month. But this product now has a strong customer attraction, especially for young people, so if products posted online have lots of people visiting news or looking for goods, they will sell very quickly. fast.

For example, there is a smart tech news webstie. But I can’t easily find that technology web, but there is another person who knows and they are intermediaries who will connect me with that website, of course they will receive commissions between themselves and the news website. technology.

So our Virtual Reality Glasses are sold, the advertising rental service intermediaries get money, and the website owner also gets money from advertising. Everyone is profitable, and if sales go smoothly quickly, next time I go to the middle man.

Obviously, people working in advertising model services earn money, each contract introduced so they can earn at least 1 million dong depending on whether the business has more or less goods.

The business of advertising business is now one of the best online singing business on the Vietnamese market, gradually expanding to become a way to make money online for each individual. A few days ago, I accidentally read the price list for the advertisement on television of Vietnam Television-VTV. For every 10-20 seconds to advertise an item and service, this TV company earns 20 million-60 million, the company has dozens of TV channels and runs hundreds of times a day. thousand impressions on ads on TV. So the amount they earn daily can be up to a billion. That is the advantage of the owner of the famous TV channel.

Other giants such as VTC, Ho Chi Minh’s TV channels … will also have equally revenue based on the advertising price list they list on their main website. Or as VOV stations, FM radio stations, love advice, daily news stations … will also earn no less money from advertising even though Radio today is no longer a universal access to news. Also, users turn to reading news on the electronic newspaper, and watch videos, watch TV and television.

The trend of watching news via electronic newspapers, watching the news will open for us a second way to improve.

2, Make Money Through The News Page.

A general news page when 1 million visitors daily can bring in at least 10 million revenue, the higher the value of information on your website, the more money from sponsors and advertisers. . For example, a website that provides smart science information will sell high-tech items such as high-end binoculars, new motorbikes, or Sony computer products, Canon cameras and smartphones.

However, a news site that is born will always have the purpose of promoting information but cannot apply the sales function, the business or product you want to sell will have to set up a commercial webstie. For this reason, when reading news from an online newspaper or blog of an individual organization will more or less advertise or inform about a brand, a company, a certain individual but very rarely see goods sold on it.

How will money be generated by doing this? Simply put, you just need to set up a news site, write articles or hire other individuals to write articles and make sure the content of each article is valuable, useful for readers, such as Apple coming out. a new phone product, keep up-to-date with information about how production and operations work as well as their sales marketing, how consumers will have to own a phone. New and class follow such trends. And of course when the popular news site is famous, you can absolutely give the phone business enterprises the import from the US advertise on their website.

The revenue from the news site does not stop at advertising money, but it is also the sponsorship and protection of the law, referrals, and other special services. Big investors like Samsung, FPT … they are willing to spend a lot of money to dominate a news website how to make Pr the most beneficial for them. Of course being the newspaper’s owner, that news site will benefit.

How To Start And Operate A News Site?

First, we have to determine what the content of that website will be: Technology, Commerce, Education or the retail industry … this directly affects the website development strategy later, maybe years. Now cars have not dominated the Vietnamese market but 5 years later, 10 years later, 20 years later and 100 years later, cars will completely replace all rudimentary vehicles and motorcycles. A news site that wants long-term success must determine its strategy and future. Or it is better to lose more capital and develop a large news site with a lot of content and fields from technology, science, construction, commerce, computers … I don’t recommend a person if I want to invest in This business idea will be done in the second way, ie, growing from the beginning, because your failure rate is very high.

Let’s start from a field, a small branch in a certain industry that will have a future of 100 years to develop.

Take such an example: Apple understands that phones are gadgets, people will use them for at least a few hundred years. But they did not develop in the way that Nokia had done, if it did, Apple would have failed miserably like Nokia and would probably sell shares or corporations to another company. Apple understands that the world is always changing, creativity is the way to survive in a market of smartphones, smartphones. That’s why every year the phone company produces a new phone model with different versions, you and your loved ones will definitely think about changing phones with an Apple trend. When they change like that, their company can exist from year to year.

So a news site analyzing content in the technology field, taking into account that mobile phones will have a very bright future as Apple has been doing. But if you make a news page that guides life knowledge and tips very boring, it is not new, because this information has appeared abundantly on online newspapers, traditional newspapers and even TV. , unless you have scientists who work on new findings to apply to life, the news site can grow.

