How To Make Money Fast With Intelligence

There are the fastest ways to make money by being smart, clever and alert you can apply in a few appropriate occasions, times, to meet what really needs like “water in the desert”. It means that once you catch it, you can even earn 5-10 million / in 1 day. There are several types of fertile businesses as follows:


In other words, taking advantage of crowded days, gathering people, responding to a certain movement, I will jump in like a waiter. Provide the most satisfying feeling, inspiration and necessity at that time. Something like:

Vietnam U23 event , why don’t you open a screen showing the semi-final matches, quarter-finals, finals for the people around there, besides you can sell snacks, drinks, drinks … Make ensuring that the number of tourists will increase as well as the demand for consumption will increase higher than usual.

Then the big victories of people coming to the streets shouting and responding, why don’t you sell T-shirts with printed red stars with yellow stars, or flags, bells, gongs, drums, all kinds of banners or inconvenient faces, hands … Heaven, excited, burning flames they swung money without regret, inexplicably cheap, having to say tens of millions every night is too easy.

The capital spent is only 5 million , the flag 10 thousand sells 50 thousand. Icon stickers 2 thousand / 10 pieces sold 5 thousand / piece. T-shirts 30 thousand / piece sold 150-200 thousand / piece … On the winning night selling a few hundred pieces is impartial.

Day of the genius: Especially businessmen, traders … very interested in this day. The people rushed to buy gold, you can store gold to buy at a low price before and sell it on this day with the peak market price

Without finance, sell the offerings of this day. Open stalls selling fruits, divine paper, roasted pork, boiled eggs and especially grilled snake head fish. People can sell up to a ton of grilled snake head fish within a day.

Capital is only from 5 million . A fish with only 30 thousand USD / head sells 200 thousand USD / animal but cannot sell in time. Meat turned 50 thousand / piece sold 200 thousand / piece. Selling at intersections near the road surface every few hundred days is impartial.


Events, weddings, birthdays … almost every day, that’s why it is impossible to bring things, thick, skirt, thick … party after party. But shopping is too much money and then left in the cupboard too sorry. So this is a gap for you to get into the service you need.

Opening rental services for party dresses, short, long, body …, men’s vest for young people and people standing, thick bata, boots … many colors, high clogs, low models, matching bags For many different events such as going out, going to the wedding … Uploading to Facebook, creating fanpage for cheap rental, introducing to friends.

You can shop for yourself and rent it. Each full set for rent from 100-200 thousand / day. Too cheap instead of buying all it takes 2 million. Rent you can for many tenants, many times hire. Create a stable source of income without losing capital.


A way to earn more income by the smartness that you should train as a habit. “Words don’t cost you money,” but it is a good thing to say good things.

For example, you go to buy things, items cost 200 thousand. However, you know wisely to speak peacefully with the seller, open and friendly. Knowing to flatter in the right place and hot at the right time like “you have beautiful skin, can show me how to be so beautiful”. You have just complimented a sentence that is not too “sweet” that makes people happy. You will even reduce money or give you that item.

Or for example, if you apply for a job, you have a style, a charisma and a confident attitude that brings great growth to the company, although surely the staff cannot know if you can do it, but their mind Evaluate good behavior, so they accept you even increase your salary a bit.


You can pay for a makeup course for yourself. A methodical course for many subjects. Invest in a full set of makeup. That’s enough for yourself to always be beautiful.

Moreover, if you make beautiful make-up, those who see you will aimlessly ask some questions about where makeup is and how to look after the skin. Immediately put a personal makeup card at home. Make sure they pay 2, 3 times out of the shop to go to a party, for beauty.

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