How To Get Rich Quick From Trading And Business 23 Easy Ways

Informal regional specialties such as Xoi Mountain colors, Western Fish specialties … become business products for an online market. Specialty business in the region through the Internet, where there are many sellers but there is a lack of method and waiting for the “next person” to create a big brand of regional specialties.

There are ideas of  how to get rich  , unique and effective from trading and business, which is a quick way to get rich in the market today. Finding out such models so that we can start a business is something I will share with everyone in this section.


The difference of a way of getting  rich from  a suburban restaurant and in the inner city is because of its elegance, smoke-free, cheap price. A group of people at any company may be willing to rent a car to your restaurant for dinner, simply because they have a new feeling, not as noisy as in the city center.

The food we need to prepare must be strange, unique and different. Suppose it is the same chicken but the processing must be a new, special and completely different dish. You need to remember a restaurant located in the suburbs is to make curiosity, interesting. Therefore, the food, the way of serving, the space in the dining room, the tables and chairs … need to be really unique. You can use natural stones placed on the ground outside to serve as a dining table, if anyone likes to enter a roofed house, they can be free. In addition, you should also have a bonus policy for people who eat and reward here is money, reward dishes … These new and unique features will help you have more customers by way of word of mouth to old guests new


A new kind of painting in life in India, mainly using pigments to paint into paintings. Artisans only by manipulating the color powder into a unique and fancy shape, if you want to do business for a long time, the best way is to hire people who are capable of painting.


Simple, easy to make money, is one of the fastest ways to get rich at this time. The price of imported soybeans is not high, but the price of each bean is much higher. Pursuing this career, you can earn INR 500,000-INR 1 million every day.

The selected location should be near the market, near places where many people pass by. The average store area is 20-30m2. Soybean tools and materials need to ensure hygiene and safety.


COSPLAY has just been introduced into India, which is an entertainment activity often reserved for young people today. By drawing and decorating yourself into fictional characters in history … Cosplay is just an entertainment game that brings together a group of organizers to interact with each other, besides these people also participate in organizing sessions. party …

It is possible to trade in Cosplay services, by leasing services by hour or by contract. Selling clothes, decorations, and colors is also part of this business idea.


Is a new way to enjoy fruits in modern society. When the fruit is baked, it will have the taste of oil (fat) mixed with the sweetness of the sugar in the fruit, creating the aroma when enjoying very strange and characteristic of each kind of fruit. When baking fruit, you can skew 3-5 pieces of beef, goat meat, lamb to make the dish more bold. In addition, you need to focus on the color of the grilled skewers, because beautiful colors can appeal to your choice.

To sell this strange dish, you can rent the surface with a road or sidewalk. The average area is only 30m2 (2-storey house will be better).


The sisters of 20-28 years old love all kinds of love stories and love novels. Such a large market, but now mostly internet stories. Few business books belong to this category. Many people do not want to spend too much money to buy a novel and just read it through a turn to leave, so the solution to rent stories seems to be quite an interesting way to invest.


Usually people make ceramic products for sale and business. But we will not do so, this way of doing business is that you set up a workshop to guide pottery to entertain and play. The main object that ceramic workshop is aimed at is children, both increasing intelligence and releasing learning pressure. In addition, the students are students, students are also very interested in how to play, entertainment like this when they can create a ceramic product brought home.

Each entertainer can collect from INR 30,000-50,000 INR or collect monthly fees, in addition we can sell more beautiful ceramic items at the workshop to increase income.


The sale of bread is almost made by many people, but can you observe that they sell very small? Some people make a trolley that sells pate bread, milk bread, … that way is only a temporary solution, and if you want to do business for a long time, you need to hire a nice decoration booth, choose a warm wall color. Suitable for the color of bread.

In the course of business, it is necessary to promote the formula for making longtime bread, because the breads on the market today do not have any standard recipe. Thanks to the history of bakery recipes that persuade customers to buy products, bread is sold primarily in the morning so you need to arrange work to have cakes sold on time.