In short, you need to orient a long-term future and put creativity on top to be able to grow well. 

The next thing to do is register a general news page or a specialized news page, then complete all legal procedures and papers with specialized agencies. Do this from the beginning when you want to develop your website long term. Because when you don’t do your legal responsibilities, you’re violating the law. Do this well before thinking about other distant things.

Then hire a staff to make news content, set up departments according to a company that operates in the media field. Run your staff to focus on working in one main direction, not turning to the horizontal when you have not completed the goal in the development journey.

Market development and coordinating sales staff to carry out advertising and leasing activities on Pr website. Offer markets in businesses and promise to ensure Pr services and products for them. In this step, building and keeping each customer relationship is very important. If the quality of the news is quality and credibility, they will definitely contact you for the 2nd time, the 3rd time, and many times later to implement the advertising campaign, Pr for them.

Temporarily this  way of making money  we will stop here to study   another business model . 

3, Writing Articles For Businesses, Newspapers, Magazines

In the second money-making idea that we have just studied, there is one part that is mentioned as content and you need to hire people. So in this idea you are the employee to work for them, but you will work as a collaborator to write articles online and send via email to people who need to hire content writing.

The price of each article in the market today is VND 30,000-VND 900,000, this is the average price, because I am in the field of Pr, sometimes need to hire people to write articles and pay them, so I understand quite clearly about the salary that each collaborator receives, how much they earn in a month.

If I say that this writing job is enough to cover and support my family, then I say yes, but it’s only true for about 10% of the people doing this job, because you’re just a collaborator. only, the capitalist or the company can hire you to complete a project and then terminate the contract, you are at risk now and it may be difficult to find another partner with a better price.

But for those who have written Pr, write SEO articles, sales articles, promotional articles, etc., they rely on this profession to earn a living, raise their wife, raise children, pay for their education, and even build a house. However, as I said, the number of people who can make more money is only about 10%, simply not everyone can write, also skilled to earn a lot of money, at that time the article writing profession only is a secondary career for you to cover more life.

But I still ranked this job as one of the fast money making professions, do not need too much time and capital to bring money to my pocket.

Businesses who write articles mainly target SEO, Pr and advertise their products and services to many people, so most of you will only write about goods that can be sold online, such as pants shirt, cosmetics, food … also with construction materials, drugs, scientific materials are very difficult to be able to do business online, so these businesses also hire less people to write articles.

Some Skills To Write Articles

First  you need to make sure your writing language is normal, that is, if you do not write in the language, where you need to write, write where you need to write in the scientific language, make sure each word is typed on the word need to be serious.

Second:  Gather information about goods to classify them, when customers give us a product project that wants Pr, they don’t need to know what you will do, they will give us a pile of money and say some preliminary wishes, but you have to be calm when contacting customers. Then ask carefully and more about the more specific intention to implement this promotional campaign, attach their interests to each of our questions, otherwise you will be judged by their lack of skills in work or is thought to be troublesome and confused.

For example:  If I want to ask them a question like this, “To highlight the product more in the article, what are the most striking features of the product on your side”, or you can also asked “In order to attract customers to pay attention and contact us, I want to ask my party how to have sales, delivery and promotion policies?” …

The way to talk to your customers to get information like that will help us have more things to write, your article can be more perfect than other people’s posts.

Third:  Understand the rules for writing a Pr article, an SEO article … and at the same time know the layout of an article, such as technical information describing the product to be arranged at the body of the article, Legal certification, safety certificate, special business license placed in the last part of the article, the Sapo part must be very attractive, giving some preferential information about the price and benefits that customers will receive, the purpose of this job is to attract customers to see the product Pr.

Fourth:  Writing articles, you need to rely on products to create language to suit each customer. For example, the same thing is selling clothes, but if you write for clothes, young people wear outfits that will use youthful style, but when writing products of vests and pants for customers to work The office will have a serious, straightforward tone.

Fifth:  Check and re-evaluate the errors in the article before handing over customers.

Those are some of the basic skills that I have skipped so that people who want to make money from writing can learn and start. If you want to study more in depth, more specific or wonder at any point, leave a message in the comment section, I will answer everyone.

Being a collaborator writing articles can work online at home, because of this characteristic, many of the pregnant women and office workers have time to choose. If you are also working in a company but want to do more, this is a suitable job.

