How To Make Effective Marketing In The Internet Age

Marketing and management are hot topics that entrepreneurs and managers in the business world are constantly researching and researching.

Good management methods are constantly appearing, marketing strategies are unspeakable, but the efficiency is not clear. “A new long road or horse power”, if it was a high-ranking man, there would definitely be more bravery than the one that others could not win against.

But the truth is always unexpected results. We are always faced with the fact that we are submissive to the method and are not concerned with the unknown use of new methods.

Perceptions and understandings of each person on management and marketing are not the same, “fake people, intellectuals, intellectuals.”

Especially in a hot time like today, only because of the short-term benefits that people are secularized to overshadow. There must be a keen eye to make a clear distinction between what is true and what is false, but we are all ordinary people who do not have this ability.

Society today fake intellectuals everywhere, everyone who has three flowers and slashes, beautiful powerpoint without blemishes, says any sentence of philosophy but starts to do it is very confused without any Whatever you use, what to say about solving practical problems in business management and marketing.

So in the booming internet era, how should businesses do to do good marketing activities? This is a matter worth paying attention to and decoding.


Nowadays, most of the people who flirt with the wind can freely release their theory, their false doctrine. Many people consider traders to be “unlucky” people who cannot be business-savvy.

Collectively, business people who are traffickers are a way to say a bit of absoluteization. But “there is no fire how to smoke”, there is a comparison like that. People without money who will be dishonored by people who are disparaging are small people, whose money is miserable with a good name and unpredictable transformation.

Today, wherever there are smart people, in the marketplace if you are not smart, things will not go smoothly, it will be very difficult to rise up. This way of saying seems to have been widely adopted by the society, people laugh at the poor but not laugh at the market.

I have a friend who used to be a deputy director for a company larger than a thousand employees with a salary of more than three hundred million a year. At the age of 40, the capital was destined to work from now until retirement. But there is always some invisible power that always motivates my friend to continue to make bigger.

Incidentally, when an acquaintance introduced my friend as deputy general manager for a newly established company not long ago. Because I found this business to have money, high salaries, but a friendly place to introduce, my friend did not hesitate to quit and was confident to take office at the company that he thought was very valuable. This item.

But it is so pathetic that it is difficult to understand that today, tomorrow is tomorrow, tomorrow is tomorrow, and begging for good times, my friend cannot go to work.

My friend went to the general manager of the company to ask when he could go to work and he was rejected by dozens of reasons. And so every day passes by, because of finding a new job, my friend has to go back and forth very hard.

What is faithfulness? Credibility is the basic conscience of people, faithfulness is the responsibility, the rule of making people, working between people and businesses. There are no rules that cannot be done, the rule is what people work on.

Those who do not have “faith” will not be able to stand, faithfulness is the fundamental foundation in the past, present and future. Without faithfulness, there will be no development, credibility, then it will be able to develop sustainably.


Going through the online recruitment information, we can see that the needs and requirements of marketing staff of businesses are more than other positions. For businesses, Marketing is the most important business. Marketing is what shows creative value and value most clearly.

Marketing employees’ income will of course be higher than other job positions. This is also a reasonable, very ordinary situation of the business. The characteristics of working or working positions will determine how much or less income.

The day before I went to Ca Mau to study the market survey and by the way, I visited an aquaculture enterprise and processed large-scale and very famous frozen seafood in the locality.

During the discussion with the business owner, Mr. Hung asked me and asked me to introduce him to the position of Marketing Director, if there is a suitable person, please introduce him. He said: “Although businesses have good products, the amount of reselling is not very ideal.”

Local purchasing power and some neighboring provinces can be considered temporary, but consumption in the national market is not as expected. In Mr. Hung’s eyes, the low consumption rate is because his sales team is not ideal, the quality of the sales staff is still in the process of waiting to be improved.

If there is an additional sales and sales manager, the effectiveness will surely be different, so Mr. Hung devoted himself to finding a marketing director throughout the year.

In the eyes of the leaders who just need to find marketing executives, it is almost possible to solve all problems such as making alcoholic products increase consumption, bringing new motivation and vitality to the business career.

I think that in some ways this will have certain moralities but this way of thinking still has many problems. At least it is very faceless, if it is simply something that can be solved by a person, it will not be called a job, you only need to pay high salaries and recruitment nationwide, but you will The problem is not so simple.

Many people often contradict the market and marketing, they think that the brand is effective in marketing the market but the effect is not very big. Whether in recruitment or business management, the vast majority of us often value Marketing and underestimate the brand.

