If you are an online seller, whether you run an online business or you are just developing your personal brand, you need to know: “ Talk to and talk to your customers 24 / 7 is one of the best things ”.

However, it is also a challenge for individuals and small businesses. How can you best meet this task?

The conversations will take place continuously on how to handle the story unfolding in a positive direction?

How To Keep Customers Happy And Loyal

There’s something called art that makes customers happy on social media, and the good news is that we have the recipe to do it. Follow These Steps

1. Listen Carefully

Focus on listening rather than answering. Recipes encapsulated in the following issues:

  • X evil specified topic/issue of talks.
  • Stop speaking in time to keep up with new emerging issues.
  • Listening will make the speaker feel secure, confident and boldly sharing.
  • Listening helps you understand things more comprehensively.
  • Listening will help you get the job done more completely.
  • Listening helps you become more patient, more thorough in everything

2. What if I Don’t Do That?

When you use your brand to speak on social media, you have the opportunity to be reminded over and over, which will naturally impress the people who are talking about you.

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If you miss this opportunity, you will lose the opportunity to impress, the opportunity to give answers, solutions or drive the story in a positive way.

Moreover, the “netizens” may think you do not listen or care for customers.

Brands that do not satisfy customers not only fail to impress, but also face the risk of self-destruction.

3. Quick Response

Social media customers expect to respond within 60 minutes.

Research from Lithium Technologies shows that ” 53% of users who post a message on a social network for a store are eager to respond within an hour. ”

This percentage increases to 72% if the content includes a reprimand about the product the store offers.

The more you shorten this time period, the more you will create your own distinct value. Simply because few companies or stores are able to answer customers quickly.

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The Granvetter theory proves that messages on social networks like Facebook will spread far and fast. It is very dangerous if you let negative messages and complaints about your brand spread far and fast.

It is found that status can spread from one person to 2.7 million within four generations if it is good content but too good but what if it is bad content?

4. Always Get Ready

If someone connects with you (a salesperson) on social media, consider it an honor, a privilege of life.

Because there are millions of accounts on social media, real, fake, love, hate mixed.

To connect the right people, the right jobs, the right customers is not easy. Once they reach you, you must know how to appreciate it.

Zappos (http://www.zappos.com) is known for its excellent customer service by phone and online communication tools. Simply because they maintain the following 2 criteria:

  • Response time: <20 minutes
  • Response rate: 100 percent

Yes! They respond to every one!

5. In Reality

When possible, always connect 24/24 with your customers.

When it is not possible, and almost impossible when you are a small business or the support team is too small, try to be online or online.

A great tip to make your customers feel like you are on FB regularly is to say hello and goodbye to customers. If you have a strong customer service force, let them take turns to do it.

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Zappos does it great thanks to the support team available on the social page. They always say hello and goodbye to customers and they take turns doing it.

You can also send messages to connect directly with specific customers, avoiding the cumbersome procedures of the customer care process.

However, it is very close to remind when doing this, to avoid disturbing unwanted customers.

6. What if You Didn’t?

It is very dangerous if you do not respond to customers because it can take them away from you, creating a bad impression for your brand.

According to research at Academy Management, companies that take responsibility for a problem often receive positive feedback from customers.

7. Content Specifications

A Jupiter Research study found that emails with recipient-related personal content pushed 18 times more revenue than generic or sample emails.

Responding separately to each customer is an extremely smart and simple habit to please the customer. All you need to note is:

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When someone mentions you on Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can click on their username to view their profile and information.

8. Call The Customer Name

“Remember that one’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Research from Ball State found that addressing customers with their real names is considered the best way to create branding on social media.

And certainly, the general mentality is that it feels better to hear your name.

Some of the largest brands in the world rely on personal communication to create their interaction. This method is called APPLE:

A : Approach customers with a personalized warm welcome.

P : Probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs.

P : Present a solution for the customer to take home today.

L : Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns.

E : End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

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The provisional translation is:

A – Personalize your approach, welcome them warmly.

P – Learn a subtle way to understand all customer needs.

P – Offer a solution to the customers we come to to get them.

L – Listen and resolve any issues or concerns of their interest.

E – End with a goodbye and an invitation to come back.

In fact Personalizing messages or messages, adding someone’s name does not indicate whether you succeed or failed to close a contract but it is a cute interaction with the customer.

And all of these cute interactions from time to time can become something of a great deal to your brand.