4, Affiliate Marketing

In 1 month, the excellent person in this field can earn over VND 10,000,000, in Vietnam, there are also quite a few successful people in this model, of course, the executor just needs to stay home and have computer connected to the internet. But to make that amount of money is not easy and specific, we will study more in the section “Making Ideas”.

In our country, this money-making model has not developed yet, so if you do it at this time, you will encounter certain difficulties of new products. I said it was new but in fact it was not new at all, 10 years ago it began to appear, not until now, but not too many people are interested in how to look like this, one Among the reasons is that information technology and e-commerce in our country are still not strong, but want to develop an affiliate marketing model requires a network system, payment system, website system and facilities. New telecommunications infrastructure can be deployed.

For that reason, at the moment there are not many people involved, meaning that you will have the advantage of being a leader when you start affiliate marketing at the moment, but in the course of action you must Note the pitfalls and trouble encountered.

Affiliate marketing in Vietnam is in the early stages, there are not many people involved, but the contractors have already deployed, just waiting for the soldiers (staff) to help them implement the plan. Now we will learn more in detail, what is affiliate marketing, what is its nature, how to make money from it.

Implement The Idea

Affiliate marketing is the introduction of a website, products and services of a business to consumers. When a customer executes a payment order, the marketer gets a commission from the sales of the business. This amount is paid by the enterprise, but paid by the intermediary company, or paid directly by the sales enterprise if they have a separate affiliate marketing management system.

Normally we will receive money from an intermediary, this is the company that connects us and the company has the goods, ie there will be 3 subjects: The company owns the goods, the intermediary company, and us (who will market with customers by linking goods to other websites).

But how can we approach buyers and introduce products and services to them to receive money from the first business (the company sells goods)? Now we will mention the phrase “Affiliate Marketing”. The object we use to reach customers is the product links that customers see and read, when they are interested and want to own that item, they will make a purchase order, and we get the money. .

For example: National Cinema wants to sell more tickets for the end of December. The episode they want to screen is “I want to go to heaven” (we are assuming this is the episode they will release in December), and they look to an intermediary company that provides affiliate marketing services. service to consumers, then the first thing that the intermediary has to do is distribute the link to their marketing collaborators that they had previously agreed on, who we are.

After the company owns the goods and the intermediary company exchanges, the contract is signed, and the intermediary enterprise distributes the link to the collaborator, the next thing is ours. So what will people do to recommend linking the goods to those who need to buy goods?

You will need to distribute that link on forums, facebook, informational pages, and places where you think users there will buy goods for us. This is a business-like image that doesn’t need to have goods, it’s like selling a product but it’s just that you don’t have to worry about shipping, payment, and goods, just selling. This will help you focus on marketing and communication. When a customer pays, you receive a commission on a product sold, the amount will be accumulated from one product until a certain amount of payment is available, which may require an intermediary to pay us. .

That is an overview of the money-making model based on affiliate marketing. I will share some practical experiences for everyone before I want to start:

Experience In Affiliate Marketing

1, Affiliate marketing is the same as that we do online business, but there is no need to worry about goods, transportation … you just need to do communication, good online marketing is okay.

2, But the introduction of products to consumers on the Internet is not easy, you must own a page of news and goods related to the products and services that we will market, the website must have quality. Access is large enough or really quality so customers will buy and pay money.

3, Promoting flower link on facebook, the forum will also encounter certain difficulties on the monopoly or being said to be spam by owners of those websites. That is the obstacle to affiliate marketing.

5, Freelancer Jobs

What is freelancer work? That’s what we get as part of someone else’s work online and complete them then receive money. It sounds like the third idea “Writing for businesses, newspapers”, but we won’t do it that way, but we will hire others to do it. That means, you will be the manager.

An investor in Freelancer can pocket 1 million-10 million, 20 million per day, they can both collect money from advertising, and can collect money from commissions extracted from business transactions, and can collect money from membership registration fee … Do you find it vague? Of course, it will be more difficult to understand, because it is a new investment model in Vietnam, although many people are employed.

Imagine that you want to be a fashion design collaborator, but it is very difficult to find a customer, so when you partner with Freelancer, they will help you reach customers and transactions. The work with them is very fast, simply because the Freelancer businesses have a reputation, they are well known and financially available to invite companies that want to hire a collaborator.