If choosing the right location, the way to introduce the promotion of business products to hit the psychology of the people around it, the daily income can range from 500,000 INR -2 million. It is that we only sell in traditional stores, when opening online stores, revenue can increase more, even the profit from selling milk online is more than the interest earned from customers by geography. . Important that your product must ensure safety and quality.

At this time of 10 years ago, Indian consumers were still worried about rice, because rice and meat were essential foods at that time. But now the income of each person increases, the average salary of an existing person in society is about 4-5 million / month. With this salary, they can spend enough for their individuals and families, of course there is no surplus to come out. Thanks to rising income, people pay attention to the need for milk, one morning, may not eat rice but drink milk and eat bread, it is the main way of charging energy. Other people can buy milk for their children to drink. Such facts give us a business hint.

The store should be located in a place where many people travel, if possible, rent a place where there are many people with knowledge.

The capital we spend on this idea can be up to 50 million or more.


People who teach not only teach homework, teach tests, teach lessons for the next day, we can also teach using computers, teach drawing, teaching piano, etc. The target customers are I am still in middle school, primary school or kindergarten.

Do not teach a person, but will teach a group of 5-10 people, because firstly you will make more money, secondly, a child who learns alone is very boring, if there is a group of friends discussing , having fun with each other will be more interesting to your class.

Most families let their children go to school at home in this way of education belonging to rich families, houses with economic conditions. So you won’t need to worry about income. Focus on the subject you teach to be more quality.

Tuition depends on the region where you live, in Hanoi each such session for 2-3 hours can earn 400,000 INR-700,000 INR. Important is the quality of the lesson we provide for you. If you do not have any special skills, you can hire people to teach and pay them, but often, those who own it need to know more or less about their professional skills they will do business.


Grades 2, 3, and 1 must always be tested so that they can go to class or take entrance exams for good students. Your parents are willing to spend money for our “god-customer” to go to school. Unlike the new forms mentioned above, this form is like tutor but we will not go to the students’ houses but we let them choose the way to study but must ensure that the benefits are collected by your wishes.

What we need to do is to prepare the exercises, giving them a thorough training to help your students score well on the exam. If you apply this method, hire about 2 people to take turns or you must be able to teach that subject.

The most expensive tutoring subjects are English, Mathematics, Chemistry. As long as you can help them, they have a high score and can safely open a long class. Because in fact, the subjects in this period are often not applied much in later life, except English (or other languages). So your class just needs to guide students to get good grades.


The initial investment is about 30 million, including office leasing, basic equipment procurement. Recruit 3-5 midwives. Note that after recruiting people, it is necessary to train them to work skills, to recruit people who have been trained in the school clearly, how to ensure the safety and health of pregnant women.

After birth, women will need to monitor their body for 2-4 months (maybe longer). So we can open more business services for counseling and care for mothers after birth. This job is currently quite “cheap” on the market today.


In places in the city, people pay great attention to nutritional issues for the body every day. Maybe they eat very little but must ensure enough quality for the day. The dishes we can trade as nutritious meat porridge, porridge porridge, fruit juice juice are made from various kinds of vegetables and fruits to ensure hygiene and safety, the cakes are made from special kinds of rice, multiply inside. It must be delicious to attract customers to eat next time. 


Now, anything rare and new will be welcomed. indeed, the people who eat now are quite connoisseurs, they like to search for delicious things from anywhere, even at the price, they also buy. Such people are our future customers, especially when social networks have a great influence on human life today. It means that the specialty you sell will reach buyers more.

For a specialty business, you may need to find a source of goods in the South or the Northern mountains, these are two places where there are many strange and delicious dishes imported to Saigon and Hanoi. As a specialty, you can set a higher price than the same kind in the market. But not more than 50% is okay, no, people will you but don’t dare to buy for the second time.


