How To Cook Fried Chicken With Make Money (Earn 600k 1 day)

Chicken sauces are a very popular and typical dish of Vietnamese people. There are many people who choose this business idea to earn extra income. Although it is just a simple dish, the profit from it brings back so much, we should not ignore the idea of ​​trading this chicken sticky rice.

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It is a very attractive dish and sometimes we want to make it at home to enjoy. Today, I will share with you about how to make the best sticky rice dish. At the same time, suggest ways to sell chicken sticky rice to earn extra income each day. We invite you to read the analysis of How to Make Chicken Chicken Make Money (Earn 600k a day).


In order to leave the chicken, we need to use the main ingredients as follows:

+ Glutinous rice: if you want delicious sticky rice, you should buy fragrant sticky rice, thin, tapered small seeds.

+ Chicken: For chicken to be strong and fragrant, you should buy chicken. Chicken prices will be more expensive than industrial chicken but it will help your chicken sticky rice much more delicious.

+ Vegetables: onions, red onions, green onions, laksa leaves, spices, ginger …

These are the main ingredients for you to start cooking chicken sticky rice. These ingredients can be purchased from the market, so it is easy to prepare. Next, we will start with delicious and delicious chicken sticky rice cooks.


We will divide small steps from preparing to cooking to ensure the best sticky rice dish.

First, we need to wash sticky rice and soak it in the water. Because the soaking time needs to be soaked in time, we need to soak it right from the start to save time. In addition, if you want sticky rice with a little salty taste, you can add a little salt to sticky rice soaked water to create a salty taste.

Next to the chicken boiled part: After being purchased, the chicken will be cooked clean and then boiled. As well as pickling, boiled chicken takes some time to ripen the chicken so we will boil the chicken first.

It is recommended to choose the size of the big pot to fit the size of the chicken so that the chicken is cooked evenly and save cooking time. Many people use pots too small, so having to turn and cook each side of chicken to cook will take a lot of time.

The chicken is put into the pot with a little salt, a few slices of ginger are sliced ​​and add a little onion. You can try ripe chicken by using chopsticks to enter the chicken.

After making sure the chicken is cooked, you can put more chicken in the pot for a while to make sure the chicken is cooked and then take it out and drain. With chicken sticky rice dish, we will tear it into small pieces to taste. So after draining chickens, the gloves will be used to tear off.

After it has hatched, you wash it well and let it in until you have it. You can use rice cooker to cook sticky rice or there are special types of autoclaves for steaming rice that you can buy in the market. One suggestion for you to cook the sticky rice is to use chicken broth to cook sticky rice to help create the taste and color for sticky rice. Just put sticky rice, water into the pot and cover it well to make sticky sticky rice.

Materials such as onions, laksa leaves, red onions, … we will clean and finely chop to process the next stage.

In the dish of sticky rice, we cannot ignore onion fat to sprinkle on sticky rice. The way of making fat is very simple. We will use chicken fat to fry it, make fat for the pan, then add onion, green onion and spices including little soup, sugar in. Mix well and turn off the heat. No need to cook for too long because the onions will shrink.

Next, the chicken after being shredded, put it in a bowl, mix well with spices such as onions, chili, pepper, laksa leaves, spices (soup powder). Mix well to make the ingredients soaked and the ingredients are mixed together.

After the ripe sticky rice, scoop out the plate into small pieces, sprinkle onions and add the mixed chicken pieces to the other ingredients. So you’ve finished the most delicious chicken sticky rice dish.

In addition, if you make chicken sticky rice to sell to make money, I think you should prepare more dishes for customers to eat sticky rice to help bored. It can be pickled pickles from vegetables both large corn, pickles from salt scallions, papaya, etc. You can diversify day by day to help customers stop eating boredom.


Chicken sauté is the most popular dish used for the morning. Customers will need to buy chicken sticky rice to help the morning be full. A part of chicken sticky rice is sold at an average price of 10,000 VND / box. In addition, to diversify menus and diets, you can sell them according to customers’ needs.

For example, there are buyers of VND 15,000, VND 20,000 or VND 30,000. As for the previous suggestion, we should diversify our processing every day to help customers change their taste and create a competitive advantage.>

With the sale of chicken sticky rice, you only need to invest in a car full of glass cabinets to build the ingredients and the bottom has a small charcoal oven to Hong pot of sticky rice. In the first time, if you do not have enough customers, you should cook only about 5 kg of sticky rice. Once you have a patron, you will increase your daily salary from 10kg to 20kg, …

In order to attract visitors, the first way we need to diversify single form of chicken processing, or change every day. Next, there are many guests who want to sit and eat in the place so we will invest more plastic tables and chairs.

In addition, having tables and chairs will help you in waiting. But the best way is that you should divide the work out to have many people such as scoopers, waiters, memorians, pickers, packers, and cashiers. The best way to attract customers when selling sticky rice in the morning is the time to serve.

In the morning people will be busy with many things to keep up with the school, take their children to school and go to work so they will feel very bothered and do not want to buy breakfast at any restaurant that has to wait. So if you split the work out, it will help you complete faster. In addition, if there are no guests,

You can try to scramble first to save time. To be grateful to regular customers who visit us and create close relationships with customers, you can reduce the price a bit on special days as usual, a box of sticky rice of VND10,000, today women’s day should be reduced. VND 8,000 for female customers …

The sticky box price will not be fixed. Suppose you sold 50 boxes of sticky rice a day. There are 30 boxes of VND 10,000 / box, 10 boxes of VND 20,000 / box and 10 boxes of VND 35,000. So calculated, one day you can earn 850,000 VND. If you sell many customers, your income will increase a lot. Business locations should be close to schools, crowded by people, on the main road and there are few competitors selling like you.

Above are some sharing about how to cook sticky rice to make money. Hopefully the article will give you more useful information. Thanks for following this analysis.


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