That is, they will have a website that gathers employers on it, when people want to do Freelancer (collaborators) know website, Freelancer itself must register members and make offers, invite companies to recruit Use our services on that website. When you offer, the Freelancer company (website) collects the job transaction fee and at the same time if you want to register for membership, it will take 1 expense to register (with VIP members). Because there are so many people joining their website, Freelancer can absolutely let other investors place ads, so at the same time they collect money from 3 different sources, not to mention a number of sources. other side.

Have you understood the concept of this idea yet? If not, then read it again, and then understand it and study it again.

The nature of a Freelancer company is an intermediary company that is responsible for job creation. It is no different from a Job Referral Center, or Job webstie, except that Freelancer website is a collection of part-time jobs for those who like to do it, but do not like to do it alone, type Such a part-time job brokerage company attracts a lot of collaborators who are office workers, but these people have a bit of knowledge and skills to work on office computers, soft skills … Freelancer company has absolutely no cost to train anyone, they sit on the throne and collect money after building and developing their website famous.

In Vietnam, we currently only have 3-4 Freelance websites that are only flashy, they are not really strong to occupy the first position, you can completely penetrate the market and monopolize the first place. there. Of course there will be difficulties, but these are just small obstacles when you are determined. With such a website, you only need to build continuously for a period of about 6 months to put it into operation and have traffic.

To implement this model, you will first have to hire yourself a really good IT staff, ask them to deploy and build the website, you need to extend the time for them not to do broken investment plan.

The next step is to hire Pr, Marketing staff and tell them to develop the market, run ads and do good SEO to put their website on the top of the search engine, running website ads appear with high frequency during the first stage of web deployment. Do not forget to tell Pr staff to develop a sustainable brand.

Building payment system and information security. This is very important, because when the website discloses customer information, your entire brand will lose credibility. Payments and transactions can be stolen by bad guys.

Freelancer work is one of the trends in working in modern life, when there are many housewives who do not work at the company, but still working at home, they can work, or with individuals even with a great degree. Study, master but do not want to work as a company because the pressure can be at home and onto Freelancer website to find part-time jobs. It is expected that this will be the work trend in the XXII century.

It’s simple to say, but whether or not you can do it depends on your situation, your level, your skills and your finances. Before embarking on this business idea, list and build a thorough business plan. Because the money spent on this model is not small. However, if you have done it successfully, surely the interest will be many times higher than the initial capital.

6, Make Money Based on Game (game)

You probably know that Game can be profitable, those who have played and become Gamers of a certain game can absolutely get money from their goals. But such a way to make money is very passive, but no one can play well and become a gamer, this money-making content, I will guide people in a more active, realistic way, ie when you It will definitely make money, and it becomes the main online business, not fun.

Game business is the profession that I want to talk about, this is one of the specialized money making areas, it can generate the same profit as a computer dealer, phone, the amount of money that a fish While selling games can earn up to 30,000,000 VND – 50,000,000 VND each month, a game company will earn about 1 billion VND per month, of course, to earn that money is not easy, you will must work really, truly, not bullshit.

Revenue of 30 million, 50 million per month is earned from that individual’s game business, that is, they must consider the Game as a normal commodity product, the seller of the game needs to carry out business problems like those other companies or individuals doing business, such as selling furniture, furniture, selling computers, selling phones, selling cars …

Only one thing is that all products of the Seller Game are virtual, are online, there are games integrated into the mobile phone, there are games integrated into the tablet, there are games integrated into the computer. calculated, the task we need to do is to use marketing tools, sales tools to introduce game products to users, mobile phone owners, tablet users …

When users download games and play them, business people get money. Money can be earned from the cost of downloading the game, or from advertising money that the manufacturer installs in the game, so when you or someone playing the game, they will see some ads appear during the game. That is when the money is born and run into the account of the game seller.

Currently the main revenue of game publishers, game business is advertising money, rarely will you see a certain game or application that requires download costs, ie publisher, game maker smarter. That fact also helps the game business easier, ie users only need to download and not pay another fee, this is one of the very good sales strategies.

Among us, almost everyone knows and used to play Flappy bird, it is Nguyen Ha Dong’s Game, he is the one who created history and completely changed the way of looking at mobile games in Vietnam, Game Flappy bird sold all over the world, it is so popular that even the president of the country is playing and going crazy because of its special attraction, thousands of people have beaten their phones because they cannot play because the difficulty is so high. . Thanks to this mobile game, Nguyen Ha Dong brought back billions of dollars for him, he also became the most famous person in Vietnam on mobile games.

