How To Get High Income And More Money

Getting rich, making lots of money is something everyone wants to do. Life is so hustle, everyone runs after rice to earn a living. Every day there are so many things to spend, everything is expensive while the salary is not much. When wages rise, prices also increase, everything goes back to its old rotation and we don’t save any more.

For a young couple living and working in Bangalore City. Both are office workers or banks, monthly salary is about 5 million -8 million. If you don’t have a home, it will cost you more rent; daily living expenses; costs for work and meeting friends … If only with a salary in a large dynamic city and high cost like Bangalore City, how much will not save and the future unknown When can I buy a house?

So how to get higher income and more money? In this article, will share with you some ways to get more income. Please refer to this article!


If only relying on the salary from the main job, we only have enough money to cover daily life without extra money to save or invest in getting rich. So, diversify your source of income so you can make a lot of money from different sources. Then we will be more proactive in making money, without being dependent on every official job. At the same time, diversifying income sources helps us to limit the risk that when an income source is interrupted or is in trouble, we can still make money from other sources of income without being affected.

Diversifying income sources is also one of the ways that successful people, rich people often do to increase their income.


Instead of saving money in the bank, use that money to make more money. The annual deposit interest rates at banks usually range from 4.5% -8% / 1 year depending on the amount of deposit, time of sending and depending on the bank. With that interest rate, if you deposit 500 million in the bank, the interest received is less than 50 million. But if we invest in that 500 million, we invest in other areas, the amount of interest received will be much more than 50 million bank interest.>

With 500 million, we can invest in building a row of inns with 10 rooms with mezzanine and internal cleaning. The condition is that you already have the vacant land with enough area to build and the location of the land near the industrial zone and the school is the most convenient. Construction may take 3-4 months. After construction, you can rent for between 1.2 million and 1.5 million. On average, a month you will earn 15 million, a year the total income from renting rooms is 180 million. After 3 years you will recover your capital and continue to make money from your homestay.

Why with 500 million deposited in the bank, after 3 years you still have 500 million and the interest earned every year is less than 50 million. And still the following years. But if you invest in building a hostel, after 3 years, each year you will have an annual income of 180 million. It can be seen that the income gap is very large from business investment and saving savings to banks.

In addition, we can invest in many other areas such as real estate, stocks, securities, business, … to earn more income and more money. This is also a way for us to diversify our sources of income and enrich ourselves.

To make money is always the way the billionaires in the world apply to make money, and get rich. So, to get higher income and more money try investing in business instead of saving.


Earning money of course we have the right to buy and spend for ourselves and our families. But always control your spending to know how much money you have, how much I’ve spent on it, and whether it’s worth the money.

A small habit also helps us control our income, which can save money to invest in other things instead of wasteful spending.


Investing for yourself is also a way for us to raise income and earn more money.

Today, the requirement to use foreign languages ​​when working has become very popular. With a job position, but if we have good foreign language skills, we will be paid higher salaries than those without foreign language skills. Popular foreign languages ​​are now commonly learned and used by people such as English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. So, in order for your income to be improved, invest in foreign languages, it will help us to get the job done, communicate well and earn more money.

In addition, we can invest in ourselves by improving our degrees, continuing to study and in-depth research on our specialties or other relevant disciplines. Take the time to learn and improve some essential skills such as using computers, photoshop, design, etc. At the same time, the accumulation of experience and real life experience is also important. Having good professional knowledge and extensive knowledge of society, life will help us complete the job better.

Investing for yourself, improving your skills and qualifications helps us improve our self-worth. Once we have confirmed our position and our values, we can demand a wage that is worthy of the capacity and work we will accomplish. This is also one of the ways to earn a high income and make a lot of money.


To diversify our income and earn more money, we can search and try to do some jobs that match our expertise and knowledge in our free time.

If we have the ability to write, the language can start with the work of a freelancer content. We will be working as contributors to write articles in areas that we understand. In order to work in our free time, one month we can earn from 3 million to 5 million.

In addition, there are some jobs to do free time that we can get to do at home such as blogging, spelling correction, online business, translator, online tutor, …

Making money can be very simple, but it will also be a great difficulty for those who do not have much experience and basic skills. Improving your income and earning more money helps us provide your life to the fullest and best. With money we can freely do what we like and invest to earn more money than that. Hopefully with small sharing in this article How to make more income and more money , you will find a way to increase your income and get rich. Wish you will succeed soon!

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