Having ideas to get rich from small, effective, unique business and small business is the way to get rich fast in today’s market. Finding such enrichment investment models so that we can start a business is something that I will share with everyone in this section.

Small and Medium Business Idea Easy To To

1. A Beautiful Restaurant

The difference of a way to get rich from a  restaurant business in the suburbs and in the city is because of its elegance, no dust, and cheap price. A group of people at any company may be willing to rent a car to your restaurant for dinner, simply because they have a new feeling, not as noisy as in the city center.

The food we need to prepare must be strange, unique, and different. Assuming the same chicken, but the way to cook it into a new, special, and completely different dish. You need to remember that a restaurant located in the suburbs is to cause curiosity and excitement.

Therefore, the food, service method, dining room space, tables, and chairs … need to be truly unique. You can use natural stones placed on the ground outdoors as a dining table, if anyone likes to go inside with a roof, you can be free.

Also, you should have a policy of rewarding people who come to eat, reward here is money, bonus food … These new and unique features will help you to have more customers by word of mouth from old customers to guests. new

2. Painting

A kind of painting is still new in life in India, mainly using pigments to draw pictures. Artisans just by manipulating pigments into unique and fancy shapes, if you want to have a long-term business, the best way is to hire someone capable of painting.

3. Tofu stalls

Simple, easy to make money, is one of the fastest ways to get rich right now. The price of imported soybeans was not high, but the selling price per piece was much higher. Pursuing this profession, every day you can earn from 500,000 USD to 1 million USD is easy.

The chosen place should be near the market, near places where many people pass by. Average store area 20-30m2. Tools and materials for soybean should be safe and hygienic.

4. Cosplay

COSPLAY has just been introduced to India, is an entertainment activity often for young people today. By drawing and decorating yourself as fictional characters in history … Cosplay is just entertainment by gathering a group of people to interact with, also, these people participate in the organization. party …

It is entirely possible to run a cosplay service business, either by leasing it by the hour or by contract. Selling clothes, decorative goods, colors are also in this business idea.

5. Baked Fruit

As a new way of enjoying fruit in modern society. When the fruit is baked, it will have a creamy taste of oil (fat) mixed with the sweetness of the sugar in the fruit, creating a very strange and characteristic aroma of each fruit.

When baking fruit, you can skew 3-5 pieces of beef, goat, and lamb to make the dish richer. Also, you need to pay attention to the color of grilled fruit skewers, because the beautiful color can attract people to choose.

To sell this strange dish, you can rent ground or pavement. The average area is only 30m2 (a 2-story house will be better).

6. Novel Rental, Love Story

Sisters from the age of 20-28 are fascinated by all kinds of love stories and love novels. Such a large market, but now mainly stories on the internet. Few book dealers fall into this category. Many people do not want to have to spend too much money to buy a novel and only read it for one turn, so the rental solution seems to be a quite interesting way to invest.

Knowing the secrets of getting rich in the art field, you can exploit this idea very effectively. Business to get rich in the field of Arts and literature is the idea to get rich start-ups that can create millions of dollars in the Indin market.

7. “Play” Pottery Shop

Usually, people make ceramic products for sale and business. But we will not do that, this way of doing business is that you set up a workshop to guide pottery for fun and entertainment. The main object that the ceramic workshop aims to be children, both increasing intelligence and relieving learning pressure.

Also, the subjects are students, students are also very interested in this way of entertainment when they can create a ceramic product to take home by themselves.

Each person who comes to entertainment can collect from 30,000 USD to 50,000 USD or charge a monthly fee. Also, we can sell more beautiful pottery at the workshop to increase income.

8. Delicious Sandwich Shop

Many people make bread selling bread, but can you observe that they sell very small? Someone makes a cart to sell pate bread, milk bread, … that is only a temporary solution, and if you want to do a long-term business, you need to rent a clean decorated booth, choose a cozy wall paint color. matches the color of the bread.

In the business process, it is necessary to promote recipes for making long-standing rice cakes, because the bread on the market today do not have any standard recipes. Thanks to the history of baking recipes that persuade customers to buy products, bread is sold mainly in the morning, so you need to schedule your work to have the cake sold on time.