We will do the same as him (Nguyen Ha Dong), just one other thing, please focus on selling games, not production. To do that you need to build a website or link to other websites to sell games, it is best to build your own website to be proactive in managing game products as well as launching chapters. promotions, reward programs …

The successful websites in the game business are mainly sharing news, how to play, the activities of the game publisher. That is, websites with information related to the game will be accessed by a lot of people. When there are many visitors to the web, they will be able to let users download their games, of course when they play you will get money. A good website to sell games daily requires about 2 million-7 million views of the website.

Game is one of the entertainment ways for mobile users and computers. Gaming can help people limit some social evils, for this reason that the game is very popular, but the most attractive of mobile games is still the content and characters in the virtual world of The game, the better the content, the high difficulty and the characters as well as the context, the frame in vivid will make many people download and play that kind of game.

For that reason, when selecting a manufacturer’s game, the publisher should only distribute games that meet the above criteria, otherwise your marketing plan, market development and website credibility. will be ineffective, ie effort, money for website construction as well as marketing costs will be lost without gaining money. A lot of people make this mistake, but still can’t find out why users don’t download games, don’t play games that they distribute, and someone gave up because of the rigors of mobile gaming.

Note: Currently, individuals and organizations that make money from mobile games mainly get games from publishers for free, except for some early games need to be VIP members or important partners they just released , so what you need to do is to build a good web game distribution system.

On another note, when you trade in games like other products or services, you need to register with a specialized agency.

7, Teach Skills Online

This job of making money belongs to the simplest type among other professions, you just use the skills and knowledge available in your mind to teach people and collect money from learners. This idea is quite mentioned by many people, almost everyone who is making money online also knows how to teach, teach skills, online knowledge, especially this profession is very popular in developed countries, and has a foundation Good information technology.

Each person doing this service earns at least VND 500,000 / day, the maximum amount is up to VND 10 million, or higher depending on their skills course of quality and rarity and attracts people to study well. is not.

How to teach skills online? This means that if you know about music, you can teach every musician, teach your students to play online; Or if you know information technology, Photoshop, you can teach them right online and receive money. If I know the art of painting, art and drawing skills, I will definitely open classes to teach people online, but unfortunately God does not give me that ability, or if you are good at English, you are totally can teach online. It is simply that you convey your knowledge to people online and receive money, nothing much different than vocational training in a real classroom.

With this job, almost everyone can make money, because everyone has a job, and they are quite specialized in that job, so they can totally teach others, but you also need the page. I have some knowledge about computer science, internet, and teaching techniques … these are the limitations of some people who are skilled at the job but do not dare to open a course online.

To be able to open the course, you must either own a personal website or, if there are many visitors on your facebook page, you must carry out advertising and other media work to introduce your online class Many people, in the introductory content, tell people about the benefits they will receive when attending your class, let them know that customers will really benefit from learning their knowledge. friend.

If the knowledge you teach is really quality, really unique, surely the second time you will not have to introduce or spend a lot of advertising money, people will find you and ask you to open the class again, Money will automatically flow into your pocket, that is when your time to get rich, flag and do a good job.

That said, in fact, the communication will face many difficulties, at first no one knows the reputation or your online teaching service, so they are not willing to spend money to learn 1 lock that they themselves do not trust very much. So you need to build trust with them first, not sell services, there are many people who often take the trust of customers by: Providing a part of useful knowledge for free, ie they can download , can view your knowledge without paying or exchanging anything; Many people do the course discount, or the output commitment; Someone uses the reputation of a third party partner, for example if you are going to teach a class about computer software knowledge, and you have a relationship with Microsoft, you get funding and supervision. from this group,

So, online business is not easy, it is not as difficult as we think, it is difficult for you to find a method to work, but easy to simplify.

8, Online Translator

This job of making money is not easy to do, so I’ll say it over.

Online translators can earn from VND 500,000-2 million / day, each translation of about 1,000 words costs from VND 200,000-VND 700,000, with the lower-priced translations, the content will be simple, not too complicated.

This is a profession for those who know English, Chinese, Russian …, they will receive projects that businesses need to complete, then deliver and receive money. Currently, the profession of foreign language translation is considered a job of making money.

