What To Do To Get Money Fast Now? How To Make A Lot of Money?

You are short of money, want to find a job to make money fast online but have not thought of anyway. Don’t be shy, try referring to the 15 quick money-making suggestions from swiftblogging.com

1. Transporting Ice Cubes in the Hot Season and Make Millions of Money

In the hot season, the demand for ice cubes becomes hotter than ever. Many establishments do not have enough ice cubes and carriers to deliver stones to other establishments. The price of members at this time is often doubled for retail purchases, while buying wholesale customers may be more expensive than USD3,000 – USD4,000 / bag compared to normal days. The increase in stone prices also helps the sales of those who still transfer stones.

In the hot weather, it can reach 40 degrees Celsius, no one wants to go to the street at that time. But there are still people who enlist this time to earn extra income. For fast money, we can become a hot stone carrier. Income will be calculated according to the number of weights of the stone we transport. If working hard on hot sunny days like this, the daily income can be from 700,000 USD -1,000,000 USD / day.

2. Make Money Through Profession Fertilizer for Ornamental Plants

Fertilizers are an indispensable food source for growing plants. In garden houses, the number of ornamental plants needed to care is huge. It can range from a few hundred roots to several thousand bonsai stumps. To take care of bonsai must undergo many stages, stages such as pruning, bending body, styling, fertilizing … A person can not take all the work in a nursery and take care of ornamental plants. Therefore, they often hire extra workers to fertilize trees in the garden.

The work of the workers who fertilize the tree is to mix the fertilizer mixture, then apply it to each root with the right amount. The income for these workers can be based on the product, so how many originals are paid, which is the original amount, or in the form of fixed, or fixed monthly payments. On average, a worker earns about USD 150,000 – 200,000 USD per day

3. Repair Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, and Electric Equipments

Devices such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators … are necessary and frequently used equipment in the daily life of the family. When these devices are damaged, customers often need to find workers who can come to home milk to repair. Because if you have to bring it to the store, it is very time consuming and difficult to transport. As for air-conditioner in high season, it can earn 600,000 USD – 1,000,000 USD / day.

4. Take Care of Patients at Hospitals

Taking care of patients at hospitals is a job that requires patience, hard work and the best of the people. There will be families with sick people who need care but they don’t have much time. So the need to find caregivers by day is very much. If you can take care of this job, the daily income can range from 400,000 USD – 500,000 USD / day. For Tet holidays or for patients with special cases, the fee will be 2-3 times higher.

5. Selling Old Stuff

One of the quick ways to make money now is to take advantage of your old clothes and sell them. It could be old shirts, skirts, pants, hats or shoes … that we no longer wear. Take the time to rewrite them to sell them in second-hand markets, deposit them or sell them online to earn extra income from them instead of paying.

6. How To Make Money Free Time

For those who have free time and prefer to do tasks related to computers, text can receive online jobs such as typing text, milk misspellings. We just need to take some time in the evening to do this job. If we do a lot, one evening we can earn about USD 80,000-USD 100,000. Calculated for a month, in addition to the main income we also earn a few million more from the typing job, this misspelling.

7. Translating Language And Make Money

For those of you who have good foreign language skills and have free time, you can earn money quickly by receiving the translation, report translation, newspaper translation or book translation … Don’t criticize this job! It is one of those jobs that earn a lot of money if we work hard. With a simple translation of a few hundred words, the income is about 200,000 USD – 400,000 USD. Get more jobs and translate articles with higher difficulty and requirements you will get more income than that

8. Jobs Freelancer

Freelance work is probably no stranger to you right. These are jobs for those who have free time or have professional skills in a field that wants to participate in online work at home without having to go anywhere.

There are many freelance jobs such as design, programming, IT, copywriter, content, translation, comic book drawing, photographer… If you have the skills and experience in any of these areas, try joining the freelancer to earn more money.

9. Make Money From Running Shipper, Delivery Staff

You have a motorbike, you’re free and don’t have a job. Try starting with the work of a shipper, a delivery officer to try! Demand for online shopping today is very much, customers want to be able to receive the fastest goods and shops want to be able to deliver products to customers right away. Therefore, the need to search for shippers and shippers is very much. If we work hard during the day, we can earn an average of 160,000 USD / day.

10. Seasonal Business

Seasonal business, utilizing a special time to do business is one of the ways to help us earn a lot of money. Tet is coming, there are many items we can do business to earn extra income like confectionery, clothes, cosmetics, decorations, … Please choose a product to earn extra income on the occasion This Tet!

11. Working Part-Time

One of the ways to earn a high income is by looking after the hour. We can get about 60,000 USD / hour.

12. Home Processing

Homework outsourcing is one of the ways to make money for people who can’t go out to work like pregnant women, women who take care of children. The income for this job is calculated according to the number of products. If we work hard and receive more, we will have more money.

13. Selling Sidewalk Food

Trading sidewalks is one of the items that earn high income that many people desire. To make money now, you can start by selling a sidewalk dish like baked rice paper, baked skewers, fried foods … Pay attention to the selection of business locations and prices to be competitive with other rivals!

14. ONLINE BUSINESS Online Business

Online business is a trend that many people pursue. To make a lot of profit from this way of business, we need to find cheap goods but the quality is still ensured and in line with the trend. There are many products we can do online business. Choose for yourself a favorite product and understand it best to be able to do business well.

15. Online Tutorials

What to do to make money? We can teach online tutors to earn extra income. A lesson usually lasts from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. The average price paid for online tutors is about USD 70,000 / session.


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