Torn clothes are now few people need to fix, so temporarily ignore the intention to make money from this type of business. Moving to other customers’ needs is to shrink or expand the shirt (pants) to fit into a fat body, lean people, or add bow ties, fashion accessories to suits, or sew Add the bag in the position that the owner wants … in short, just need to meet more, patch up how to meet the customer’s request to have money. When adding any accessories to your clothes, of course, you will sell them and not give them, so there are 2 earnings from wages and money selling fashion accessories. In addition, you can also tailor and display beautiful outfits at your door, only need to sell 1 set a day and about 15 guests will get a pocket money.

The initial investment may also cost you rent only (about 4-7 million), investment in sewing machines and fabric accessories averaging 10 million. Simply put, you can open a store. If you are not skilled, you can hire, not necessarily investors need to be skilled, you just need to manage well to earn as much money as possible.


Hire 5-7 workers, a shop with an area of ​​20m2 – 35m2 on a small street with many people passing by. Promote and introduce many people around that area to know about your store, do not forget to advertise on the internet, when implementing an advertising campaign, you need to select the audience you live in, for example in Hanoi , I will only choose objects in Hanoi, in Hai Phong you do the same.

At present, more and more consumers do not like industrial garments, instead they are gradually shifting their consumption habits from industrial products, to liking self-embroidered decorative products, especially Those who like spiritual culture, they are the people who like crafts like this.

Each embroidery product can be sold from INR 100,000-500,000 INR, of course, has a price of up to 1 million, but such orders are not much, and to make expensive pieces of embroidery is often time-consuming and very demanding. period With such a price, after deducting labor costs, the premises can earn INR 600,000-2 million depending on the contract you receive.


Speaking of illness, no one wants to, but actually every day thousands of patients live in the hospital. Such a large set of customers, if we know how to market, sales certainly succeed.

In order to save the cost of transporting food for patients, you should place a store near the hospital area, so you have just sold the goods thanks to a good geographical position, selling food if you advertise online. .

Please include many words related to nutrition, body supplements into Pr words, advertising, doing so will hit the psychology of customers. This is quite an important point in selling food to patients.

For the idea of ​​starting this business, the best way to sell products is online advertising on social networks or SEO websites on search engines. Each dish that sells for only 30,000 INR, one person can eat up to 2 items at a time, so a customer can earn 60,000 INR, every day if sold to 20 guests in the hospital, you can earn at least 1.2 million.


Products such as baskets for flowers, baskets, racks, rattan chairs, conical hats, rattan tables … are typical items for this business. Hire 3-5 skilled people, the workshop in the alley is fine, and if you have a premises, it is best to take it as a booth to sell the made products. If your home is in the countryside, you should only set up a factory and look for a wholesale or wholesale contract, or you can sell it online, but shipping (shipping) problems will be limited if you have an order. with distant geographical distance.


This job is normal on holidays and Tet, which can earn 2-3 million / day. For other months of the year, it is less, but the commission you receive for each referral can range from INR 300,000 to INR 700,000, which may be higher depending on your bargaining power, but my advice is to apply only. Use a single price to avoid customers reflecting on our services.


There is the fact that the more money, the richer people are, the more superstitious they are, grasping that mentality of many people. People who do business do not ignore such business opportunities. Entering office feng shui items, home feng shui items for sale online, or opening shops is a good way to make money in modern society today.

Feng shui items such as ceramic pots, porcelain pots, plates, specialized feng shui stone paintings are the picky products that customers buy. So if you want to impress customers, you have to collect very unique items to display, if customers ask to buy, we say that it is a rare and precious product, so the amount of sales is small.

Funds for this plan can be up to 70 million, or more than 100 million.


If you have an unused land garden, an area of ​​about 300m2 in a suburb of the city, it is possible to turn your land into a beautiful, green flower garden and attract young people to visit and discharge slightly after hard working and studying hours. Every visitor to the flower garden can collect 10,000 INR – 20,000 INR.


Are flowers, or ornamental plants that live in water. Usually these ornamental flowers are grown in a vase or glass tube for easy viewing. To grow and grow flowers like this, you need some skill in plants. Aquatic plants and flowers are very safe and natural, therefore, 1 or 2 years ago, the flow of aquatic landscape is blooming.


