How To Exploit The Niche Market in The Fashion Industry

Many people believe that the fashion store business is difficult to do due to the attack of e-commerce. But it is not so, the real cause is yourself. If your fashion store has no shortage, it will not be e-commerce.

There are brand fashion stores that are still doing very well. How did they do it?

Customers come to entity fashion stores to shop. Not only because they can buy products with a higher value than the money they spend. But also to enjoy the services here.

Many customers just entered the store, the salesman immediately followed. Where customers go they go there. Also, I constantly recommend it. This approach is only suitable for male customers.

Promotional discounts to demand stimulus is a necessary form of sale for entity fashion stores. But it must be in line with the opportunity and know-how to be by one’s own abilities.

If the everyday discount promotion or improper way of doing things will reduce brand value. Lower customer confidence in the brand. Although it is possible to attract new customers, it is easy to lose old customers.

Frequently discounting promotions is easy to create a malignant circulation. Once canceling the preferential policy, many customers will not go to your store anymore. They will wait until the store continues to offer their new promotion.

The way to display and arrange goods in the store is also one of the important factors affecting profit. If it is not a fast consumer brand store, the product model does not need to be divided too clearly. If it is possible to combine clothes and shoes into eye-catching fashion models, it will also help improve profits.

Women who go into fashion stores often will not only buy a single item. They are superficial consumers. Just beautiful, medium-sized eyes they will buy. Fashion stores should combine designs with high-profit designs. Just make the customer feel worth it.

For example, you sell a set of 500k suits for 200k pants (actual price is 200k and 80k). Then a discount of 15% for customers. The store still earns more than 300k but customers feel they have too much incentive.

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