9. The Dairy Shop

If you choose the right place, the way to introduce and promote business products that correctly match the psychology of the people around, your daily income can be from 500,000 USD to -2 million. That is, we only sell in traditional stores, when we open an online store, the revenue can increase, even the profit earned from selling milk online is more than the profit earned from customers by geography. . your products must ensure safety and quality.

At this time of 10 years ago, Indian consumers were still taking care of money, so rice and meat were essential foods at that time. But now the income of each person increases more, the average salary of a current person in society is about 4-5 million / month. With this salary, they can spend enough on their individuals and families, of course there is no extra money to spend.

Thanks to the increased income, people pay attention to the demand for milk, one morning, maybe not eating rice, but drinking milk and eating bread is the main way to recharge. Other people can buy milk for their children to drink. Such facts give us a business clue.

The store should be located in a place with a lot of people, the better it is if you can rent a place where there are many knowledgeable people.

10. Home Group Classes

Teachers not only teach homework, do exams, teach lessons for the next day, we can also teach computer use, drawing lessons, piano lessons, … Target customers are I am still in middle school, elementary school or kindergarten.

Do not teach one person, but teach a group of 5-10 people, because first, you will make more money, second is that children learn by themselves very easily, if there is a group of friends discussing. Having fun with each other will make your classroom more enjoyable.

Most families let their children go to school with this kind of education from rich families with economic conditions. So you won’t need to worry about income. Pay attention to the subjects you teach for better quality.

Tuition fees depend on the region where you live, in Hanoi, each teaching session in 2-3 hours can earn USD 400,000-700,000. What matters is the quality of the lessons we give them. If you do not have any special skills, you can hire someone to teach, and pay them a salary, but usually, everyone who owns it needs to grasp a little bit of the expertise of the profession they will do business.

11. Exam Preparation Service

Level 2, level 3, and level 1 always have to study for exams so that they can go to class or take exams to choose good students. Their parents are willing to pay money for our “god-client” to go to school. Unlike the new forms mentioned above, this form is like tutoring, but we will not go to students’ homes, we let them choose how to learn but must tell them the amount of profit earned is exactly what you want.

What we need to do is prepare the revision lessons, give them the best practice to help your students get high scores on exams. If you do this, you need to hire about 2 people to take turns or you must be able to teach the subject.

The tutoring subjects that make the most money are English, Mathematics, and Chemistry. As long as you help your children get good grades, you can safely open classes for a long time. This is because the subjects in this period are not usually applied much in later life, except for English (or other foreign languages). So your class only needs orientation for students to get good grades.

12. Maternity and Health Care

Initial investment capital is about 30 million, including office rental, basic equipment purchase. Recruiting 3-5 people to be midwives. Note that after recruiting people need to train working skills for them, it is necessary to recruit people who have been trained in schools clearly, how to ensure safety and health for pregnant women when they are in a real shift.

After giving birth, pregnant women will need to monitor the body for 2-4 months (maybe longer). So we can open a business to add counseling services and health care for mothers after giving birth. This profession is currently quite “rich” on the market today.

13. Sales of Nutritious Breakfast Food

In parts of the city, people pay great attention to the nutrition of their body every day. Maybe they eat very little but must ensure enough for the day. The items we can trade such as nutritious meat porridge, clam porridge, juice smoothie made from vegetables and fruits to ensure hygiene, cakes made from specialty rice, filled inside. must be delicious to attract customers to eat again next time.

14. Online Specialty Business

Now, whatever is rare and new, people will be much welcomed. Indeed so, the eaters are now quite connoisseurs, they like to search for the delicious and strange things wherever they are, they also buy them. Such people are our customers of the future, especially when social media has such a great influence on people’s lives today. This means that the specialty you sell will reach the buyer more.

To trade in specialties, perhaps you need to source goods in the South or the Northern mountainous areas, these are 2 places with many strange and delicious dishes imported to Saigon and Hanoi. With a specialty name, you can set a higher price on your own than the same product on the market. But do not exceed 50%, you will be okay, otherwise, they will run you dare not buy a second time.

15. Old Clothes Repair Shop

Torn clothes now few people need to repair, so temporarily ignore the intention to make money from this business. Transfer to other customers’ needs is to shrink or expand the shirt (pants) to fit the body of the fat person, skinny person, or attach more bow, fashion accessories to the clothes, or sew add the bag in the positions that the owner wants … in short, just responding, patching according to customer requirements is having money.

