How To Invest Smartly To Gain High Profits Easy 6 Ways

When reading the title of this topic, how did you imagine the content that we will analyze in this article? Are 6 highly profitable smart investments such as securities, foreign exchange or real estate? Or should business ideas invest in trading and opening stores? In previous articles, we have mentioned and analyzed a lot about effective smart investment channels. So in this article, I would like to talk about 6 business investment philosophy so that we can draw more for the lessons and thinking of successful people! Hopefully with the sharing in this article, you will feel interesting and rewarding.


When you read this philosophy, what was your first thought? We will analyze it together to understand more deeply!

“Why?” It is a question that a person or people around us often give us when we do something. Suppose when we decided to invest in opening a furniture store. Family and friends will ask: “Why open an interior store?” If in the case when asked this question, how would you answer ?. Please leave the comment section for me to know your answer!

People are always curious and distrustful when we invest and do business in a project. And the question: “Why?” Will take us time to explain, analyze and try to prove to everyone that the investment decision is correct. But for Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon is different. When asked the question “Why?”, He would not hurry to answer but calmly asked: “Why not?”. Answering the “Why” question with another rhetorical question “Why not” according to Jeff Bezos will help us assert that this investment idea is feasible and deserves to be involved. It will help us save time to do other things instead of bothering and spending time explaining to others.

Business philosophy: “Why? And why not? ”Helps us to be more confident in our own decisions and calculations. This is also an important factor to help us become successful investors.


Every time we hear the word down we probably feel it is an adjective that is not good and hard to hear. But believe me, this is a business philosophy worth learning from Chris Sacca. When mentioning this character name, you wonder who this is? Chris Sacca is a well-known investor known for his risk in technology. He is also involved in investing in Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter right from the early days.

With this business philosophy, he shared that: instead of wasteful spending, buying things that are not necessary for life, young people save themselves, live more simply and enjoy life. Use the money you save to open up new investment opportunities in the future better than spend that money. And when we look back in our hands, we will have nothing but a beard, white hair and wrinkles. For him, there is no such thing as a bad life. It is the first step for us to be successful in the future.


When it comes to starting a business, we will probably have a common habit of thinking only of young people who first invest in business, business models that are first built and developed. But with this business philosophy, remind us that starting a business is not just for newcomers, or newly established businesses, but the spirit that all new or old businesses have to have.

Vietnam billionaire Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong shared that one of his secrets to Vingroup could be to maintain his entrepreneurial spirit every day, always trying to renew himself and contribute more to society. Maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit helps us stay in a state of euphoria and want to move forward like the first days of business.


One of the business philosophy is always mentioned regularly so far that it is the customer who is God, Always put the customer at the center.

All the services and products that we make are aimed at meeting and satisfying customers’ needs. Having customers, new businesses can survive and grow. This philosophy has been used by Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs during the development and development of the APPLE brand, one of the world’s leading phone and computer brands and has a major influence in the industry. Computer.

For him, it is not a question of “what does the customer want?” But placing customers in the center is about creating needs that customers don’t know they want. All business of a business revolves around customers to take the basis of development.


Many people think that if you have money, some skills and investment experience, you can invest in any field and make a lot of money. This is a completely wrong thought. Business investment is also a long-term path. To walk on it, money, skills, experiences are necessary conditions. And the condition is enough to help us be able to walk steadily and longer on that path. Nearly all billionaires and successful people share that: Passion is the key to helping us unlock the key to success.


If you’ve ever read the newspaper, perhaps you know this is the philosophy of life and business investment of Warren Buffett – the sage “of Wales. For him, it is not necessary to spend money on things that we can buy cheaply and still satisfy our needs. Instead of spending wasted money, buying houses, buying super cars, having dinner in hotel restaurants, you should save that money to invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself as much as possible will help improve the value of investors, thereby helping them earn more money. Investing in markets and other investment channels can be risky, or affect from political and economic situations. But investing in yourself is the most effective and safe investment channel. Our own values ​​will not be devalued by unstable political situation, or slow economic development, rising inflation. Our value will be increased every day when we spend time with it.

Each philosophy is an interesting lesson for each of us. How it is used depends on each person. With the sharing in this article hope you will feel useful. If you have any useful experiences and business philosophy, please share with me and everyone! Thanks for sharing this article with me.


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