Household goods belong to the essential product group, so the market demand for household products such as household electrical appliances, personal belongings, household furniture … does not decrease but increases according to life requirements. live consumers. In terms of the number of purchases can be reduced, but the total value of money spent on household goods increased, because the desire to use better and more expensive products is now enhanced.

Household products originating from Thailand and Japan have still been positioned as products with stable quality, durability and long-term use. Indian people in the last few years have particularly liked Thai and Japanese goods.

In order to start trading in this family of imported products, you first need supplies. After that, developing Marketing in India, building a brand of prestigious products in the market. More specifically on this idea, you can look at some of the following tutorials:

Now we will study about 5 Opportunities to get rich

5 Opportunities for the best start-up

This is the second content I will share with everyone, it helps you shape when you need to open a business, you can always get rich. Okay now start:


People have the phrase “Suffering before the happy”, the intention is that they need to sacrifice, strive before we are too old to begin. Starting a young business is when you are full of life energy and the ability to fulfill your aspirations.

The sooner you start your business, the higher the success rate will be, the youth is an inherent wealth, if you take advantage of that capital to invest, and at the same time, you will be hard to learn from the experience. It is also late, not difficult.

Some people even say that starting a young business is like a 25-year-old sports athlete starting to practice, if you wait until the age of 30 to start a career, it may be slow, right? But no matter what your point of view, if you can afford and want to start a career, you can separate the old shell and get rich.


When we were young, we always thought that we had to grow up quickly to get out of our parents’ control, the goal was to do things that fit our own interests. This is no different from an employee who wants to get rid of his boss’s restraint and reproach, you must leave that company and start a career. So when you feel that you are miserable and bad at work at that company, then leave your job to start a career.

But you also have to understand that if parents do not raise you, how can it be like today? Stay in the company until you feel you have enough experience and the ability to steer your own business boat, learn all that your manager is doing, what they can do to Company management, learn them, learn in detail.


When there is no job to do, open a company or your shop is considered moral easy to understand, simply because no one recruited you, but no job cannot exist this life. Then you have to recruit yourself, ie open your own company.

However, good people, capable people are hard to be unemployed, then surely you are among those who do not like to work, ie belong to the disguised unemployment category. For those who don’t know, they are too bad, starting a business can be far away at the present time.

You need to remember, if you want to start a business, at least you have to be competent in that area, that is, you have a career understanding, people invite you to work, but you don’t want to go because of low wages, pressure work, or simply it is tight, then start your business.


Responsibilities in life and start-ups often have conflicts, if you have to worry so many things in your life such as family, husband, wife, children, society, then starting a business is of course a problem.

That we often see, age and responsibility are interrelated. Therefore, if you have time, do not get involved in many life responsibilities, capable, free, unbound by your children’s tuition, family spending, then start your career. at that time.


Starting a business is an intensive battle in one area, you must have an understanding and passion in that area to start a business. If you have not accumulated enough knowledge to have, then learn more, otherwise you will fail.

A bitter advice that many entrepreneurs break down is: Focus on just one thing in the first phase, ie you only need to produce one product / service, only sell one product / service. service, only marketing 1 product / service only. Because then you will focus resources and money to do the best one thing, but when doing just one thing, the likelihood of success will increase higher, faster.

Therefore, economists have a theory of specialization, each of whom will only do a certain stage in the process of development, production and business. Some people only make direct marketing, there are people who specialize in SEO, have graphic designers, have people working in production lines, have people selling goods online …. When specializing in every profession, people will give the best performance and efficiency, the best quality.

Getting rich is when you have the opportunity, the capacity and the capital to invest, if there is not one of these signs, you will be hard to start a business. So make sure you own the things you need before you start working.

Above, shared to Business Start-up Boss 23 ways to get rich quickly and effectively to earn potential, starting a sustainable enrichment model. Among these 23 rich start-up ideas, if you have questions about implementing ideas, you can leave a comment in the comment section of this article. See you in the next article sharing on ways to get rich from new sales-business.

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