When you add accessories to clothes, it is natural that you will sell them, not for free, so there is 2 income from wages and money from selling fashion accessories. Also, you can make and display beautiful costumes at your doorstep, just sell 1 set every day and have about 15 customers to get fine pocket money.

The initial investment, perhaps, you only spend about renting premises (about 4-7 million), investment in sewing machines and fabric accessories on average 10 million. Simply put, you can open a store. If you do not have skills, you can hire them, investors do not need to be skilled, you just need to manage them well to earn as much money as possible.

16. Hand Embroidery Shop

Hire 5-7 workers, a shop with an area of ​​20m2-35m2 on a small street with many people passing by. Promote and introduce to many people around that area about your store, do not forget to advertise on the internet, when doing an advertising campaign, you need to choose an audience that is the area you live in, for example, you are in Hanoi. , I will only choose subjects in Hanoi, in Hai Phong you do the same.

Currently, there are more and more consumers who do not like industrial garments anymore, instead, they are gradually shifting their consumption habits from industrial products to self-embroidered decorative products, especially people who love the spiritual culture, they are the ones who love handicraft items like this one.

Each hand-embroidered product can sell from 100,000 USD to 500,000 USD, of course, there is a price up to 1 million, but such orders are not many, and to make expensive embroidery pieces is often time-consuming and very demanding. period. With such a price, after subtracting labor costs, the site can earn 600,000 USD-2 million depending on the contract you receive.

17. Food Service Company

When it comes to illness, no one wants, but actually, thousands of patients live in the hospital every day. Such a large customer base, if we know how to do marketing, selling is sure to be successful.

To save the cost of transporting food for the sick, you should place the store near the hospital, so you can sell goods thanks to the good geographical location and sell the food if you advertise online.

Put many words related to nutrition, body tonic in Pr, advertising, that will correct the customer’s psychology. This is quite an important point in selling food to sick people.

For this idea of ​​starting a business, the best way to sell goods is to advertise online on social networks or SEO websites on search engines. Each dish sells for only 30,000 USD, one person can eat up to 2 dishes per purchase, so a customer can earn 60,000 USD, per day if you can sell to 20 guests in the hospital, you can earn at least 1.2 million.

18. Hand-Knit Furniture

Products such as flower baskets, storage baskets, shelves, rattan chairs, conical hats, rattan tables … are typical items for this way of doing business. Hire 3-5 skilled people, the workshop is located in the alley, but if you have premises, it is best to use it as a stall to sell the made products.

If your home is in the countryside, you should only set up a factory and look for a wholesale, wholesale supply, or you can also retail online, but the shipping problem will be limited if there is an order. with remote geographical distance.

19. Making A Maid Service-Model

This job on holidays, New Year can earn 2-3 million / day is normal. with other months of the year, it is less but the commission you get for each referral can be from 300,000 USD to 700,000 USD, which may be higher depending on your bargaining power, but my advice is to apply only. Use a single price tag to avoid customer feedback about our services.

20. Feng Shui Trade

There is a fact that the more money, the richer people are, the more people are superstitious, grasping the psychology of many people. Business people do not ignore such business opportunities. Importing office feng shui items, home feng shui items for sale online, or opening a store is a pretty good way to make money in today’s modern society.

Feng shui items such as ceramic vases, porcelain vases, plates, specialty, feng shui stone paintings are cocooning products that customers buy. Therefore, to impress customers, you must collect unique items for display. If customers ask to buy, we say that it is a rare product, so sales are limited.

The capital spent on this plan can reach 70 million, or more than 100 million.

21. Flowers and Entertainment For Rent

If you have an unused land garden, an area of ​​about 300 square meters in the suburbs of the city, you can completely turn your land into a beautiful, green flower garden and attract young people to visit. slightly after hours of hard work and study. Each guest entering the flower garden can collect 10,000 USD-20,000 USD.

22. Planting Aquatic Flowers

Flowers, or ornamental plants that live in water. Usually, these ornamental flowers are grown in pots or glass tubes for convenience. To raise and grow this kind of ornamental flower, you need a little plant skill. The aquatic plants and flowers are very safe and natural, so the past 1 or 2 years have flourished with the trend of aquarium shopping.

