How To Lend Money

People often have the sentence: Money goes right to the intestine. No one avoids difficult and needy times in financial life, but is it really good to borrow money from colleagues and loan colleagues?

Of course, one of us understands clearly that the money goes to the gut. Money is an indispensable part of everyday life as well as indispensable in each of us, we need money to do whatever it takes to make our living and work effectively.

How To Lend Money

But due to its strengths, many people encounter bad crying situations. Many people even suffer from negative money. No one can see through anyone until there are physical clashes between them.

Especially when being a colleague working in a company, many people are often afraid to mention and mention money because they are afraid that a relationship will be broken, but whether you want to give money or not, you should obey Use certain principles when lending money to colleagues.

It is not advisable to give too risky loans. In fact, it is quite risky to lend money to friends and family members. Don’t let that loan make you financially miserable. Make sure that even when you lend, your finances are stable. Not only that, but you should also determine a good idea of giving other people a loan.

Stop making people lend money to others to become your burden. When your financial situation is not good or simple as you cannot spend normally when you lend money to other people, do not lend because when you suffer from financial burdens it will be very stressful when If stress has occurred, the emotional rift is natural.

Don’t let borrowers pressure you. You can lend them money but lend wisely, don’t just think that lending is for them. If the person has a negative lifestyle, it is like throwing money through the window.

Giving money to someone who doesn’t know how to spend money is also a waste. Moreover, when you can lend once, such a type of person can find you more times. Don’t let me be cornered.

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