9, Buy And Resell The Trend

At first, I was only a customer who bought lipstick from abroad (USA) to use (for girls or girls, lovers), so according to the date, I was very proficient in buying products from the US and shipping Back to Vietnam, for up to 1 day, the lipstick named D, for example, is well known and hunted by the whole world, but in Vietnam it is not available, so I have an intention to buy a batch of 150 D lipsticks to Vietnam. When I sold, that shipment was 10 million VND, then I continued to import 300 more trees, this time I know how to negotiate with the carrier, so the interest amount is 27 million.

Just like that, until the end of the D lipstick trend, there is another lipstick, I make a profit from buying and selling lipstick in the trend.

10, Make Money From Online Photo Sale Service

Individuals and businesses need logos, or images, to represent their company image. They can post on the website, on Facebook, on the image forums, the purpose is to let the customers of these companies and individuals know their own brands, and of course, create people photos, logos like that.

After creating or designing photos and logos, you can post on specialized sites to buy and sell images, or sell on any forum.

Note: This is just an extra job, you should not invest too much energy into it.

11, Open The Online Sales Website

This business model is mentioned by many people, but most people fail after a start. I will show you why they failed.

First, they do not understand what is online business, they only know how to post products and wait for buyers, they think there are thousands and millions of customers online, so they just need to find products and sell them. But they do not know that in millions of buyers only less than 20% of new customers bring in value.

Monday, Sellers keep advertising, marketing a lot, but at the time of disillusionment because there are no long-term customers, because they do improper communication, not the right audience, they just think that selling is produced Products and money collection are completed tasks.

Third, many business people do not pay attention to the future, but only care about the benefits and sales ahead of time, so they do not care for customers, do not improve their products and services.

And a lot of other considerations have made sellers fail to understand why they failed.

In fact, online business must adhere to the principle of much stricter than traditional business, if not knowing the rules of play, the seller will be excluded from the market, which is the principle of free competition.

You must always remember that online business is not easy, you must focus on the target market, not a large market.

Currently, some products are sold online quite well such as consumer goods, smart technology products, specialty foods and goods that tend to be sold a lot, if you plan to do business online, then you should focus on goods with the above characteristics.

12, Website Design Profession

When the marketing industry uses the internet more, people often sell on the website, so the website design industry becomes more rampant and open than ever. Bed like this is a prerequisite before trying to trade a certain item.

Without the web, people can still introduce their goods on other people’s websites, or take advantage of facebook, other social networks for sales, but all places may contain product information. so are not optimal and long-term compared to your website.

If you already have the basic knowledge of programming, informatics, then try to do this left-handed job. Because modern society always needs the web, so if you can do it. It will help you earn a little bit.

13, Transactions And Sales on Intermediate Web

When you have certain goods or services, you can make money by posting them on sites like Good Market, promotional pages, e-commerce sites, or buying booths on sites like Muachung, Animals. Price…

Because such e-commerce platform providers have helped you to implement marketing and attract customers, so you just need to focus on developing your products and services well, revenue will thereby increasing with time.

14, Art Flower Design Profession

People who are skilled in flower arranging art, design style and way of flower arrangement can fully guide people to plug and design themselves online. In the United States this is considered a profession, with teachers teaching and forming a specialized service online. Proficient people can earn $ 21,700 per year, equivalent to VND 477 million per year.

Along with the art of flower design, art-capable people should do more about designing logo, pants as well as fashion.

15, Career Center, Chat Online

In modern society, there are many people who feel lonely, especially people in cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, they need a friend to share their hearts in the present life. and past, future.

In the past, this profession was totally uncommon in our country, but from 5 years ago, people have more and more needs to use psychological counseling services. It’s not really psychological counseling, but just people talking, making friends alone.

You may need to read more about psychological knowledge, as well as handle situations and solve problems for customers. Then set up an online psychological counseling service, if done well, they will come back to you and become regular customers every day, every year. Because this is a long-term job, whenever your customers have problems or problems in their lives, they can call and contact you at any time.

16, Hospital Online

Once I have evaluated this online money making job, it is only 10 minutes for each consultant case you can charge from VND 20,000-1 million, depending on the unit price set by the government and benefits. your profit.

Hospital online means, you open a website or fanpage to advise them about the illness based on the description of the patient. If possible, open 1 more private clinic that is available to you at any time. Because not every disease can be diagnosed on the internet, so you need a clinic.

In order to implement this business model, you will need to complete procedures with a state agency to be recognized as a diagnostic and medical examination center in accordance with the law. Prohibit all cases of illegal medical examination and collection, because this is a business service in the medical field, if no scientific or doctoral issues are guaranteed, you will not be established Medical counseling center.