23. Products Imports

Household goods belong to the group of essential products, so the market’s demand for household products such as household electrical appliances, personal appliances, household furniture … does not decrease but increases according to lifetime requirements. live consumers. In terms of the number of purchases that can be reduced, but the total value of money spent on home appliances consumption increases, because the desire to use better, more expensive products today is enhanced.

Household products originating from Thailand and Japan are still positioned as products with stable quality, durability, and long service life. Indian people in recent years especially like Thai and Japanese products.

24. Portable Goods

When Luong assessed the foreign goods market sold in the Indian market in recent years, indeed Indian consumers (Indian market) despite the state’s support and development of a long-term campaign.

But the Indian consumer market using foreign goods, imported goods, and portable goods is really like a fever. This fact stems from the buying mentality within the mindset and mindset of the market (consumers).

Thinking of the part of consumers This foreign product thinks that Portable Goods are manufactured by advanced technology, strict standards in the production process of their goods, and the criteria for evaluating the stage Strict checks from import and export authorities have created a Wall “Consumer Protection” in the mind of this consumer group.

Also, the selling price of portable goods is high compared to general goods, and portable goods are often trusted by the rich, middle, and upper classes. But the voice of the middle-class and upper-class people is always prestigious compared to the popular group. In Economics, the prestige of words is proved to be a scientific and logical effect. And so portable goods take the throne.

Hand-carried goods with high profit, low capital can still be traded

Spending money of 50 million, you can profit up to 40 million from selling cosmetics, health care products. The high-interest rate is due to the credit for the exceptional quality and uniqueness of Notebooks. You can earn even more interest than this in case you have the optimal supply of cost.

25. Domestic Agricultural Products

Enter 1 Kg of bananas at the garden with the price of 6,000 USD, bring them to the packaging and on the shelves to sell to the market at the price of 17,000 USD, 25,000 USD per Kg. The profit difference is too large, No way that the giants of the Mountain Street pocket a hundred billion just from the Banana business.

It is just one of the professions to get rich with domestic agricultural products with great profits. If you want to know more about the specific rates of local agricultural products that are popular in the market, take a moment and learn more. Luong will not go into further talk here about these agricultural products.

But from the perspective of market analysis, Luong reminds you of this 25th rural and rural enrichment model. A few years ago, the models of enrichment from livestock raising were very profitable and still developing, however, getting rich from planting economic crops suggests a new model of wealth investment. clean agricultural products 4.0

To do this number 25, first assess the market potential where you will sell agricultural products. The market potential is a combination of many factors such as Consumer size, competitive intensity of competitors, market expansiveness – whether in the future the market where you store your agricultural products, opening a mini supermarket can increase buying demand or not.

You can also do an Online agricultural business, bring your agricultural products to introduce on Video such as Youtube, forums, or sell on social networks, Website created by you …

26. Coffee Shop Business

Opening a cafe is not a new idea, plus the competition is huge, but many people still choose to invest in this idea.

A few years back, the cafes with retro and vintage styles have been very popular. But customers will get bored easily, and they still like cafes with open spaces or a wide view from above. Capturing this psychology of customers’ needs, we can start with a coffee shop with a view of the city or a wide view of the mountains and hills in the distance.

To implement this idea, you need to prepare yourself a plan and a budget. The operation of the cafe usually goes into the stable after about 1 year, so within that 1 year, you need to be able to hold it. For people to know more about the cafe, an online marketing strategy is essential.

If you are wondering which idea to choose, consider, and learn more carefully to make the best decision.

27. Open a jigsaw shop

The puzzle is a picture that you will combine from small puzzle pieces to complete. This puzzle game is also loved by a lot of people. Combining the two, you should open a shop that sells puzzles.

You will both sell puzzle pictures to customers who want to buy but do not have time to sit together, and rent a set of puzzles so that customers who like to play can play at the store. With the group of customers playing puzzle at the store, you can combine to sell more drinks and food, because the time of sitting in the puzzle is quite long, the customers will need a few dishes to serve.

A mosaic is priced from 300,000 USD to several million USD depending on the picture’s size and content. Your income will come from renting the jigsaw puzzle and selling drinks. Thus, in a month you can also earn from a few million to several tens of millions.