For example, from the regime, culture, management and other estimates of the business, market promotion in building brand image of some businesses is almost = 0. I don’t say By advertising, by mentioning advertising, many people believe that this is an act of burning money that does not bring the ideal effect, investing in advertising is not wise.

But just mentioning the brand is that people think of two advertising words immediately, this understanding of the face has brought about a series of problems. Given that brand cannot quantify, cannot produce production directly … In fact, it always wins rhetoric, brand theme both big, old and deep.

Branding is never fad and outdated. Take a simple example that a plate of cucumbers in a beer shop can only cost 5 thousand dong, but if you put it in a 5-star restaurant, it will cost twice as much, triple even higher.

Likewise there are shirts that cost only a few tens of thousands of VND but there are shirts that cost hundreds or even millions of VND, although their quality is really different but it will not be too big. The magic here is the difference in brand value.

You drive a car a few hundred million, others drive a few billion car, the same car but their value is not the same. The difference here is not in the car itself but in its brand value.

Or for example, my son is a university bachelor, your son is also a bachelor of university, your son graduated from a private university and my son graduated from a national university, and was a bachelor but the brand treatment is not the same.


Today, the harder the business is, the harder it is. Last month, I went to investigate a business in Binh Duong province. This business owner named Minh, for me, Minh’s situation was both emotional and a bit reluctant, a bit depressed and a little vague.

A few years ago, when I first started, in Minh’s hand, there were only more than 20 million of initial capital, the startup team relied on the hard-working friends, but only after 2 short years that they had earned billions of dong.

The impoverished emanation should run as hard as he can to run the business and sales market. The market needs what Minh is as clear as the palm of his hand, the eyes that are so sharp that he decides the book is also very true. Businesses grow up every day. Youth with a broad shoulders, Minh and his friends started to invest in new items to build the aircraft industry.

The ideal is always beautiful but the reality is very cruel. In recent years, along with the rapid development of the internet, the selling price of products has become more and more transparent, the previous period of super profits has not returned.

In the face of fierce competition that caused Minh to fail miserably, businesses have since been completely collapsed. Poor businesses are mostly blaming the Internet without reviewing themselves, without further research on customer service.


The Internet urges careers to write countless myths. Every industry has a good example of success and bravery, most of which are almost the same. For example, online finance has strong growth businesses but there are also businesses that fail miserably.

Online finance is not as smooth as imagined, there are still many companies failing. A certain industry in the country once had a business that dared to be the first, the gutsy, dare to think, dare to do, dare to invest. They imagine and plan perfectly.

In their imagination, this industry has money and opportunities to earn infinite money. Such a big industry without a related service channel is strange. After adjustment, it will definitely be developed.

Removing self-invested capital from the beginning of a few hundred million to billions of VND, so on, they constantly invested and constantly tried their best, which said that it could be long-term and sustainable but the truth was not like so.

The business of enterprises encountering bottlenecks inhibiting the development, inadequate capital supply chain, even the basic salary to retain employees cannot guarantee, stagnant finance causes many difficulties. towels for business.

Tracing the cause and discovering the most basic thing is that the knowledge about the business of the business is extremely limited, it is said that it is a group of experts who have never stormed the battlefield but sat in command of the campaign,

One Experts do not understand anything about the growth of agricultural crops but sit in the direction and flower with people in the industry to increase yields and bumper crops.

Many people have a misconception that internet is nothing but impossible to escape, the internet is a great success. If you just catch the internet, your business can be sad and windy.

The above example clearly tells us that, in a collective that requires two different voices, it is possible to avoid or minimize policy errors. Domineering and monopoly can never succeed but only ruin things.

Any profession, forum or organization is the person who has the right to speak the most. Like what Inamori Kazuo once said: “The answer is always on the scene.”


Everyone hopes to have a good life, stable jobs, so do businesses, they hope their businesses can grow and develop sustainably. It is all good to pray in anyone’s heart. The beautiful fantasy in the head is also for the dream and trying to strive.

Pray for wishes, thousands of things like that, develop talent … are very attractive phrases. The desire to succeed requires effort and effort, but trying it alone is not enough. Those who succeed they never stop striving are the more common people as we have no reason not to try or not strive at all.

Trying not to be successful, but if you do not try to strive, you will not be successful. Most people try to find a shortcut to success, but in fact tell us that trying to work must be on a base, a certain foundation can be done.