17, SEO Services

Understanding about SEO is the job of making websites, products and services known to many people, which means you only need basic knowledge to make your website and goods reach more people. So complete the mission. That is, you will rely on the information technology platform to make the website up to the top of the search engines …

One of the most important skills of SEO is to create perfect content to buyers and search engine friendly.

An SEO project can earn 2 million, 10 million, 20 million depending on the difficulty and needs of customers.

18, Online Exam Preparation Service

Reviewing civil servants, reviewing foreign language certificates, reviewing math exams for graduation exams … are things you can teach to make money online.

You just need to rely on practical knowledge and experience to teach people such subjects. Each class you may need up to 10 people. How much is your tuition set?

19, Make Money From Your Actual Video

A huge number of people in Vietnam are making money from Video, the movies you watch, short 4-minute-10-minute videos that you know can help its owner earn VND 500,000-1 million per day.

Many people know the profits earned on the internet, they have formed a team of 5-10 people to record videos to make money. The nature of this form of investment is to charge for advertising from within Video. However, at this stage, the model of making money based on bed video was less effective in Vietnam. But it still helps many people earn a significant amount of money.

If you plan to pursue this career, find a topic and research, make a video about it, then post it on websites for money. Remember to focus on only one topic, after growing up, you can completely spread to other content and earn more money.

20, Sell Domain Names

What you need to do is link with domain name providers, whenever you sell a domain name, you will have a commission. This is one of the most traditional ways to make money online. There are many investors buying domain names and bidding for individuals and businesses.

21, Occupation Difference From Advertising Money of Website

The websites that appear on the internet today mainly have revenue from advertising, so there is always a need to do advertising business, and the amount that this person earns is not small, depending on the project but decided commission, the profit they earn. Maybe 1 million, can also 10 million.

For example, Mr. A has a website in the technology field, and now he wants to make money from advertising revenue, but not everyone will advertise on his web, so he needs 1 person. Mr. B introduced his website to advertise. And Mr. A will divide 30% of advertising revenue for Mr. B, meaning that if the advertising contract is worth 10 million per day, he will be entitled to 3 million / day.

Do you understand how they make money from advertising?

22, Publishing E-books

Speaking of any idea of ​​online enrichment, it must also include the e-book model, this is the idea of ​​earning money belonging to the oldest form.

If you are good at the field of engineering, then write a book in that area, then price it, assuming 40,000 VND / book for example. So if 1000 copies of the book are sold, the revenue is 40,000,000 VND.

23, Sell News On The Website

Suppose you have really creative knowledge, useful for users, you can completely write them on the website and ask users when they want to see the cost of viewing.

You can bid 1000 VND / view of a document. If you have 1000 views a day, the revenue will be VND 1,000,000.

However, selling innovative and useful news requires very high rigor. If the information you post on it is not really quality, the reader will never visit your website again.

24, Software Installation Services, Online Computer Repair

If you’re knowledgeable about installing applications, software, and editing computers on the network, then sell this service. Modern society has too many software and applications as well as computer failures, so users need someone to help them do these troublesome tasks.

Costs for each installation and editing can be collected from 30,000 VND-100,000 VND depending on the error or application you want to install.

25, Make Money From Facebook, Personal Page on Social Networks

There are thousands and thousands of people who are making money from Facebook and other personal sites based on social networks.

That’s because they rely on their personal popularity, each of their posts on social networks or Facebook in particular attracts millions of views, ie if every product or commodity is posted on the page. That individual will definitely sell goods.

Each product when posted on a personal page of a celebrity can earn 5 million, 10 million, 100 million if maintained for 1 day, 2-5 days.

Celebrities always have great influence on the community, so they make money easily. If you also want to make money from your Facebook profile, social networking should create and build that personal web site really big. Provide value and useful information for the community, surely there will be a lot of followers on a day and you can then make money through your personal page.

Note:  You need to remember that the phrase social network is not only facebook but also many other networks, meaning that Facebook is just a number of social networks in the world as well as Vietnam, so you have You can search for another community network to build your personal site.

Ok, so I shared with everyone 25 ideas of making money, online business, see you in the idea of ​​making money in the next period.

The project ” 25 Ways to Make Money Online Without Capital ” was conducted, researched by: Nguyen Van Luong

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