28. Rent Clothes For Parties, Prom

Evening dresses are often designed and expensive to buy. For many people, the demand for prom dresses is so low that they will be afraid to spend large sums of money on them. Since then, the need to find evening gown rentals is increasing.

A prom outfit you can rent for 150,000 – 500,000 depending on the material and design. Assuming an average day you have 10 tenants, the income per day could be 2 million – 5 million.

29. Open Specialty Food Shops

Each region often has the specialties that make up the brand there. For example, coming to Phu Yen you will want to once enjoy the tuna eye dish that is not available in other regions. Since then, we have an idea to open a specialty shop by region.

First, you need to take the time to go to each region that has the food that you want to sell to learn the secret of cooking and learn the ingredients. Once mastered, you will incorporate those regional dishes in your store’s menu and start up your business.

30. ​​Selling Hats With Hand-Embroidered Motifs

Hand embroidery products are very popular both at home and abroad. The next idea I want to share with you is to open a hat shop with hand-embroidered motifs.

You will buy monochromatic hats with a simple design, often choose a brimmed hat. Then self-design and embroider funny pictures on top such as dragon dew, house shape…. A hat you enter for about 20,000 – 30,000 USD, but after being embroidered with some more motifs, it can be sold for 150,000 – 300,000 USD. Also, you can receive rental according to customer requirements.

31. Open Book Translation Center

There is an increasing demand for books translated from abroad, based on which you can implement the idea of ​​opening a book translation center, receiving book editing.

With this in mind, you should invest in an online channel with marketing strategies to introduce your own services to attract the most customers. Also, a team of experienced and skilled personnel will assist you in implementing this idea better.

32. Sells Health Care Oils

Opening a health care oil store is also a great suggestion that you should consult. You will trade in oils such as tea tree oil for adults and children, wind oil, and essential oils used for steaming for good health.

Regarding the source of goods, you should learn about reputable manufacturing facilities in the country or imported from abroad. The investment capital you need is about 150 million – 200 million. If you have more capital, you can expand your business right from the start. Don’t forget to combine it with online channels to better reach customers!

33. Sells Mini Brooms To Sweep The Altar

Often when cleaning the ancestral altar, people will use towels or plastic brooms that are sold on the Internet. You can make a difference by making a dedicated mini broom to clean the altar.

Indian people love to use the broom to clean the house, so when they see a mini broom used to clean the altar, they will feel like and more confident.

With this idea, you need to look to the craft villages specializing in making brush to negotiate and discuss long-term cooperation. You will be the output of the brush products there. You can combine direct store opening and online sales on e-commerce sites to increase your chances of finding customers.

34. English Teaching Services At Home

English is currently the language chosen by many people to learn. It is the language that helps you communicate and work better in today’s integration era.

Many people want to learn English to support work or study but do not have much time to go to the center, or study online is not effective. So the need to find home teachers in their spare time is extremely much.

You will be the English language teaching provider to meet the needs of this customer group. If you have the skills, you can teach directly. Also, you should find many people wishing to sell this service to form a team to support and work better.

35. Selling Products For A Couple

The pair business is the next idea I want to share. The psychology that couples are getting to know each other, couples + close friends will like to buy similar items such as shoes, hats, shirts, phone cases, jewelry …

You can exploit it to open a store that specializes in pair, group goods. If the number of visitors is stable, you can earn a profit from 500,000 – 1 million USD per day. Also, combining with the name engraving service or creating products according to customer requirements is a good idea that you should learn more about.

Hope your sharing will help you find your business ideas, suitable sales, and bring the highest efficiency.

To start this imported household product line, you first need sourcing. Then proceeded to develop Marketing in India, building a brand for its prestigious household goods in the market.

36. Developing A Picnic Camp

This idea requires investment with a large amount of capital. You need to rent an area of ​​land that is large enough to just build the surrounding natural ecology, amusement park, rest area, campsite.

On a large land area, we need to invest in planting trees (depending on the local natural conditions that you choose to suit the type of tree) to create a green space, design artificial streams, investment money. buying tents (depending on the type of tent, the selling price varies, can be from 2 million to several tens of millions of 1 tent), the cost of buying furniture, buying items, building necessary utilities….

Today, the trend many families like to take their children to the suburbs, camping, and outdoor activities. So it can be said that this is a trendy idea at the moment.

