How To Build A Strong Brand

Branding is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of businesses. Every business tries to find a way to build its brand very strong and known by many customers. Brand value is increasing, the benefits that businesses receive more and more.

In many areas, we all know many famous brands such as: in the field of phone and computer technology, we can not mention big guys like Samsung, Apple …,

In the field eating areas we have KFC, Lotteria, McDonald’s …, for the fashion field of brands such as: channel, dior, gucci …. It is not a simple thing that these famous brands can build their names, their values ​​are so strong.

For a strartup, when you begin to build and develop your own ideas, you also want to find ways to build and develop your brand known by many customers. So how to build a strong brand? Let’s find the answer together in the article How to build a strong brand !


Before deciding how to build a brand, businesses need to determine their vision, mission and core values.

Vision: businesses need to know what they want, what their future direction is and how the business will grow in the future. Simply put, it is: who we are in the future, in 5 years or 10 years. If you do not know what you want and what your future will be, it will be difficult to build and develop your brand effectively according to what your business wants.

Mission: What are businesses established with goals and responsibilities? What businesses will do to contribute positive values ​​to society and the community.

Core values: What values ​​will be the guideline, the motto for businesses based on that as the foundation for their development at present and in the future.

Knowing what you want, what values ​​you are pursuing will be the basis for businesses to think and design a suitable brand, clearly showing the values ​​and vision of the business in the future. .


Next, businesses need to take the time to research and find out information about competitors. To know how competitors build their brands and their competitors’ ability to locate their brands in the minds of their customers, the brand is nothing special and we can learn from adversaries … Knowing about competitors will be very helpful in setting out appropriate competition policies and building our brand better.

Customers who indirectly create businesses, are objects we need to pay attention to satisfy needs and develop businesses. Research and identify customer needs are the basis for businesses to create products that meet customer needs.

Since then there is a basis to build a brand that reflects the needs of customers and best customers. We cannot create a brand that does not reflect the products we sell and customers cannot know what they get when purchasing our products.


The brand must be unique, easy to read and remember, attract customers and show all the values ​​of products, culture, mission and benefits that customers will receive when using products of enterprises . It can be a picture, logo, color or slogan.

For example apple, a famous phone brand. Looking at the logo design is a bitten apple. It has helped the apple brand to go beyond being a normal brand but becoming a brand that everyone knows with the intangible value that it brings.

The apple fruit also shows the incomplete of the manufacturer, and with that bad bite, apple will always try to improve and create more best products to satisfy customer needs. Gray on the logo shows elegance, sophistication and class. It helps users feel the true value, the level when using Apple products. Perhaps because of that, the default is that apple is a brand for the rich.


Brand positioning is the activity to know the position of the brand in the subconscious of customers. We can locate brands based on:

+ Brand positioning based on quality

+ Brand positioning based on emotions

+ Brand positioning based on value

+ Brand positioning based on features

+ Brand positioning based on competitors

+ Brand positioning based on solutions

+ Brand positioning based on use

+ Brand positioning based on relationships

+ Brand positioning based on price

When should we locate the brand? thinks that as soon as starting from the idea-thinking stage, business design begins to combine with brand positioning to create a brand that fully expresses the values ​​and desires. businesses want to send to customers.


How to build and develop brands. Once the brand is created, the next thing that the business needs to do is introduce the brand to customers and make the brand more and more popular.

Businesses need effective marketing plans to develop brands, not just using advertising to introduce brands. In Vietnam, most businesses only think of using advertising to build and develop the best brand. But the reality is not so, we realize that there are not many businesses in Vietnam that can build their brands successfully.

To build and develop brands, businesses should:

+ Determine when to launch products to market, unique products and attract customers’ attention

+ Using media and advertising campaigns: TVC advertising, participating in charity to contribute to the community

+ Create many new experiences for customers: as Tiger beer brand has organized a very successful program to spread its brand that is the Tiger Wall.

+ Special design, creating focal points from time to time. The Coca Cola example created a fever when producing bottled coca cola with customer names, interest and experience here.

+ Create a spillover effect, inspire every customer: The typical example we can see here is the Bitis Hunter brand with the project: “Go back”

Branding is really an extremely important step. So, take the time to research and learn more to build your own strong brand!


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