The basis, the foundation here is the customer, taking the customer as the root. Saying that, everyone thinks this is a kindergarten knowledge, but it is difficult to say that it is easy to get started.

The vast majority of business people often stand on their stances, even if they think for customers, but just give a little gift, a little promotion. This is no more advantageous.

Customers will not because of small fish that lose both big fish, poor quality products, bad service attitude, your small calculations will probably have a day of erasing. Customers will also have their own customers, the difficulties you face will also be difficulties that customers face.

Nowadays, leaves are good for less torn leaves, but there are lots of embroidery and brocade flowers, do we really stand on the customer’s stand to think and solve problems? Can we go study customers of suppliers or suppliers of suppliers?

In you I have, in me with you, your job is my job, your business is also my business, like a long chain linking you and me together, like a Thai extreme, extreme extreme doubts, doubts about giving birth to the four statues, the four statues of the trigrams and the countless trigrams.

Learning how to be a person before working, serving is number one, Marketing is number two. Helping customers is your success.


Having been in business for many years and have repeatedly been involved in marketing management training programs, many emphasized programs, there are also theoretical programs but to achieve absolute effects during the implementation process. it is almost not much.

The reasoning is so much that reality is too little. In fact, training is just about pointing out the direction of methods and methods, but in reality how the trained people do is their job.

Good trainers of powerpoit, high-level managers like powerpoint, from simple conferences to exchange large-scale lectures that are almost indispensable to powerpoint.

In fact, there is no practical effect on the content of a senior expert or leader, but after the meeting everyone still admires the talent. three of the presenter or speaker.

When asking about what ideas the speaker brought to you, the majority of listeners stammered, most agreed that the speaker’s powerpoint presentation was excellent, and the content of the presentation was almost as if there were no impressions, even the enemy did not know what to express.

I think this is not the effect that speakers and attendees want, in fact there are many such examples in everyday life, from simple conversations to large-scale training. big, countless.

There are times when we humans are often accustomed to assimilation, how are people naturally like that but never do analysis like this or do it like that will be different?

Which way would be more beneficial in remembering and interpreting the opponent’s words so that he could achieve the intended effect? What do we do with the details that are aimed and meaningful? It’s all for a good result. Nothing is best and nothing is better, sometimes success is just an accident.


There is a nice passage and philosophy like this: “Complex things simply do show that you are an expert; Simple things that repeat many times prove you are in the industry; Repetitive things work in a way that shows you are the winner.

Sand and cement are all discarded but if mixed together, it will become concrete, which is a valuable product, rice and gasoline are valuable products, but if mixed together, it will be discarded. go. It is not important to have a valuable product or a discarded item, it is important to whom you cooperate.

I like this passage very much, reflecting on it carefully. Locating correctly for everyone is very important.

Sometimes it is not because your knowledge or ability is not good, but because the environment is not suitable. This statement is completely pragmatic for anyone, any industry, not finding the right position to locate correctly is just rubbish.

For example, you are a people’s teacher, even if you are trained through a formal school, but if you let you work physically, then surely you will not be equal to those who regularly do manual labor.

You are a surgical doctor, you have had surgery for many patients but if you tell you to cut someone else’s hair, then surely you will not be able to do it with professional hairdressers.

What are these things? It is choice and positioning. You always think you are good, have a high level of education, a high IQ does nothing, but if you do not research and like it, then it is just “talking like a dragon climbing like a cat” like a fool dream that i

Speaking so much but the purpose is only one, accurate positioning, reasonable choice, the simpler the more effective, the more complex the passive.

Whether you are a piano performer, your listeners are people who are knowledgeable about music, not ordinary people, you perform for them, they will only realize that you have a reputation and not know you.

How bad performing, or where, bad where they are all unknown, performing like that is not worth the effort? Why so? Because you have chosen the wrong object. As in the upper part of the article, the speaker lists a prescription for all participants.

What is your positioning? What is the purpose and meaning? Not because the powerpoint slideshow is bad, but because you make a simple problem complicated. The expected effect that we achieve when speaking, training, attending the conference absolutely cannot be learned knowledge.


Marketing here is not just a professional business people, in today’s society, anyone is a marketing person, anyone has to communicate and exchange. Marketing and Marketing are all self-expressing themselves.

We often see traditional businesses or organize corresponding activities during major holidays such as discounts, lucky draws … these are Marketing-related jobs. The Internet is the same, universal e-commerce, e-commerce forum rises.