The investment capital needs a lot, from 1 billion to 5 billion USD. If you invest more on a large scale, the invested capital will be higher.

37. Land Rental Services

Families in the city often do not have open land to grow vegetables, while the problem of food safety is increasingly serious. People are more interested in the origin and origin of the foods when they buy them than the low price.

From here, we can implement the idea of ​​providing a land rental service for vegetable cultivation. The first condition is that we have land. Next, there should be a team of farmers with experience and skills in growing and taking care of vegetables and fruits.

We will let customers rent each small mini garden that is divided into a certain area, customers can rent more if they want. After that, you will support and guide the client in soil preparation, fertilizing, seeding, and vegetable care. Seeds and seedlings will be free.

Since many customers do not have regular arrival times, you will provide daily freshwater, weeding, and fertilizing services. When harvesting, you will call, email for customers to pick or you can deliver products to your home.

The rental period should be monthly, about every 3 months, or there are long term rental packages.

38. Massage Services For Babies

Nowadays, it is highly recommended to care for babies by modern methods. Accordingly, families often need to hire caregivers who know massage techniques to massage the baby. This helps the baby feel comfortable, stimulates the nerves to work better.

With this in mind, your team needs the knowledge and workmanship to ensure quality service delivery.

You can become an intermediary, connecting customers wishing to find this service and skilled infant massage staff.

There are many ways to calculate prices. You can calculate the price by day, by week, by month. Also, should combine selling more essential oils suitable for the skin of young children, making the massage more effective.

39. Self-Service Cafe Business

The idea of ​​a cafe business is no longer new. In this topic, we will come up with the idea of ​​opening a cafe together but letting the customer service it by themselves.

Specifically, we will design and decorate the cafe according to the idea and concept that you like. The shop has no employees.

With this idea, you should only choose drinks that are simple and easy to prepare such as black coffee, milk coffee, faint silver, juice,….

From the entrance, you will have a sign stating that the guest will serve themselves, prepare their own, and pay for the drink. At the bartender, you will have available recipes and instructions on how to prepare drinks on the menu.

Customers will do everything themselves, then pay at the counter. To avoid the case of many guests at the same time, you should design a more spacious bartender with a full range of dispensing tools.

If you want, you can sit nearby to assist customers when needed. Or can not monitor the business via camera.

This way helps customers feel interesting, have more experience and, more importantly, they are enjoying a drink made by themselves.

40. Open An Essential Oil Store

The next idea suggested in this topic is to open an essential oil store. Essential oils are very popular in India, you can learn and import them from here.

Our target audience is women. Essential oils are often used for beauty, skincare when bathing or making perfumes. For women, essential oils are indispensable.

You only need a small shop, with a simple yet sophisticated design, and a luxury. Everything in the store should be used with glass, with mirrors. The essential oil has a natural scent, and this will be one of the factors that make your store more attractive to customers.

41. ​​Opening A Pet Care Center

There are many abandoned dogs and cats that no one cares for. This center will be the place to bring these dogs and cats. Also, you can buy more breeds of dogs and cats to diversify types.

You will both take care of these pets, welcome guests to visit, play with pets, and participate in a 1-day pet care experience. The money you earn, you will use to take care of your pets. This is an idea that combines ideology and economics to complement each other.

42. Opening A Store Selling All Kinds of Milk

Milk is an indispensable food in everyday life. You can open a store that specializes in dairy only. Depending on the target customers are children, pregnant mothers, or the elderly, … that you will enter suitable types of milk.

43. Renting Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Today, in weddings, besides the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are also interested faces. Everyone wants their bridesmaids and groomsmen to be beautiful and impress. You can open a specialized rental shop for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The investment cost is about 100-200 million USD for the rental of the premises, advertising, tailoring clothes.

44, Sales of Rice Shops

Lam rice with grilled chicken is two specialties of the Central Highlands. Based on this, you can open a rice shop that specializes in these 2 dishes. This specialty fried rice and chicken has its own recipe, so you need to learn a job from the local people in the Central Highlands.

45. ​​Selling Clean Wire Powder.

Or sell can trade cassava flour. If your family grows cassava, you can use it for self-processing and trading. Otherwise, you can import from elsewhere.