Before that, people could not be aware of the change that the internet brought, but now we all are aware of the roaring thousands of thousands of codes together to participate in the internet movement. Intense competition makes good and bad e-commerce forums mixed, there are infinitely flourish businesses, there are yawning businesses, there are businesses that become martyrs.

Traditional businesses are asking how to do? E-commerce business is likewise asking how to do it? Deputy wearing old methods and new methods do not know how to use.

Businesses who run out of their way are very cautious, careful every time, everyone wants to molt and revive, never stop looking for methods and path to success. First we need to understand what businesses are missing the most?

The vast majority of businesses say that they lack capital, there are also businesses that say they lack talent. Although the answer for each person is one, in fact, the thing that the most missing enterprise is the talent.

What is talent here? Talent marketing is the person who helps businesses continuously sell goods and constantly bring profits to businesses. Where there is a talent for marketing, the business there can survive better and operate more smoothly.

But where there is no talent for marketing, businesses there will be even more difficult to face the risk of closing bankruptcy.

What is a good marketing talent? In the current internet era, marketing talents are forced to progress with the same era. It must be understood that your image is the image of a local business. You make customers remember you, that is, customers will think about your product and business.

Learning to tell stories is the golden key to success. Funny, harmonious and interesting when talking about your field, culture, business and products, touching yourself and touching customers.


Consultants will often have to travel to different places and countries, interacting with many different businesses. Wantless management, every business has its own unique characteristics, you cannot assess how far the business in the development process can go from an amateur perspective.

Maybe any business has a dream to become a long-term business, seniors. In the age of great change today, the wheel of history is rushing and rushing away, today it is still good experiences but tomorrow becomes history.

Just like the scene of a rushing waterfall pouring straight down and constantly washing away memories. You do not change, you will be changed by others, you will stay on your feet but in fact have been left behind accidentally.

New opportunities, new changes, new challenges, new developments, business development opportunities and risks always exist side by side.

In such an unstoppable situation, how can it be to go further and develop in the long term? How does 10 years, 20 years after your business still exist? This is probably the problem for businesses to think about.


Whether you agree or are in doubt, today the problems that exist in the business are extremely diverse, each with different difficulties. Small businesses have a hard time with small businesses and large enterprises with big business worries.

There are no businesses that are still positive and proud in the sea of ​​merit and live dreamily. Why so? Very simply because the big waves swept the sand away, you don’t go back, you can’t stop or you’ll end up forever.

It is not difficult to find out that the experience of previous business enterprises has not had the experience. No matter what business you are or how you manage it honestly, you all face a common problem in the development process (How to grow faster, better next year?).

The market receded, the business could not raise its head, the higher the cost of production, the more and more the revenue went back and forth. The vast majority of traditional businesses work by experience, only knowing to do so without knowing why.

The previous example had a famous saying that “finding a market not by finding the mayor”, this statement once brought infinite benefits to businesses, but today this way of thinking is no longer available. applicable.

Who is the hero, who is the best for the market to be the referee. The best selling product depends on the customer. Only successful methods have no successful experience.


The former “new champion” technique is no longer useful for today. Your product is not innovative, not unique, it will not be accepted by consumers.

What do you think is the relationship between good and consumers? Is the cat praising the long-tailed cat? Lied to lie to people or make yourself happy? We all know that the bank of 10 years ago was really luxurious, but now they are constantly changing.

Remember: the post office does not try, express delivery to the throne; The bank does not try, Ali pay to the throne; Media does not try, social networks throne; wife does not try, mistress comes to the throne;

Today, if you are still complaining about not trying to do so, other people will be crowned, you will not make others do.

Do not complain about life injustice or too many hardships, nor need to resent the vicious life. Considering each failure is a challenge, don’t be too inferior; Considering each success is a lucky time, don’t be too arrogant.

Just like that, smile at the melodious chorus to face defeat, receive luck, enjoy loneliness and win pain. Smiling to life will bring us everything.

What else are we trying to do? Borrow strength! Do not know how to adjust resources, do not know how to concentrate the soldiers of the business together to borrow the energy, there is only death.

The strong person who makes it will deviate from the changing trajectory of the business today. Not knowing how to synthesize resources, even if there is a mountain of gold, there will be a day of bowing and begging. Each of you is a pearl, what the highest decision maker of a business needs to do is how to string these pearls together.

Concentrate strength, comrades in unity, good cooperation to improve fighting capacity, enhance image value. What is beautiful often causes people to look up, to look towards “a woman’s grace, a good-looking soldier”. Good friends, I am good people with good.

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